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  1. When I look back at it you're probably right. If he missed/skipped a draft pick on top of this, I definitely would have given an F.
  2. Despite not having the time I’d like to participate as an owner, I do still love this league. So I’ve decided to do a little draft analysis for ya’ll. Let me just say that QB Eagles should always be taken #1 overall – period. I can understand maybe wanting to try something different, but do that went you don’t have the #1 overall pick. The fact that he fell to Hock at #3 is completely insane, and you’ll all pay the price for that one this season. So okay, here we go. I’ve decided to so this by draft order instead of division. SEA (Barletti) Draft Theme: The Joe Show Analysis: You passed on QB Eagles, but you did get Joe. I would have preferred a better WR with 75rec to pair him with, but Reed is still pretty good. With only one 44ms RB, I would expect to get pass called all day long. The defense isn’t going to scare anybody either. Pepper can help vs the run, and Reasons can be dropped into coverage – so I like that – but drafting the Woodruff/Everett combo would have been better. White is a serviceable DB to use, but then that’s it for this D. I would have expected a better haul with the first pick. Draft Grade: C Season Outlook: Barletti is a newer online player, so he’ll need Joe to really go off in order to succeed this season because it’s all he really has. Having Gats in your division doesn’t help either. I’m predicting SEA misses the playoffs and places in the bottom half of the division. DET (CasualT) Draft Theme: CC to AC Analysis: Passing on QB Eagles for QB Bills just doesn’t make any sense at all, but you made up for it with the rest of your picks. Pairing an 81pc QB with super WR Anthony Carter is instant offense. Throw in Byner and you actually have some balance too. I would have preferred something better than the Jets OL with the slower QB, but you can’t have everything. The other side looks nice too. I love, love, love the Woodruff/Everett pick. Pair that With O’Neal at LB and you have what you need on defense to get some stops. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: Taking QB Eagles probably would have netted an A grade as the team was well assembled. It might not be enough with QB Eagles considering the NFC Central division is stacked with quality owners in Rico, Dolo, and O’Dell. So I think we’re looking at a handful of wins but missing the playoffs again. JETS (Hock) Draft Theme: Sanity provides a whole lot of offense Analysis: Wow, man. QB Eagles at #3 is the SOD for sure. The fact that he fell to an owner like Hock is going to be painful for the rest of the league. The offense keeps going with the speed of the Fernandez/Graddy pick, and also grabbing Rozier and Bryant at RB. This offense shold be unstoppable with Hock at the helm. Now, the defense doesn’t have much, but Lippett is pretty good with his 63int. Little isn’t quite fast enough to be a consistent LB4 lurcher, but it could work out. He should only need one stop per game anyway with that offense. Draft Grade: A+ Season Outlook: Despite having some quality, experienced owners like Hoff and Toolie in the division, I think anything less than a division title would be a disappointment with this team. Hock has a track record of putting up big offensive numbers, so I expect that trend to continue. BUF (Hoff) Draft Theme: Bo knows…that TB’s OL sucks Analysis: After two straight seasons of running behind the TB OL, Bo finally gets to run behind the solid NYG OL and the beefy Mark Bavaro. But this offense also has Flipper Anderson to stretch the field, and a pair of fleet footed QBs Timm “2 Ms” Rosenbach and the Hoss to make people pay for picking run. Getting a 44/44 QB would have been nice to pair with Flipper, but playing conditions with those two can get it done. The defense is well constructed with players at every level. He’s got Ball on the DL for disruption, Millard at LB for run stopping/blitzing, and Lonnie Young to patrol the secondary. Also some other speedy drones at DB too. Draft Grade: A- Season Outlook: Tough division with Hock having QB Eagles and Toolie being a 3 time champion of the league. Still this is a well drafted team, and Hoff is a quality player that will the most out of Bo. I’d expect a winning season and a Wild Card berth. WAS (Cubsfan) Draft Theme: Dan is not the only man Analysis: I understand that Dan Marino comes with a tasty side treat I Jensen, but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to draft him over Moon (who gets a 44ms guy with him BTW). Regardless, you got Dan some help