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  1. Are they really? PayPal doesn't send me something similar.

  2. Greatest invention ever. Perhaps inspired by Chappelle's Show's Wrap It Up Box:

  3. For those who use Slack, today is the one day that the calendar sticker shows the correct date :)

  4. Best intentional typo ever comes to us from RedKaraoke

  5. I just realized that the reboot is "Hawaii Five-0," whereas the original was "Hawaii Five-O"? Does anyone know why? Internet does not help.

  6. Are service animals that big of a deal on Lyft?

  7. The restroom you visit after your Zima

  8. Is that the right icon here?

  9. A "mount lion" is a completely different activity

  10. Never gets old

  11. I bet I know what kind of water they have in their font-ain.

  12. I can have negative children?

  13. RT @Dorgon: Troubling economic indicator: I'm at a bar in The Mission here in San Francisco and only one guy is wearing a startup hoodie.

  14. Can you believe it? It's already been a year. This year's idea is even better #collective99 #eBayHackWeek

  15. Someone told me a really corny pun, so my response was, "That was pretty dad."