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  1. The Twitter account could have had the correct date for the tournament and actually promoted it as well
  2. With all of the rap videos a team with the same name as a punk band just doesn't fit
  3. tecmoaz

    Tecmo Madison XIII: Where are you staying?

    I'm at the Sheraton because, well, I got a smoking* deal and I hate all of you. I'll be over at the Hampton Inn causing trouble as necessary starting Thursday. For a non-smoking room. I am not a smoker
  4. @tecmoaz and @Knobbe Team FoxRod Boom
  5. tecmoaz

    Playing tecmo in Car what do I need?

    My worry with that inverter, as with all inverters, is the strain on the alternator to recharge the battery while driving. Over 3-4 hours, if your alternator is not running at full capacity, you would drain your cars battery to the point that stopping for gas, turning the car off and back on, becomes a dicey situation.
  6. The fact that those SLU's are out of their packages is giving me a minor heart episode. But I guess I'll take some deep breaths.
  7. tecmoaz

    Baseball Stars 2002

    Part Bump, Part showing of interest....
  8. tecmoaz

    Streaming at Live Tourney: What do you need?

    What it sounds like to me is that the TV, NES and Computer are plugged into the same circuit. If you moved the computer to a different power source, or different surge protector at a minimum, I think you'd find the hum would go away. Its not true 60 cycle hum, but its pretty close.
  9. tecmoaz

    Streaming at Live Tourney: What do you need?

    Video streaming is often a "get what you pay for" endeavor. The nicer the equipment you can build up over time the better the end result will be. You can sink a lot of money into this if you aren't careful, so the key is always perspective and the KISS method. Unless you have an unlimited budget, I wouldn't even worry about "seeing" the competitors your first stream. Getting the NES into a stream with audio sync can be a challenge in itself, so focus on that and the rest will come in time.
  10. tecmoaz

    Green Bay, WI - 05/29/15 - TBAA I

    Interested for some more details as well. I would be able to attend a one day tournament, but couldn't do all three days.
  11. tecmoaz

    Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

    Dave recorded it locally and is working to get it up on Twitch. He'll chime in with an update, but I think he should take a break and spend some quality time with his kids, especially the incredibly recently born one. Just my two cents. He'll probably post these soon since we are already talking about next years stream
  12. Between myself and my company, I have access to about everything we could ever need. I have lots of ideas. *Evil Laugh*
  13. I'm still in there. You are correct in that workflow. If mine wasn't a beast and rackmounted I would ship it out for Madison. Lets hope the Madison calendar falls after the first Saturday in March next year so we can combine our powers into a super broadcast.
  14. tecmoaz

    Madison, WI - 03/07/15 - Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now

    I have been helping Dave behind the scenes as best I can for awhile in regards to the streaming, and I am trying to figure out if I have the ability to attend this year in Dave's stead. That date is not great for me from a work perspective (start of basketball conference tournaments), so this will remain to be seen. If anyone wants to step up to the plate and volunteer that has some experience in this, I can speak for myself (but knowing Dave I can probably speak for him as well here in saying) that you will have any support and guidance needed in the weeks leading up to the event.