here with Marcus Allen at RB, and there are some nice CC targets with Paige and Martin (but some more speed would have been preferable for burn routes with Dan). I’m concerned that the shaky Denver line could be a problem for a 6ms QB, but this should still be a plus offense (it will need to be). The defense is pretty pedestrian with Seale and Collins the two options in the secondary, Harvey at LB, and the worst DL in the game. That’s definitely not gonna scare anybody, and stops may be hard to come by. Draft Grade: B- Season Outlook: With Regulator and Jesus in your division, it’s already an uphill battle. While the offense looks fun (would have been better with Moon), I’m not convinced there’s enough on defense to hang with either of those two guys. There will definitely be an opportunity to grab some wins here, but I see this team missing the playoffs. CIN (Arncoem) Draft Theme: You had me at Haddix Analysis: Haddix in the hands of Easy E is gonna make it hard for people to score. Add Snow at LB and the D has all it needs. The offense looks like a grinder with Otis at RB and Ken O’Brien at the helm. Brooks and Miller are just ok targets at WR, so landing Keith Jackson was helpful, but at the cost of having the Philly OL. It’s looking like a lot of low scoring games here, and getting stops and TOs with Haddix and friends will be the key to success as this offense seems to lack come-from-behind ability. Draft Grade: B Season Outlook: Arncoem is a quality player, but I don’t think this team is good enough to overtake Stalltalk for the division. Add in TecmoBo fresh off a deep Madison run, and this division gets pretty tough. Haddix needs to dominate here if Cincy hopes to grab one of the Wild card spots. TB (Oklahoma) Draft Theme: Looking for HP in all the wrong places Analysis: I’m down with the Fulcher pick despite his crappy pairing, but why draft Eddie Anderson two rounds later? You’ll be using Fulcher 90% of the time anyway, so that seems wasteful. You could have had a 50/75 WR or a stud LB instead. I get the HP is nice for popcorning WRs in the run game, but still. Hopefully Bruce will be disruptive on the DL. The offense has Emmitt, but not much else. Elway will require discipline and the targets aren’t great in Green and Proehl. The NE OL was a nice value pick that includes a much needed Marv Cook and a 44pc QB in case Elway falters. Draft Grade: C+ Season Outlook: Really, the overdrafting of the DBs cost too much on offense. The best chance is to keep things low scoring with Fulcher and grinding with Emmitt. This is already one of the toughest divisions, that I don’t this team being good enough for a playoff run. GIA (Drake) Draft Theme: Looks like OG Pitt, only better… Analysis: I love the Carrier/Wollford pick – very nice. Then you went heavy defense in landing DT in round 2 – awesome. Got a little bit of value in the Taylor/Sherrard pick, but then went back to defense again with the Hendrix pick. That was probably too much of a luxury, but you were able to land two 44ms RBs in Thomas and Hector later. The real save for the offense here was being able to land Andre Ware with the DET OL. That 25ms QB should really help the offense go. Add in Jacob Green on the DL and that defense looks nasty. I would have liked more on offense, but it’s not terrible considering what’s there on D. Draft Grade: A- Season Outlook: Drake will need to grind out drives and get stops/TOs with that defense to formulate success this season. I think he can do that, but I don’t think there’s enough on offense to contend with the top in the division. I think there’s a chance to make a run at the wild card here though. SF (Rockman) Draft Theme: Moon better be Sharpe Analysis: Great value in landing Warren Moon, and I love the pairing with Sharpe. That connection will have to be on point, because there’s not much running game with only one 44ms RB and two 38ms backups. John L. Williams is another nice CC target for Moon, and the CHI OL gives you a 50ms KR as well. The defense isn’t intimidating, but it should have enough. I love the Bennett/Talley pick for LBs, and landing Carl Lee was huge to give a speedy option in the secondary. Draft Grade: B Season Outlook: Having Moon in this division should give Darth a huge edge. I would have liked to see a better option in the run game considering his tapping advantage over all his divisional foes. Still, I think this team has enough for him to contend for the division despite Nos’ success last season. DEN (Jebigred) Draft Theme: Back and B time baby Analysis: You scored QB Browns at pick 10 – nice job. I get the apparent value of the Gault/Brown pick at WR, but I think one of the two 56/75 WR left at the time would have been a more productive pairing with Bernie. Got another sneaky value pick at RB with Carter/Rathman, but no one is going to be picking run against this offense. GB OL is a little concerning, but Bernie has the wheels to compensate. Defense looks complete with Kevin Greene at LB for run stuffing and having Oliver and Eric Allen as DBs is pretty nice – but at the expense of having Waters back there as well. