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    Sports in general play basketball and football and love watching it as well. Like to game. Mainly, Madden, NBA 2k13, and Tecmo Suepr Bowl.


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    4th Place Millard's Mayhem I, Tecmo Super Bowl March Madness Bracket Winner, Temo Madison XII Rk:50
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  1. "Whats Beef? Beef is where you make your enemies start your jeep. Beef is when you role no less than 30 deep. Beef is how I see you" Biggie Where's The Beef? Old lady from 80's Wendy's commercials
  2. Team matchup sheet for new players

    All these graph really mean nothing compared to a good blaster. LOL Just kidding. I think knowing players from that era to is important. If you watched football during the 80's and early 90's that can help a lot too. There are some quirks though like Haddix and Bob Nelson and some others that can make a huge difference in the game.
  3. Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    Are there spots still open?
  4. Is that a Viking Bong? I am booked at the Best Western! Let get the Tecmo on!
  5. Hey Everyone in Tecmo World, Is anyone staying at the Best Western? Tried to get the Hilton and it was booked. Great Googly Boogly. Should be a great weekend. SammieSmith33
  6. SEGATHON this Satuday

    I wish I would of saw this earlier. This was a crazy tournament. Talk about a total fun fest. Some of the highlights from my point of view. By 3rd game most people in buzz mode. The host of the tourney (Judson) was giving shots to the top players to get them drunk quicker. The Waitress was his daughter Jon Bailey is like Bo Jackson he knows hockey too. NHL skills are top notch. His wrister is better than pitcher Doug Fister I knew Segathon was a fun guy already but he put a new stamp to it with undressing and wrestling skills. I formed a teacher's union with the champion (Blair and runner up Luke) I love the union I think we have the Guinness Book of World Records for most times watching Point Break in a day Everybody loves taking their shirts off. It was great to be part of that action Lots of shit talking and great music. It made a joy even if your knew you were part of the group Next year this tournament is suppose to be at Shamrocks in St. Paul I can't wait to see what happens there. Some people may be arrested. Start a Go Fund Me now for Segathon. Thanks again for the invite, Sammie Smith
  7. "If you need a wing man. I'll fly with ya." Top Gun
  8. Game 1 Props: 1. Who will win the coin toss for the matchup call? Essentially who will be player 1. (2 points) Rico 2. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) Rico 3. Will halftime show be skipped? This is determined if "B" is pressed at any point. (3 points) Yes 4. Over/Under (0.5) on # of JJ TD's 50 yards+. No CC's! If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (3 points) Over 5. Total points scored in game 1. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) 33 Game 2 Props: 6. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) Rico 7. Over/under (1.5) how many TOTAL fumbles there will be. This is lost and recovered so TOTAL. If you say under, you are saying 1 or less. (3 points) Under 8. Total points scored in game 2. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) 27 General Props: 9. Who will win Thunderdome? (10 points) Rico 10. How many games will the series last 2 or 3 games (7 points) 3
  9. The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    Mort: Got results in to Dave for Minnesota: Millard's Mayhem Tourney like 3 months ago. Your all good
  10. Thunderdome X: Consolation Tournament Signups

    Smith Still will be running strong. Sign me up!
  11. Dista, Not a quality write up. You forgot to mention your Nostradamus skills that game and how you picked 50 percent of my plays. You also didn't mention T-Zack's supreme accuracy that game, and your Barry Sanders'esque moves behind the line of scrimmage with Neal. This just my two cents added. It was a fun game none the less. Thanks, Kris
  12. Drake, That write up was hilarious. Good stuff. Especially the crackhead Irvin. You real wrote with actual facts.
  13. is using the Texas Murray Server going to be an option for the tournament?
  14. Discord Handle: SammieSmith33 Can you host?: no work computer (can host if we use Murrary's Dallas server) Your time zone: central Best time for you to play: 8:30-10:30 M-F Weekends pretty flexible except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  15. I am pumped for Madison just for the fun of it. Getting together with buddies and partying the night before along with getting some games in. I am definitely in on the Street Fighter Tourney. Vega is going to be saying a lot of yodalayeeehooo's. I like the new format especially for the continued play for all players. My brother George aka "Gayge" aka "Peoples Champ" can really make some noise now in one of the bracket plays. I agree with Neerm those first two games are going to be very interesting. You're going to have the mentality of the Cobra Kai. "Sensei said no mercy."