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  1. RT @brianklaas: Melania Trump’s parents are becoming American citizens, almost certainly through the family reunification pathway, a mechan…

  2. @a_leesee_a dont worry there's always viagra!

  3. @ZmiluskaF you'll need a will for both, so you good.

  4. Where the Logo resides!! https://t.co/nnWcOImva7

  5. Young Fathers can do no wrong! https://t.co/uy3yOSHDZP

  6. @MEMESG0D fake!!

  7. RT @atpburke: "We should arm teachers." Really? You guys are gonna start paying for the entire English department to have Glocks? You fuck…

  8. RT @jonlovett: Proposing that we cut food stamps and ship a box of government canned goods to poor families to save money right after they…

  9. @Solodeauxleaux It's funny, because it's true

  10. @_danalvarenga @HolaElSalvador1 @diveredwin hay otro tween con un persona vestida en ropa y hablando como un asiático!

  11. @TheOlsgaard Cause it's like that scene from The Wire where Poot and Bodie are walking up the stairs to execute Wallace.

  12. Beautiful! https://t.co/hQjT5wuwiy

  13. RT @gifdsports: Blake Griffin just bounced and didn't shake Doc Rivers or his former Clippers teammates hands after game https://t.co/CLf0V…

  14. RT @kumailn: Fuck Trump. Fuck John Kelly. Fuck Mike Pence. Fuck Omarosa. Fuck Paul Ryan. Fuck Mitch McConnell. Fuck Steve Bannon. Fuck Bets…

  15. @GuruGangStarr and Primo at their best! #oldskool https://t.co/0Sdb7j7gTp

  16. Baron out here on TNT saying Cavs should play full court defense! LOL

  17. This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Angry https://t.co/b3B4vJGV18

  18. RT @nytopinion: It's not just the Village Voice — alt-weeklies across the country are in crisis. And that's bad for democracy. https://t.co…

  19. RT @shelbygrad: Important investigation by @jackdolanLAT @ryanvmenezes @GGarciaRoberts. Cops and firefighters double their pay. LA taxpayer…

  20. RT @RealDonaldTrFan: The Nunes memo PROVES that the FBI and Department of Justice HATE ME! THEY HAVE ALWAYS been jealous of me - ever since…

  21. @FlyByKnite https://t.co/eXHqboBHL4

  22. RT @Huishte: Here's some figures. In 2016, 540 minors were murdered in El Salvador. 95% of them were teenagers between 12 and 17 years old:…

  23. @blanchardJRB vs Rodman to boot!!

  24. RT @TimBontemps: The Clippers are officially at the front of the pack to chase Kawhi, Klay, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie in 2019. That and other…

  25. RT @chrisblevns: Help a brother out!! https://t.co/sPzzU6XpmZ