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  1. You need to add $30 to the Days Inn amount since you will need to buy special Shampoo and a comb to remove the crabs that you will get from the I've heard?
  2. Yo Hank. Great summary. The tourney is always crazy when you are involved. I knew I should've kicked that field goal early in the 4th, at least I would have gotten something on the board. But it's all good, Tundra 3 will be awesome.
  3. That was definitely great to have some media promoting the tourney. I was just joking around because the woman anchor didn't seem to know what was going on. They should have put the cameraman on to do that segment if he knew the game.
  4. The basic rules of matching making are aligned with typical tournament setups. Thanks to #tecmomadison for not making us reinvent the wheel. We have minor insignificant tweaks. While we aren't Nazi's, don't be surprised if we kick your chair or knock off your hat for being a tool by ignoring the following: 1) Team/Side Selection....Flip a coin, winner picks two teams, controller side, or defers, other player picks a team. As the teams selector, you cannot pick the same pair of teams more than once in the tournament, so choose wisely! So does this mean that if I win the coin toss, I can pick my controller, then the other player picks the teams, then I pick which team I want?? Does it work like that? Because for every game there are those 3 decisions: 1) pick teams, 2) pick controller, and 3) pick team to play with. Thanks
  5. Hopefully you guys can get the awkward morning news team to do more segments. That's a pretty good lead-in to the tournament. I'm like, how are they on TV they can't even talk.
  6. Dubuque is great, keep it out of MN...terrible food. Do you have the Venue picked out yet?
  7. Anyone in Northern IL or Southern WI want to meet up and play for a little practice?? I live in Rockford, IL.
  8. Anyone in the Twin Cities area interested in practicing? Usually weekends are the best.
  9. Just registered!! I live in Minnesota but I'm from Wisconsin: Luxemburg Represent!! There better not be any sorry receivers who have been talking about me in the house!!!
  10. Sounds great!! Is there an official page to sign up? I'm definitely in. Jesse (jhonk12)
  11. Anyone in the Twin Cities area want to get together and practice for Tecmo IX? Contact me at