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  1. I'm sure in landscape mode this responsive design works better

  2. @annettemboyer No one at eBay

  3. She's not "transitioning out." She's quitting.

  4. How not to do a pre-header

  5. TFW you find out that guy, who hired you at Y! and turned your career around, just died of brain cancer #restinpeace

  6. If Gen X mktg, "Yoyoyo." If Gen Y, "up yo azz."

  7. Nothing like taking information security compliance training while taking public transit to work

  8. Oh, Grocery Outlet

  9. I'm not sure the right solution after the flood is to call it "San Jose Prepared 2.0" #contentmarketing

  10. RT @JoelsHitShow: The Vatican announced they're also developing a self-driving car. Have you heard about this? They're going to call it "Je…

  11. I guess they keep their marcom "in house"

  12. I immediately thought of rookie league baseball, but they mean short pants

  13. RT @JoelsHitShow: No, PayPal. I'm the one who requested the payment ... .

  14. @annettemboyer Why not just say "Office stuff. Do not take home."

  15. It's not that sports metaphors are bad. You just need to be accurate and also not confuse non-sports people.