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  1. RT @barry: The nerds are complaining about women in tech and the jocks are the face of social change, what a world

  2. https://t.co/zvzRQsP1IM Exactly what he "derserves"

  3. You're my mortgagor. This is all our relationship can be. Every month for 180 months you take my money. Stop asking… https://t.co/zWEXVy1ZT6

  4. If prunes can become "dried plums" to increase sales, I think sun-dried tomatoes should be renamed "tomato jerky."

  5. RT @JoelsHitShow: More Russian influence: "Toys R Us" and their backward R have filed for bankruptcy.

  6. Five packages of Kool-Aid, 90 pieces of gum, 8 bottles of ranch dressing, and a greeting card. That's a 404 error a… https://t.co/PgGkG0asHI

  7. When you forget a colleague is Canadian, and then he says "JavaScript"

  8. Jargon of the day: enhanced MVP. It's when your minimum viable product is too minimum.

  9. It apparently means "follow up"; not when I'm doing it! https://t.co/xKOifzM2c6

  10. @anitaycheng @DCLeadArchitect @gnballenger I already miss the brownies

  11. Are the rest for mature audiences? https://t.co/wvw92wA2px

  12. The view from my room. Ready for tomorrow! https://t.co/FGNZadkiRF

  13. I guess because cookie dough? Also, will this new voice and tone be used elsewhere? https://t.co/x0I3fxkQmA

  14. https://t.co/xDFHHGcQMR This is pretty cool. And it's true that this neighborhood has a lot of "Mean Rich People."

  15. If you're going to use a clock emoji, fine, but use one that reads 4 o'clock. People may have misunderstood and mis… https://t.co/qSXHdbA9va