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  1. TTL playoffs can now begin! Single elimination. Bracket is posted. http://challonge.com/TTL23 Record your games! If you do not record your game it did not happen! No exceptions. Similar to Thunderdome we will stream all recorded playoff games on Twitch. Do not post results on discord. Send me a private PM with the NSV file. If you wish to stream your own game live on twitch let me know and I will advertise. The final TTLXXIII championship game will be streamed by me with a unique introduction that you will not want to miss. TTL loser bracket is also posted. Single elimination. http://challonge.com/TTL23L The loser bracket is playing for draft positions for TTL season 24. Winner gets choice of draft position as well as runner up and so on. You can record your game, post a recap in discord, or not. No one really cares you're all losers. Send me a message and I'll post the results on the bracket. Actually, a brief recap on discord would be preferred however, don't get a big head you're still a loser. Playoff rules are the same as Madison. In our case the higher seed (Coin toss winner at madison) gets their choice of calling the matchup and P1 or they can defer and take P2 and allow the other person to call the matchup. As a reminder you can only call the matchup once. Good luck to all! May the force be with you! DarthRockman
  2. I've been starting to stream more TSB games on twitch and decided to look into why the box art was not present on the best game ever made, Tecmo Super Bowl. You would think after all this time someone could have uploaded the box art picture. I did a bit of research and discovered that Twitch syncs up with giantbomb.com http://www.giantbomb.com/tecmo-super-bowl/3030-7822/ Well, if you clicked the link you can see that the box art is already there and has been for some time. So, I submitted a support request to Twitch and got the below message which did not help nor did they recognize a problem with Twitch syncing up with the GiantBomb database. Instead I got a link on how to submit box art to giantbomb. Sounds like a vicious circle with no box art being posted on Twitch..... FEB 16, 2017 | 09:29AM PST RSS replied: Hi darthrockman, We’re always working on adding and updating box art to games in our directory. If you’d like to learn more about making changes or additions to box art, please read our help article. Thanks! -RSS FEB 11, 2017 | 07:07AM PST Original message darthrockman wrote: Twitch Support, GiantBomb has had box art for Tecmo Super Bowl for quite some time but Twitch does not seem to be syncing up with the database. I uploaded another picture per the directions...JPG 600x800 no logos etc. However, it still shows the question mark in twitch. Giant Bomb Database (Box Art) http://www.giantbomb.com/tecmo-super-bowl/3030-7822/ Twitch Game Directory (No Box Art) https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Tecmo Super Bowl This message was sent to rockman in reference to Case #: 12501685.
  3. How did I just see this? This has just been taken up a notch!!! Very nice.
  4. I figured with the clock going down the additional field goal would not help me against a JJ at the end of the game. That fumble took forever! GG
  5. I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. Group D Brudog Won Toss Brudog calls Dal/Phx Darth Selects Dal An opening drive turns into a fumble for Brudog. Ball bounces around forever and gets picked up by Dal. Touchdowns are exchanged and at the half its 7 to 7. I get the kickoff and go up 7 to 14. Another rough fumble by brudog an its 7 to 17. He gets a long JJ on one play and is back in it 14 - 17. Emmit Smith goes into excellent and eventually runs in for a touchdown. 14 - 24 Final score. Got lucky with some fumbles against the master. GG. brudogdarth.nsv
  7. All ROMS have been released for TTL season 23. Deadline is Wednesday, March 1st 9AM CST. As a reminder only 6 of the 14 teams make the single elimination playoffs this season.. Top two seeds get 1st round bye's. Head to head wins tie breakers and then point differential. The LOSERS then go into a bracket and play for Season 24 draft slot positions. Winner of the loser bracket will have choice of draft order followed by the runner up and so on. Winner of TTL will then obtain the highest draft slot as well as the runner up and so on. This is a change as no one seems to want the #1 & #28th pick. If you don't want that draft slot don't win TTL. Ha! Or, hope one of the loser bracket gents take that slot. Last reminder is for the new gents. Playoffs are based off of total owner wins. Winning your division does not really mean anything in TTL. Because you have two teams most owner records is what will get you into the playoffs! (Jeff, I still know your just trying to win another game) I updated the TTL rules to reflect the madison rules changes. Lurching was the biggest update/clarification rule change. DL can rush in shotgun formation. See http://tecmomadison.com/rules/ for details. Good Luck All! (Except JoeyGats) DarthRockman
  8. I'm back in....
  9. TTL Season XXIII is about to be launched and there are some changes for the regular season and the playoffs. Format We are moving to 14 owners and 28 teams. That means SF/IND/NE/SEA are now included in the draft. There will be 7 teams in 4 divisions which means there will be some touch matchups for some teams so you will want to draft wisely. To balance some of the miss matches there will be handicaps against certain matchups for SF and some in favor for IND. Matchup Handicap S.F GIA None S.F BUF None S.F HOU None S.F PHI SF must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. S.F RAI. SF must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. S.F CHI SF must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. IND N.E. None IND SEA None IND N.O N.O. must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. IND G.B. GB. must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. IND CLE CLE must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. IND ATL ATL must sit out one offensive player chosen by the opponent. Draft Order 1)Justin Peters, 2)Ngunn, 3)Jeff, and 4)Casual T will get to select which draft spot they would like in the order listed. Picking draft spots will begin immediately so we get the next season moving. Keep in mind if you select #1 overall you will also get the #28 spot as the serpentine draft is still in effect. The remaining order will be determined by results of last season. Playoffs This season playoffs will move to single elimination with 6 of the 14 teams making the playoffs. The two higher seeds getting 1st round bye weeks. The remaining 8 teams will battle it out in a loser bracket or as Jeff likes to refer to it as a "Not so Fortunate" bracket to determine drafts spots for TTL season 24. New Players Please ask any questions as I'm aware this is a different format and we also have two new gents that will have questions. Everyone welcome @vikingmoe02 @hoffnasty9 to TTL!! DarthRockman Divsions have been posted on Google Docs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ycnrINJvldX_NtYNJDFkwhME8UClPJV5pAUEI10fEWg/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Group D Ryan11p Won the Toss Mia / KC DarthRockman selected Mia Ryan kicks off and stops me on 4th down and ends up kicking a field goal. Next drive he stops me again and forces a punt. He drives the field and kicks a 2nd field goal. Before the half I kick a field goal to make it a 6 to 3 game. I get an INT on the opening drive and score a TD. We both have TD drives in the 4th quarter but a late fumble by De Berg in the end zone becomes the dager as Mia picks it up and scores a TD. Lucky break for me and a close game in the 4th. GG Ryan! 13 KC - 24 Mia DarthRyan.nsv
  11. Yes, can host. DarthRockman
  12. Thanks for the clarification! Good to know!
  13. TTL bracket has been updated. http://challonge.com/TTL22 Everyone record your game in Nestopia and upload the .NSV file on discord however, do NOT post your score on discord. Send me a direct message and I will update the bracket. One of they keys to prevent d-syncs when recording is to ensure you don't have any save states in your folder. If you make a youtube video even better but not required. Looks like Madison has adopted our playoff rules which in our case the higher seed (Coin toss winner at madison) gets their choice of calling the matchup and P1 or they can defer and take P2 and allow the other person to call the matchup. Who knew we were such trend setters! All other madison rules apply. Biggest one being that you can only call the matchup once.
  14. Yes. Thanks for the post! Bottom line is win your games and take care of business. Looks like another nail biter coming up!