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  1. Im planning on coming, i believe some other Iowa guys will be comign also.
  2. Group b game Kamp won toss and selected sd vs den. I took Den Game streamed via kamps twitch page. 16-7 Denver Final
  3. 1. coco went undefeated in pool play and bracket to win
  4. Had a massive scare on this one. Got the email that my daughters basketball team has their first games November 5th (im a coach) was looking for ways out. I sent an email to the commish asking for a bye on November 5th, that wish was granted so disaster averted!!!!!!!!!!
  5. freaking rico pulled it out over the miller boys. Then he drank his beer out of the trophy, it was epic!
  6. Im planning on going to this with Kyle Nelson (madison 4th place) and maybe a couple others.
  7. FYI thegamer1185 is kyle who got 4th at madison...
  8. I love that idea.
  9. Thats fine, he isnt that good anyway, just got lucky...
  10. That sounds amazing!! I want Kyle...
  11. Check it out, Kyle and Noonan on the list of possible players of the year!
  12. My early favorite to win it all is kyle.
  13. What on earth is this about?????????
  14. I agree a great place to have it at. I expect this tourney to blow up in november!