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: Without a running game to keep balance, Bernie will have to hit hot routes to WRs with less than optimal rec. Not and ideally built offense with QB Browns, but the defense looks solid enough to keep them in games. This certainly isn’t enough to overtake Gats in the division, and unless QB Browns crafts a masterful season, I think a Wild Card is out of reach, too. CHI (Rico) Draft Theme: Barry or Bust! Analysis: Getting Barry at #11 is great. Then followed up with DeBerg for a balanced attack – very nice. Landing the very solid Rams OL was key to promoting a strong running game and keeping the slow DeBerg upright. Getting a higher rec target for DeBerg would have been nice, but Monk and Hester will do. The defense did suffer a bit because of this with only Jarvis Williams and Merriweather to use, and the rest of the drones are pretty slow too. Draft Grade: B Season Outlook: Rico is a super talented owner, so if anyone can get some stops with this defense, he can. It’ll be interesting to see how effective Barry is considering that Rico isn’t an elite tapper, but the balance this offense has should keep opponents guessing. The key will be making them pay when they guess wrong. The NFC Central is a tough division, but I think that this team could contend for it if Rico can get the defense to work. CLE (TecmoBo) Draft Theme: A lot to like here Analysis: Grabbing Dick Dick (that just sounds wrong, but oh well) is always great. This D also has Offerdahl to stop the run, and Doleman on the DL to be disruptive. Just a complete defense. The offense features the 31ms Peete and 56ms Mel Gray to offer some nice balance. Targets are a little slow, which makes landing Collins late a really good get. RAI OL provides a 44ms KR and a 44ms TE – which was much needed. The Byars pick is a head scratcher since the high rec doesn’t help much (besides avoiding drops from Peete). Draft Grade: A- Season Outlook: Bo is a smart player who I believe can be disciplined with Peete and also keep his offense balanced. The offense looks a little like a grinder, but moving the ball methodically shouldn’t be too difficult with this cast. I love the defense, and it should be good for at least one or two stops/TOs a game. If the D can do that, and then play smart on offense, this team could contend for the AFC Central. DAL (JesusLuvsMe) Draft Theme: The Hills are alive with the sound of Jim Everett Analysis: Everett to Drew Hill (and Givins) is pretty sick. While having 2 stud WRs is a bit of a luxury, it does offer playbook flexibility and guarantees at least one of them will be running deep on every play. That’s definitely something to account for, and the BUF OL will leave plenty of time for Jimbo. The running game only has 44ms Woodside and a trio of 38ms backs to play conditions. With Jesus’ elite tapping, that should be enough to keep opponents at least a little off balance. The defense has Ray Agnew, who’s a nice DL option with his 31int. It also has Darrell Green and a couple nice drone DBs in Kinard and Dishman. What it’s missing is a LB to really lock down the run. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: Not getting even a decent LB to help stop the run could be costly here – especially in a division with Regulator where the tap offs should be epic. Still, the offense should be really good, and Jesus certainly has the talent to contend every season. It will be the effectiveness of the speedy Green as almost a one man show on defense that will ultimately determine how far this team goes. KC (Gats) Draft Theme: Is it my pick yet? Analysis: As antsy as Gats always is to get the draft and season started, he sure wasn’t ready for this draft. Lots of skipped picks (including the first round!) and not knowing what’s available really hurt this team. Still, he landed Joey Browner, which will be mostly all that he will need to be effective on defense. Krieg to Mark Jackson is a solid CC/JJ option – Krieg’s low PS helps compensate for Jackson’s 44ms in case Gats wants to “back-n-B” it. The Gary/McGee RB combo gives balance and playbook flexibility. All things considered, it’s actually not a bad looking team, but it could have been even