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  1. Thanks... Last night I was able to delay grading a stack of papers because I came across your latest RBI hack (World Series 2016). I did my best to re-write history as my Red Sox took down Cleveland 6-5, then Toronto 8-4, and after a tight game, they held on to win 7-6 against the Cubs.


    Red Sox nation slept a little easier last night.


    Also, per your request I prefer version A with the traditional RBI style of naming players (just my 2 cents).


    1. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      Thank you.  Consider yourself lucky, the Red Sox were good enough that you had option of re-writing history.  My Yankees didn't qualify for the playoffs, thus, no RBI ROM.


      After a couple of years, I've started taking a liking to the traditional naming format.  This is the first ROM that I didn't use the truncating format.


      Speaking of grading papers, what do you teach? 

    2. vegas


      I teach in the Dept of Communication-- primarily Interpersonal Communication but also Public Speaking and a few other classes. The work that didn't get done was was all interpersonal papers on Perception, but if any students ask this week I'll just explain that the sacrifice was worth it, it meant a few more RS wins. LOL.


  2. Also, I did a quick search for bases loaded hacks and found some on this site: Two of them are hacks of Bases Loaded 3 and the rest are of "Bases Loaded", but I couldn't find any hacks for bases Loaded 2.
  3. A little off topic but I never played Bases loaded 4, have you tried that last entry in the "Bases loaded" series?
  4. Poll here asks you for your thoughts on which "Tecmo Bo" was better (in the game TB or TSB). For a longer discussion see the thread on the TSB page ( * Administrators: I don't want to violate any rules by posting the thread twice so I'm just referencing it on this thread to hopefully draw in some more readers of the TB thread as opposed to just the TSB one. If this post violates any guidelines please feel free to remove/relocate it.
  5. thanks for the quick replies and the useful info (and links). And I'd love to hear from others weighing in. I didn't want to violate forum rules by posting this thread on BOTH the TSB and TB forums so I'm hoping we'll hear from users of both games.
  6. I mostly play TSB on NES but wanted to get a take from others on the Bo Jackson character. Obviously Bo Jackson is one of (if not the) best players in TSB but I was wondering if he is equally rated (speed, power, etc) in the original game (TB)? And if equally rated in the game is he equally dominant? In full disclosure I am working on a written piece about the character of "tecmo bo" and want to get all the background on any differences/similarities between the two version (TB vs. TSB). Any help is MUCH appreciated. Cheers. On a side note, can someone send me a link where I can look over the specific rating(s) of Jackson in the two games?
  7. I'm with Tecmo-Mad-Brad... lets see what it would look like.
  8. thanks... now I have lots to play with! Much appreciated
  9. anyone who downlaoded them abale to upload them here? Looks like I'm not alone in being excited to try this mod
  10. please reupload the files... I'm excited to test out your hack
  11. VERY excited for the 2015 Ken Griffey hack
  12. I haven't played much with Baseball Simulator but your ideas sound very interesting. If you haven't done so already you may want to reach out to member "keithisgood", he's a big fan of that game and he's made soem GREAt updates/hacks to it. Check out the 2014 verion here: