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  1. Like the 4 person group pool play. And from what I've heard and read, it will be a double elim pool. So the winner of each pool will emerge 3-0 or 4-1? But how will the record and point differential help determine who's in locked bracket, and who still needs to play-in? And do I care....? Not really,.... it's going to be blast no matter what. And as we can all attest, it was no easy feat to do this ranking and separation of players in to regions but Bailey and staff did it well. I love it when you look at a region and say, "that is the toughest region" then you look at the next one... and say the same thing! and so on. Regret not seeing some names on the list. Carlberg from NE, JoeyVogt, other legends.
  2. DET CIN, taking CIN DET TB, taking DET DET MN, taking DET DET RAMS, taking RAMS DET KC, taking KC DET SD/WAS/DEN.... taking DET/DET/DET
  3. @moulds33 signed up???? And Tick will be there too? Holy crap.
  4. Agree with @hankthetank, cards do exist (I too did a google search) and that makes up 17 of the 44 cards missing. And a change/disclaimer for those contributing... I'll be buying you a single drink for your contribution, whether that be 1 card or 17, and that drink will be paid to you one time (not each time I see you offering me a card @Dotdon....lol). . With all due respect to @davefmurray, perhaps I should start a new thread on this topic as to not occupy forum space that should be occupied for Tecmo XII ?
  5. I've had that problem the past 5 years... type in Madison, and the extra "i" always gets in there.
  6. Did I read correctly in the updated Tecmo Madision rules that DL can bypass lurching rules if the offense is in shotgun? Meaning a DL can run through the line of scrimmage untouched to pursue ball carrier? @madmanyo360 @davefmurray
  7. I've spent hours/days scouring trading card sites, contacting people for their cards I need, offering trades and money. And after all that I still have these 44 cards missing. I appreciate the conversation and banter, but warn everyone that going through their thousands of cards may not yield the result of these missing cards. However... every card found is closer to Tecmo glory... I share that glory every tournament (I bring this binder everywhere). So the challenge is issued. One free drink for every card offered to me at Tecmo Madison. You come up with 44 of my missing cards... then you will be one drunk MoFO.
  8. Disclaimer... I do appreciate the help. Any contributions of these missing football cards is appreciated. Any contribution (paid for or offered free) become my possession. This soon-to-be full catalog of every TSB player in football card form is something I've been working on for years. The ownership of all contents is mine until such time where I will auction/sell/bequeath this binder to another. Profit from this collection is not my intent, but I won't be deaf to offers. For some of these missing cards, manufactured cards simply do not exist. For those I plan to print my own card for the catalog. Ex: Barry Helton, P, SF. No card exists on the market. That said, here are my missing cards. Player Position Team BARRY HELTON P 49ers GLEN KOZLOWSKI WR Bears ERIK WILHELM QB Bengals KENDAL SMITH WR Bengals MIKE BARBER WR Bengals DARRELL HAMILTON OL Broncos MARC MUNFORD LB Broncos VERNON JOINES WR Browns CHRIS PIKE DL Browns JEFF CARLSON QB Bucs JOHN HARVEY RB Bucs CARL BAX OL Bucs AL DEL GRECO K Cards JOE CARAVELLO RB Chargers LES MILLER DL Chargers ALFREDO ROBERTS TE Chiefs IVY JOE HUNTER RB Colts TONY MARTIN WR Dolphins REGGIE SINGLETARY OL Eagles MICHAEL REID LB Falcons CHARLES DIMRY DB Falcons STACEY ROBINSON WR Giants DOUG WELLSANDT TE Jets BRETT MILLER OL Jets TERRY GREER WR Lions HARVEY SALEM OL Lions KETIH FERGUSON DL Lions VICTOR JONES RB Oilers DOUG LLOYD RB Oilers JAY PENNISON OL Oilers PAUL FAIRCHILD OL Patriots CHRIS GAMBOL OL Patriots RICHARD HARVEY LB Patriots ROD MCSWAIN S Patriots RORY GRAVES OL Raiders DERRICK FAISON WR Rams KEITH ENGLISH P Rams BRIAN SMITH DL Rams BRIAN MITCHELL RB Redskins JOE HOWARD WR Redskins JIMMIE JOHNSON TE Redskins RICK STROM QB Steelers RICHARD BELL RB Steelers BRIAN BLANKENSHIP OL Steelers
  9. Are you talking about my football binder? I have 48 cards/players missing from what would be a complete set. Likely the closest anyone has come to a complete set of Tecmo Super Bowl players.
  10. Somehow I don't feel as honored as I did last year when I earned said "crappy" trophy.
  11. Darn, scheduled on the same day as Tundra Bowl in Green Bay? You might have added 10 people to this event had it been on a different day. Hope your attendance is good so you can have this again and the Iowa players can join.
  12. Correction to above... 1st: Kyle (thegamer1185) 2nd: @Jebigred 3rd: @8-bit 4th: @RetroNathan