better. Draft Grade: C Season Outlook: Getting skipped on your first round pick really knocks down the draft grade for me, but this is still a team that Gats can win with. While there are some better assembled teams in his division, there’s just not many proven owners to wrestle the division title away from him. The holes in the defense after Browner and the potential fumbles of Gary may determine for deep of a run he makes in the playoffs however. IND (LincolnHawk) Draft Theme: You can’t win the league with a great first round pick, but you can lose it with a bad one Analysis: Bailey/Muster in the first was a straight up reach. Period. I understand the apparent value here, but how impactful do you think Muster is really going to be? There were 63ms RBs to be had here instead. Another “value” pick in the 2nd with Jeffries/Duncan was probably a luxury this team couldn’t afford after the 1st pick, but it does provide options. McDonald was a necessary get for the defense. I think you got spooked with the mini-run on OL with drafting KC. You could have had a good OL the next round and gotten a better QB to pair with your WRs here instead. Landing Cofer at LB gives this defense a chance, but it’s bare bones. Draft Grade: D+ Season Outlook: Just too many draft mistakes IMO to really make a good team here. There are some weapons on offense, but nothing that really scares you because of the below average QBs. The defense has two solid options, but again, nothing that’s going to scare you away from throwing into coverage. This team in a division with Hock, Toolie, and Hoff – it could be a long season. At least you’ll get the chance to redeem yourself with a high 1st round pick next season. MIA (RandyWags) Draft Theme: Did you forget you drafted Jerry Rice? Analysis: Rice at #16 is about right historically, but I think you forgot that you drafted him as the draft went on. He has no one to throw him the ball! Jeff George and Tom Tupa are your QBs?! What a waste. I’m cool with Okoye in the 2nd – I can appreciate the balance. Getting something at DB in Isaac Holt made sense. But then DL, drone DBs, and PHX OL instead of one that could get you a decent QB2? QB needed to be a priority to maximize Rice’s production. Add that the defense has no LB, just Dent (44int) on the DL to drop back with when you’re not using Holt. That’s not going to generate a lot of stops. Draft Grade: D Season Outlook: This team just didn’t seem to be well thought out. Rice and Okoye are certainly nice pieces, but there’s not the right support around them to be truly effective. The defense just isn’t going to be enough to hold up in this division either. I’m expecting a long season here and a hard draft lesson to learn from. MIN (Odell) Draft Theme: Drafting to your strengths Analysis: Woodson is awesome value at #17, especially when he’s paired with a quality drone in Lake. Simms was again great value and makes sense in the 2nd – playing to his owners passing skills. The RAI DL was a head scratcher for me in the 3rd, but maybe he’s looking for drone support/disruption knowing he’s not an elite tapper. Despite that little reach, you still landed a 44/69 WR in Clark, and also got some complimentary targets in Vance Johnson and Eric Metcalf. With only 38ms RBs (or worse) on the roster, this team is clearly built to pass a lot. I would have also liked to see a usable LB on defense, but Woodson can do a lot by himself. Draft Grade: B Season Outlook: The lack of balance on offense may make things difficult even with Odell’s elite passing skills, so we’ll have to see. He also has the skill to make the defense work with Woodson as the one man show. I just don’t know if it’s enough to take the division considering how loaded it is, but I expect a strong run at one of the Wild Card spots. PHI (Regulator) Draft Theme: Out to prove that the draft doesn’t really matter Analysis: With all due respect, this draft was sloppy. Skipped picks and not knowing what was available cost Reg some better players. Now, I’ve seen what Reg can do with a 63ms RB, and that may be all he really needs. He’s also had epic seasons with BJ at the helm, so Jay Schroeder could enjoy the same success as a similar player. The Hillard/Mayes pick was curious with already having Butts, but (see what I did there?) it does provide versatility I suppose. The reach for the CLE OL when there were much better OL’s available was especially egregious – especially when you consider that dancing behind the line is one of Reg’s favorite running moves. I love the Byrd/Clifton pick for defense, but that’s really about it. The Rams’ DBs are quality drones, but they really aren’t easily usable unless their