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  1. Its been 20 years since Ive seen it...which would explain why I dont remember.
  2. What movie is that? Im gonna assume I know the answer, which is why Ive never watched it.
  3. Is that a buzzy beatle from mario in a really bad mario paint job?
  4. Helpful, but with groups of 4 we wont be waiting around all day like usual between games...unless they have two groups play on one system. edit: and hopefully we dont have an overpriced bloody bar. @davefmurray, can we get tecmo shot girls? My fiance will be there, and probably hate every minute of it, atleast she can make back my losses.
  5. You gonna raffle off a guest appearance to call a game, like in the round of 64?
  6. Theyll get what we all got when we thought we were the best.
  7. I took notes to 11, never used em though. Started my notepad again, but once again, Im sure Captain will be the only note used.
  8. Wait? So I need to look at all three as threats? Switch me with the wifey, and than take her out 😅. Shes never touched a controlled and was 2-3rd in her group. 😛. But I get why more than likely.
  9. Yea throw me on a mailing list here too, not to far away.
  10. Yea thats what I was saying. I had chet in my bracket in 9, but was way over my head anyways. In 10, I was one pass from winning my bracket, and than got destroyed by orenga in the losers finals. I understand with the field expansion were going to be under time restraints, but seems like a little bit of a lucky factor may be taken out for those with a top-10 player in their group.
  11. So the group winners and thats it? Nothing like telling the people with the monsters in their groups they have almost 0% chance.
  12. So, was going for a half time jj, ball got deflected and went ob for a safety, thats a real thing?
  13. I know I have del greco, but Im not going through 4000+ cards... however, my goodwill has this.
  14. I will bring all my cards to madison, you can have them but you have to go through all 4000 of them.