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  1. There's no substitute for a good #l10n team, but https://t.co/phL2nduyCF beats Google Translate six ways from Sunday

  2. This is the year that makes or breaks "gift" as a verb. Let's all hope.

  3. RT @rivermen123: 280 characters makes twitter damn near impossible to read while driving

  4. The iOS bug even autocorrects the imaginary unit into an A and a question mark box.

  5. When title case fails. Who's the n00b now? https://t.co/SvBjFbc75x

  6. Honestly, I think this is a viable business model. The $10 code is essentially worthless because of all their promo… https://t.co/ho2lojGZxs

  7. It’s clearly “tuff” to stand on the light rail, if you see what I’m “Hinton” at

  8. You know what they say: You can’t “go home” again https://t.co/NozGvFOvz1

  9. How progressive https://t.co/R8ORisi7Hy

  10. If a band wants their PledgeMusic campaign to go better, they should see what other acts do. Belly in particular do a great job.

  11. I think United put the wrong text in the subject line. Or at least you hope they did. https://t.co/sxYX8vNEO5

  12. You never know when your content will haunt you. I never liked this, and I have to see it every time I buy somethin… https://t.co/eiIRY2Gzlz

  13. “Stop running to the bathroom, and call us now!”—A radio spot for Super Beta Prostate. Now that's writing!

  14. Face ID REPLACES Touch ID on the iPhone X. Won’t people who don’t like having their picture taken misunderstand and decide not to use it?

  15. When push notifications write themselves https://t.co/FlXUxmAPPv