condition improves in-game. Draft Grade: D- Season Outlook: There were some value picks here, but the team is otherwise poorly assembled IMO. Now, there’s no doubting Reg’s skill, so I’m sure he’ll make the most out of what he has here. He will be challenged in this division with this team, but I’m sure he’ll make the playoffs regardless. The question is, how far can he take this team? I would be in complete awe if he takes this lousy squad to the championship. SD (Gamehigh) Draft Theme: What’s this? A well assembled and balanced team? Analysis: Gamehigh put together a nice team here. Majik with the speedy Neal Anderson at RB will keep people guessing. Great get with the DAL OL that also nets Novacek as his top target. I like the Lo White pick if he moves him to WR or TE because the next best WR is Barnett. The defense has what it needs with E-Mac patrolling the secondary and Tim Harris to stuff the run. There are a couple speedy drones to help as well. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: Really solid team here that could go far and give Gats some competition in the division. Keeping balance on offense will be a key, but Neal should obviously still be the focus. There’s enough here to make a run at the playoffs for sure. PHX (JPtheBowler) Draft Theme: Hey, Thurmal! Meet your new O-Line… Analysis: I don’t get it, but this keeps happening in this league. People keep drafting elite RBs and then put them behind the TB OL. This season, Bo passes the torch to Thurman Thomas. You just can’t draft a run first team and then get stuck with the TB OL. This will be painful. Aikman will be running for his life as well with Clayton as his only target. Lott and Childress on D are just fine I guess, but it’s not going to make up for the stall-outs this offense will have to endure all season. Draft Grade: D Season Outlook: As I said, there will be some frustrating games for Thomas this season, and third and long is no place you want to be with Aikman. One painful season with the TB OL should be enough to make sure to avoid them in the future. No sniff of the playoffs here. PIT (Flash) Draft Theme: Built for Back-n-B? Analysis: Waymer in the 1st was good, and then went value in the Clark/Sanders WR combo. The NO OL pick was nice in netting 44ms KR and a 44/44 QB for JJs. Got the other NO QB to play condition platooning. Got some more value and balance with the Craig/Sydney RB pick as well, and all of the sudden this team looks pretty good on offense. Reggie on the DL is a nice add, but I would have liked a better LB than Joyner to help out Waymer. Draft Grade: A- Season Outlook: Really strong draft that took a lot of the best available while still building a complete team. If Flash can be disciplined with his QBs, he could go far this season. He could also just go all out Back-n-B if he wants to, but he has the RBs to grind when needed. His skill with Waymer will be tested in his division, but I think he’s up for it. Flash should contend for a playoff spot with this squad. GB (Dolo) Draft Theme: I hate the Packers Analysis: Dolo is a damn good player, and he knows what kind of team he likes. He drafted James Brooks for like the 14th time in a row, and he got a 44/44 QB that he’s magical with (also Rypien for backup/conditions). He is lacking speedy targets with only Holman, Lofton, and Tony Paige. The defense also looks very Dolo-esque. Getting one of the last 63ms/69int DB in Byrd was huge, and then Gregg Lloyd and quality drones as well will put plenty of pressure on his opponents. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: This team is really only missing a little more speed at WR. Otherwise it has everything Dolo needs to defend the NFC Central crown and make a playoff run. I’d like this team a whole lot more if it wasn’t the Packers… RAM (SuicideKing) Draft Theme: B-Humps and BJs Analysis: This team looks a lot like the OG Chargers on offense (probably because it has a lot of its players). BJ, a 63ms RB (BHump), one good WR (and then Quinn Early too), SD OL…yep, that’s basically the Chargers. I like it though, especially with the Muffin Man (Baker) as an upgrade at WR. Also the defense has Deion and Jerome Brown that should be able to generate some stops. This is probably the best team that Suicide has ever drafted. Draft Grade: A- Season Outlook: Patience, discipline, and balance on offense when using BJ. Smart to play conditions with his back up as well. Suicide is a good player if he can avoid the big mistake. This team has everything he needs to make some noise in the NFC West. RAI (Ziur) Draft Theme: Oh Ellard = Take me to JJ Town Analysis: Ellard paired with 44/44 Wilson smells a lot like JJs to me. Gary Anderson gives some balance, but the offense is pretty bare after that. The SEA OL can be a little shaky, but it does provide a 44ms KR bonus. Having Mayhew, Haley, and Romo on defense should be plenty for this guy to compete. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: One more option on offense and/or a better OL would have been nice, but it really depends on how Ziur wants to run his offense. If he commits to the Ellard JJs, it won’t really matter. Ziur is certainly skilled enough to get some stops with that defense for sure. There’s no reason he couldn’t contend for the division title, especially given Gats subpar draft. ATL (Prime) Draft Theme: “Dome” LBs and some man-love for Steve Analysis: So Prime takes Steve Young for the 3rd season in-a-row, and I guess he’s expecting the third time is the charm? He does come with his own beefy SF OL and Brent Jones, but I think he could have gotten them in the 2nd round. Johnny Johnson and Mark Duper help round out the offense, but they are only one Steve Young scramble in-bounds from fielding the other Steve (Grogan) at QB. I suppose it’s sort of fun to have all the Saints LBs, but none of them can consistently lurch from LB4, so it’s a bit of a waste for me. Walls was a good add in the secondary, and there are some decent drones back there too, but this defense leaves me wanting. Draft Grade: B- Season Outlook: Offense is similar to what he’s had in previous seasons, but the defense seems much worse. I’m not convinced this team is good enough to get him over the hump. I also belive that the risks Prime takes with Young will catch up to him – he beat me with two CCs to Rick Fenney last season, but really, I’m over it. He’ll have to be more cautious with his scrambling as well with Grogan waiting on the bench. There’s not much resistance in his division, so I think the playoffs are still a possibility, but I would expect another early exit if this team gets there. NE (LuckyTool) Draft Theme: Hitting Power everywhere! Analysis: LT, Plummer, and the SF DL on defense will poke holes in a lot of OLs this season. Ben Smith was a sneaky good pick to man in the secondary when needed as well. More HP coming on the offensive side with the beefcake MIA OL that comes with the bonus of a 44/44 QB and a nice TE. Meggett and Toon are to be featured, and that should be enough with Toolie’s skill. The QB situation could get dicey if conditions or injuries force Harbaugh onto the field. Draft Grade: B Season Outlook: Clearly an overdraft on HP on defense, but it could work out well depending on the matchups in the trenches. Toolie can do a lot with Meggett, but having only Toon and a 44/44 QB could afford opponents to pick run occasionally. Considering the haul that Hock got in this draft, it’ll be a tough division to win this season. Toolie should still be able to at least find his way into the playoffs again with this team though. HOU (StallTalk) Draft Theme: Vinny, Bob, and Bad Moon Analysis: Vinny Test to Rison has been done before with great success. Throw in Steve Jordan from the MIN OL (including a 50ms KR) and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice offense. Maybe Gil Fenerty or one of the 38ms/81bc RBs will get some carries too. The defense is interesting but I think I like it. Not much in the secondary with only Atwater and Maxie who have marginal speed. But there is Bob Nelson and the nice pair of Bronco LBs in Meck and Fletch. It’ll be fun to see if that works. Draft Grade: B+ Season Outlook: The defense is clearly lacking, but I think stall can pull it off. The offense will be difficult to stop even with a marginal running game due to owner skill. I hope some of Houston’s games get broadcast – it should be fun to watch. Not your typical team here, but I still expect Stall to be the favorite in his division. NO (Nos) Draft Theme: Last but not least Analysis: Fresh off a championship (congrats) Nos has built a team he can be comfortable with. Stinson and Gayle was a nice value and it gives him the DB2 he needs to defend. Singletary will hopefully be able to disrupt and help him coral runners. Boomer at the helm is nice (but he’s no Montana), and he’s paired with the speedy Ingram. Bentley can’t really be moved to WR because he’s the only RB he really has. PIT OL is good and gives a KR bonus which he may need, because the offense is a little lacking. Draft Grade: B- Season Outlook: Not a terrible draft, but the offense could sputter. Nos will really have to rely on his defense if he wants to defend his title. I think the playoffs are still within reach with this team and his skill, but I don’t see this team repeating.
  3. Pencil my brother and I as well, barring vacations and family obligations.
  4. I'll just say this in general. 1. I don't like pairing a QB1 with something else. The high end and even second tier QB1's are already uber valuable and don't need a bonus player (even a bad one) paired with them IMO 2. Drafting individual players is a cool idea in theory, but most people don't care enough to take the extra time to do that. It would also be pain staking for the mods. I think you single out the premium positions and tandem the rest. 3. We've entertained and used some pretty creative draft ideas recently, but I think we are ready to go back to a more traditional HSTL style draft for at least a little while. JMO
  5. QB1 RB RB WR WR TE1 + OL Backups (including QB2) LB1 + DL1 LB2 + DL2 LB3 + DL3 LB4 + K/P DB1 + DB4 DB2 + DB3 13 rounds locked positions optional Note: players like Earnest Givens and Ricky Sanders would be WRs that take up a RB slot.
  6. Here's another, more offensive, matchup: DET vs RAMS Who you got?
  7. Another for discussion: NYJ vs ATL This was the call in the most recent TTL championship game. I chose ATL because of the star power, and I didn't want to get beat by a back-n-B to Rison. NYJ are intriguing here IMO because Easy Mac can jump pick the ATL QBs. Can kind of turn into a game of conditions, too.
  8. One that was missed here, I think, is MIN vs TB.
  9. Thanks for the matchup post @Dotdon MIN v. MIA - I lean MIA here MIN v. CIN - Closer than people think, but Cincy has the edge here MIN v. DEN - Vikes MIN v. SD - toss up, depends on my opponent MIN v. WASH - toss up again but lean MIN MIN v. DAL - Who would ever take Dallas here?
  10. I'd like to argue that CasualT's offense should be higher on that list. NOS's offense looks good, but I would have preferred more speed in my primary WR and/or starting RB. Also, no team with Aikman at the helm deserves to be mentioned on this list...
  11. If there's anyway I can stay with my beloved (yet heart breaking) Minnesota Vikings, I would be ever so grateful.
  12. I'd like to participate please. I signed up on Challonge with Vikingmoe02 username.
  13. I appreciate the opportunity to play, but I will not be returning for next season. Looking to use my Tecmo time for Madison prep.
  14. Group A RetroNathan won the toss He called KC v MIA I took KC (couldn't resist) Game started with a stop each. Then Nathan's promising drive ends in an INT. Okoye goes into GOOD. The Nightmare breaks off some nice runs for me including one right before half to set up a FG make. Second half is more Okoye with Paige keeping things balanced in the passing game, and I go up 3 scores (17-0). Marino can't buy a CC to save his life - even vs a sole LB in coverage - until it was too late. I got some nice breaks in this one. GG sir and GLRW. vikingmoe02 (K.C) 0 10 7 14 31 Retro4Ever (MIA) 0 0 0 13 13 vikingmoe02 Stat Retro4Ever 7/10 Passing 4/14 196 Pass Yards 187 2 Pass TD’s 2 11 Rushing 7 162 Rush Yards 46 2 Rush TD’s 0 2 Sacks 0 1 Interceptions 0 9 First Downs 5
  15. @OL' Dirty Tecmo@manyo360 I look forward to watching this game. Well written argument here, but I'm concerned about one thing. Vinny obviously has very poor PS, and I think that is accentuated when opposed by Fulcher's ability to cover so much of the field with his speed. As CIN, you could risk calling runs on defense a bit more often knowing that Fulcher can cover almost everybody. Conversely, Haddix has the advantage of being able to JJ INT Boomer, where Cincy's Fulcher does not carry the same advantage over Vinny (barring condition changes). Perhaps you two could share if these were significant factors in your matchup. Overall, it's an intriguing matchup that I hadn't previously considered. Thanks for sharing!