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  1. @FlawdazFinest86 @DunkinDonuts the dumbest people always judging instead of helping....

  2. I love Embiid! https://t.co/nfJhrCZyVP

  3. #instacartstrike @StaterBrosInc @smartfinal @cvspharmacy https://t.co/af5fpOhCL2

  4. @StoopKidTears Owners, other than the Buss family, don't own teams to make money. This is his play money from Microsoft

  5. @FastFoodMaven #instacartsteals #instacartstrike https://t.co/AZrrdcQ69v

  6. RT @Rompess: @realDonaldTrump Next question. @IvankaTrump @POTUS #Groperinchief #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/7fyRCan8Ye

  7. @FlyByKnite annoying is more like it!

  8. Many small towns live for their football team. In Eldon, the football team lives for its town. https://t.co/bTjb4IfoFx

  9. @Hoopadudley @ElliottTeaford then stop reading Clippers news...duh! #25percentshootingbyLonzo

  10. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/zhFCxccmcG

  11. RT @LaurenWalshTV: Mike Ortiz says he dated Corfman (Roy Moore’s accuser) for 2 years around 2009. He says during that time, she told him…

  12. @KandiTam2001 @waystodawn wow! haven't heard that one before!!

  13. @TonyBrunoShow @MoonshinePhilly @ChristineHaze10 @MumsAndMuttsMeg @JackDaniels_US hey maaaaaan!

  14. @DivorceWarrior1 ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving with kids if you don't have them for that holiday?

  15. @realdanlauria you are the tv father i wish i had!!!