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  1. Today I updated the style guide https://t.co/BO1beXFJCy

  2. Is this a tax bill reference? https://t.co/yIAqaPhXPp

  3. You spend all that money on the "Target Run" brand, just to make people want a cheeseburger? I'm confused. https://t.co/8cq6ZFpWg5

  4. RT @m8urnett: I caught my cat running out of my office with my yubikey in his mouth--a threat model I hadn't considered.

  5. When I write at work, I don’t get to use a lot of second-tier punctuation marks (such as ellipses and semicolons) b… https://t.co/BgVCzFtGz9

  6. I've always struggled with comprehending "cheers" when someone says it to me, but to me it seems the same as hearti… https://t.co/XlDJO0MM2r

  7. RT @sarahhhclifton: we went to waffle house at 2 am and it was super icy outside so the workers gave us serving trays to go sledding outsid…

  8. RT @andrewkeh: Simple, effective emergency number explainer from the Gangneung police https://t.co/uU9EGuZXuJ

  9. It’s not “product.” It’s fruit. *or* Futureproofing gone too far. https://t.co/a6s4qcNk9J

  10. https://t.co/R23cGnA4sl Reg E. Cathey, rest in peace. I honestly never saw him in anything but Square One TV, becau… https://t.co/IqrNNjCKuz

  11. Every time I add a link in a Google Doc I think of Danger Mouse because I think of "Colonel K," even though it's "Command K"

  12. https://t.co/oCSlShdQaY There's that @saitojohn again. Always worth a read.

  13. RT @jessicacollier: Today we launch @talk2spot, a free online tool for reporting workplace harassment and discrimination without talking to…

  14. "Boston?" Really, @dominos? https://t.co/a03bv2XKfO

  15. When you leave an article in the can for too long https://t.co/12zehouUOr