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  1. Group A RetroNathan won the toss He called KC v MIA I took KC (couldn't resist) Game started with a stop each. Then Nathan's promising drive ends in an INT. Okoye goes into GOOD. The Nightmare breaks off some nice runs for me including one right before half to set up a FG make. Second half is more Okoye with Paige keeping things balanced in the passing game, and I go up 3 scores (17-0). Marino can't buy a CC to save his life - even vs a sole LB in coverage - until it was too late. I got some nice breaks in this one. GG sir and GLRW. vikingmoe02 (K.C) 0 10 7 14 31 Retro4Ever (MIA) 0 0 0 13 13 vikingmoe02 Stat Retro4Ever 7/10 Passing 4/14 196 Pass Yards 187 2 Pass TD’s 2 11 Rushing 7 162 Rush Yards 46 2 Rush TD’s 0 2 Sacks 0 1 Interceptions 0 9 First Downs 5
  2. @OL' Dirty Tecmo@manyo360 I look forward to watching this game. Well written argument here, but I'm concerned about one thing. Vinny obviously has very poor PS, and I think that is accentuated when opposed by Fulcher's ability to cover so much of the field with his speed. As CIN, you could risk calling runs on defense a bit more often knowing that Fulcher can cover almost everybody. Conversely, Haddix has the advantage of being able to JJ INT Boomer, where Cincy's Fulcher does not carry the same advantage over Vinny (barring condition changes). Perhaps you two could share if these were significant factors in your matchup. Overall, it's an intriguing matchup that I hadn't previously considered. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Group A I won toss Called DEN v SD Drake took SD Recap: I was lucky that I fumbled 3 times and they all went OOB. Lots of 4th down stops in this one. Turned him over before half and had a great chance, but threw a dumb pick to drone Byrd. BJ had some classic misfires to what could have been open WRs. Great defensive battle that was very close the whole way (14-7 late in the 4th). GG Drake. I dodged a bullet here. vikingmoe02 (DEN) 21 drake (S.D) 7 drake Stat vikingmoe02 1/6 Passing 6/11 35 Pass Yards 150 1 Pass TD’s 1 10 Rushing 17 35 Rush Yards 104 0 Rush TD’s 2 2 Sacks 1 1 Interceptions 0 1 First Downs 11
  4. @RatedRKO@buchos This is a really cool idea! I'd be interested in the rom if you guys get it done.
  5. I refuse to rewatch that painful piss poor performance of mine, but thanks for posting.
  6. @mfricha sign up on the waiting list and do it again! You'll easily get in on the next season and this one is almost over (playoffs starting).
  7. I agree with you - I lean towards NE as well. It's the 31ms RBs that really changes things with a 44ms RB available for Indy. I like the matchup because it doesn't offer a stud defender aside from Agnew and Lippett - who are more difficult to use.
  8. Since SEA was pretty much the consensus versus NE. How about this one... NE vs Indy
  9. @hoffnasty9 Pretty sweet seeing a backfield of Rick Fenney and Cap Boso!!
  10. Vikingmoe02 Yes
  11. I think I tend to lean SEA also, but only because of the two 38ms RBs they have, while NE has all 31ms (which is just painful). NE's defense is clearly better though.
  12. SEA vs NE Who ya got?
  13. @buck I would probably do the same thing! It's Raiders and it's not even close. At best you're in a shoot out if you're the Rams, but you have a much lower chance of actually getting a stop, IMO.
  14. That was a great discussion about HP differences and drones. I always wondered why the result was inconsistent with a 25hp difference. Of course, it's pretty rare to have a 50hp difference along the line, but the 25hp differences are significant enough to be aware of.
  15. You may be forgetting that TB has the worst center in the game. NT Williams will bust through on every passing play and most running plays. 56hp - 31hp = 25 difference = popcorn time