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    Sports in general play basketball and football and love watching it as well. Like to game. Mainly, Madden, NBA 2k13, and Tecmo Suepr Bowl.


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    4th Place Millard's Mayhem I, Tecmo Super Bowl March Madness Bracket Winner, Temo Madison XII Rk:50
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  1. Hey I hear ya! I have two myself. It's a busy world . They are 5 and 7 now so it makes it a little easier.
  2. I know some of us from MN play online but was also wondering like Louis in Chicago if anyone would want to get together and play some Tecmo Super Bowl sometime or have a tourney again in MN sometime in August. I know it was a good turnout when Tom (8-Bit) had Millard's Mayhem. Maybe we could do it again. My basement is pretty big for just some downstairs pick up but we could do it again at the Buffalo Wild Wings again or somewhere else for sure. Lets get hopping on this! SammieSmith33 aka Kris aka The People's Champ's Brother (lol)
  3. I am still cracking up about when my brother called out to you at the hotel and and the snorting cocaine sign to you.  Hope you had a good tourney.



  4. You have to have Big Heads mode on for sure. Looks way better. Especially Shawn Bradely
  5. How did you do this year in the tournament?
  6. ok cool. I think I saw you at the Super 8 hotel in Madison. My brother was the guy drinking at 7:00 in the morning.
  7. Are you the same guys who do the Tomzack Bowl????
  8. can't make it tonight, but thanks for the offer. How many people usually go to the the tourney in Iowa?
  9. Where in Iowa? How far from Minneapolis
  10. That B'Dubs will still let us do that. That would be awesome. My house isnt to far either. If anyone wanted to stop by.
  11. Same here! I am up for getting my game on. I think we should just throw out a monthly date and if enough people can make it we roll with it and if not we skip it. I think we should also do a Millard's Mayhem II: Drugs = Cop Destroyer, mid July or early August before the kids go back to school. I can help set up and I am sure a couple of you guys here could help as well so that Tom (8Bit) doesnt have to set everything else himself. I looked at the Tecmo Madison page there is almost a 100 people from just Minnesota who have participated in those tournaments so I am sure we could get a good turnout.
  12. Interested in Being in the League. A little fresh meat for you guys to toggle with. AIM: SammieSmith33 Kris No Leagues I don't know if I can host? How do you know? I have played in several Madison tourneys and Milliard's Mayhem and one tourney in MPLS back in like 2000.
  13. I hate the fact that all these tournaments this summer are on weekends I am doing somethign

  14. Hey, I won the March Madness Bracket! I dedicate this victory to all Wayne Haddix's of the world.
  15. Another TECMO Legend Gone South Former Miami Dolphins great Mark Duper charged with child abuse. On Tuesday evening, the victim, whose name is being withheld, was playing video games in a Jacksonville home. An argument with Duper ensued over an ex-girlfriend, leading Duper to punch the boy in the face because the teen “wouldn’t listen about picking up his hat.” I wonder if they were playing TECMO Super Bowl and the teen wasn't using Mark Duper right in the game Read more here: