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  1. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/62aaYNdddD SLIME WAR WITH JOJO SIWA!

  2. Trump doesn't know NBA Twitter...the can of whoop ass is now open

  3. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/D8AAPRNYiG Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

  4. @LAIreland don't hate on @PetrosAndMoney appearances! they're men of the people, unlike @VeniceMase !

  5. "hey, we have cold showers down here." https://t.co/9N6xC5wagk

  6. @KandiTam2001 you said twitter is no good... I say it depends...you follow trash people/sites it's not good...you f… https://t.co/TREBvKk97F

  7. Kyrie just got himself more years of leading a team in points and getting bounced in 1st round of playoffs https://t.co/sklRWgBlFl

  8. @brownmusings Drop a unanimous note in Tamil....may get the point acrosa

  9. RT @TvvitterGod1: Adalaide Byrd needs to be banned from judging in MMA, Boxing even Amateur fighting. She's a disgrace #GGG beat #Canelo 🇰🇿

  10. @RevistaNatGeo @RaquelAlegriaaa Vos?

  11. RT @sylvainpennec: #parsonsgreen https://t.co/0OUV819EtE

  12. Forget 'go get your shinebox', this is my fav all time Frank Vincent scene…The one actor you believe could do this… https://t.co/i9rRYAa4DG

  13. @KFIJustin not the same morning show...can i find you podcast on stitcher?

  14. @PetrosAndMoney @Theoldp @mattmoneysmith you must have @GaryandShannon on after every game!! hilarious!

  15. what a douche! https://t.co/Irnaiwq1ac