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  1. TTL29 Playoffs

    Will do. Will need some help for sure!
  2. TTL29 Playoffs

    TTL playoff bracket has been posted and games can begin! . http://challonge.com/TTL29 Schedule your game with your opponent soon. Playoffs move to madison type game play. Higher seed is the automatic winner of the coin toss and can call the matchup or defer. However, the final championship game will be a coin toss as seeding will not matter for the final game. As a reminder, matchups can only be called once. The game must be streamed on Twitch and announced ahead of time if at all possible. @TTL should be tagged prior to the game or if is firmly scheduled. If you can not stream you MUST record the game and we will have one of the streamers replay the game. The winner should send me a PM with the following information. 1) Matchup 2) Who called the matchup 3) Score 4) NSV file Do not post recaps in the discord room or give away the winner until the game has been streamed. ChampionShip game will be streamed and will have announcers. Good luck gents!
  3. Based on the info I've read from others on here I made a probability chart for reference. Odds may not be exact. Please excuse the crudity of this model. If something does not look right let me know and I can update. It the cut scene does not come up below are the APB odds. " If the cut scene does come up it uses 50APB" or 20.3% Updated the below chart based on Bruddog's HSTL discord post. Thanks Bruddog!
  4. New to the circuit

    What questions do you have about the leagues? Have you been playing any pick me up games?
  5. TTLM Trial Run / Startup

    You were added after the post from the waiting list......
  6. TTLM Trial Run / Startup

    TTLM Intro Welcome all to the Tournament Training League - Madison (TTLM). This is a trial run of a called matchup league. For now it's just a bonus to TTL but we will see how it works with the manual spreadsheet entry and it may evolve into something more. We shall see. This league is designed to be very simple and low maintenance. It's all madison rules (http://tecmomadison.com/rules/) You play each person once in your conference. You can only call a matchup once. However, the matchups will reset if you reach the playoffs. There is no posted regular season schedule so keep track of who you played. Feel free to tag @ttlm as often you want as it will not work. Heck tag @TTLAFC & @TTLNFC too. Top 6 teams in each conference make the playoffs with the #1 #2 seed getting a first round bye. AFC Vs NFC You start a game with the kickoff to see who wins the coin toss. Whoever wins can call the matchup or defer. There are no ties. The winner then manually enters the results on the google docs spreadsheet. I will lock previous results from time to time to prevent data from being deleted. Deadline This can be as fast as we want depending on everyone. For now I'll pick a deadline of Monday, Feb 26th 10AM CST. This will be subject to change. Google Docs Game Tracker (AFC & NFC tabs) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1idhrMWzjel4k0mzE6ML6ZTDykNXtbmmLrDLfTsvuqo8/edit?usp=sharing Current Players (We may add some as well) AFC PrimeTime Randwags Player121xk Ptitteri Bruddog JPBowler Odell DarthRockm JoeyGats MadTownS JustinPeters NFC Barletti Prime Rico TundraYetti Turbo HoffNasty SpeedRacer WarMachine PurpleHaze Red98SetHut
  7. I'm interested in going. What time does the tournament start and about what time would you expect it to end?
  8. TTL29 Deadline Wednesday, Feb 14th @Noon

    I'm all for streaming as many playoff games as possible. If some folks like yourself can help out that would make it feasible. Looks like a good portion of the folks in the playoffs have the ability to stream so may not be that many we have to replay.
  9. NGTL S4 Roll Call

  10. TecmoBowl.org Commentator Series

    I call out @Prime for a best of 3 challenge!!!!!
  11. HSTL S43 Draft

    Ricky Nattiel WR3 / Marc Munford LB 3 Denver
  12. HSTL S43 Draft

    Everyone ahead of me has RB4/DB4 so I will take Brian Mitchell RB4 / Alvin Walton DB4 Washington
  13. HSTL S43 Draft

    Marc Wilson QB2
  14. TTL29 is Now Under Way! Deadline is Wednesday, Feb 14th at noon. I will be releasing all the roms at once. This is the way I have always done it and there were more people interested in having them all released then I realized. That being said I do not want the @ttl tag being used to get games in. There are 28 folks in the league so that means you have games with less then half the league. Tag folks individually or send direct messages. Dynastyphile The "owners" tab is missing under standings if you have not noticed. This would combine the wins of both teams and provide standing. I have not been able to figure that out yet and there is no response from the support e-mail. Hoping we can get that working soon. Twitch Streaming I am of fan of everyone streaming their games on Twitch and interacting with everyone watching the games. Our last season we only had a few twitch streamers but now with the expansion there are many more that can stream! So stream away and feel free to tag @ttl Yes, I have double standards. lol I have the TTL logo below and pinned on discord for those that want to add that to your stream. ChampionShip Game Competition looks pretty tough this season and am already looking forward to the playoffs. The championship game will be announced and streamed this season so get your popcorn ready! GL to everyone and let the games begin. Darth Twitch TTL Logo
  15. HSTL S43 Draft

    BJ Tolliver for me.....