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  1. We drove up 39 from Bloomington/Normal, IL and the wind was bad. Saw 3 semis turned over blocking both lanes. Ended up having to take back roads for most of the way.
  2. What's the over/under the number of time's "Have you seen my wiener/baseball" is said?
  3. Thanks to everyone that is involved with putting this tournament on!! I can't imagine how much effort is put into this. I had a blast and almost made the 64 this year. I had 2 shots and couldn't quite get over the hump. With more practice and man v man experience hopefully I can make it through. I was able to get a couple of quick chats with TP and gratz and hope to see at Tecmo Indy if I can make it.
  4. Awesome Bloomington, IL crew will do its best to represent. We will lose but we will rep haha:)
  5. Gonna try to make it since Indy is only a couple of hours away from me.
  6. To be honest I didn't know anything about Gats other then my buddy telling me he had a lot of online games on record. I had no idea of his situation but reading all of this I feel even more honored to have played him in group play. He killed me like 38-7 in the 2nd round but hay can't complain. It's is awesome to hear about you staying with family after so long and good luck on te job search. I too have been struggling with that since being laid off in December so I know how hard that can be. Good luck to ya Joey!!
  7. Who would have thought that being a Bills fan would pay off for anyone. Haha j/k
  8. Like everyone else I would like to thank the Madison crew. This was my 1st major tourney and had a complete blast even though going 1-2. I expected to go 0-2 so I have to say the 1 win made this a successful weekend. Being a complete noob to this whole scene it was really cool to meet everyone I got to talk to and learned a lot from watching everyone(But probably forgot most of it b/c all of the drinking though). Thanks to Mort, Louis, and Gats for the ride from the hotel its really cool to help out a couple of guys who you didn't know. That was just the beginning of the friendliness that I experienced the entire day. The best players in the world and not a single ounce of ego on anyone I talked to. I look forward to making return trips back to Madison and think I might start trying to pick up some games online in the near future b/c I badly need to practice.
  9. Madison newbie here and my main question is about match up sheets. I am assuming that I would be responsible for making my own list of matchups to call? Or will there be a list provided?
  10. I'll be there with T. Mann and yes Red I feel bad for them as well!
  11. OK cool I will have to look for one of those and spread the word with my friends. We ae hoping to strt a leagueo we can play each other more then couple of times a year.
  12. What remote/controler are people ussuallty using to play online? I have a replica USB NES remote but the down on the contol pad is bad so looking to what everyone else is using so i can spead the word to others were are hopin to starta league with.