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  1. Jim Bob Cooter

    Article from ESPN http://www.espn.com/blog/detroit-lions/post/_/id/30704/jim-bob-cooters-coordination-evolution-from-tecmo-bowl-to-the-nfl
  2. MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

    Tecmo Bowl reference between 0:17 & 0:18 second mark!
  3. TB Rules?

    Brad, I've attached a video of Roger Craig getting positive yards on a running play on a play pick. Would this be allowed under your rules? VIDEO0009-0-1-0.mp4
  4. (NES) R.B.I. Baseball 2017

    I was wondering if there is a way to make the fielders put their arms up on pop ups and fly balls when a fielder is camped under it like the computer controlled players do. I know in Baseball Simulator 1.000 the fielders do this and the computer controlled fielders do it when you are playing a 1 player game. Not that it is that hard to get to the right spot, but that would let you know when you are under the ball.
  5. (NES) R.B.I. Baseball 2017

    Charlie Blackmon for the Colorado Rockies bats left handed, but in the game he bats right handed. Great work by the way, were you able to find out how to make the batters switch hitters for future games from the 2013 version I sent you that had switch hitters in it?
  6. (NES) R.B.I. Baseball 2017

    Bumgarner hits right handed but in the game he hits left.
  7. Special Teams

    Perhaps I see it differently than you and I did not explain it completely. Below are the bytes for all the know formations in the Original Tecmo Bowl. I wanted to know within those sets if anyone could point me in the right direction to alter them or create new sets or formations. Unless I'm way off base the topic at hand talks about the sets in the special teams formations and changing the lineups/player commands. I posted this here to see if anyone can show me or assist me in finding the areas within the Original Tecmo Bowl ROM to change the player positions on the field and/or change the player responsibilities within those formations: Special Teams or otherwise. I posted it here also because it will see more eyes of those familiar with TSB edits that may be able to help me. There aren't too many folks that know the editing for the Original Tecmo Bowl and if posted in that forum it will come across less eyes. I have poked around some, but to no results of what I am looking for. Formations (The first 2 bytes of each play) 00=Kick Return 01=Kickoff 02=Single back 03=Single back offset 04=Split backs 05=Shotgun 06=3-4 defense 07=4-3 defense 08=FG offense 09=FG defense 0A=Punt Offense 0B=Punt Return
  8. Special Teams

    All, If you watch this video (around the 1:30 mark) or just look below it shows the Giants in a 3-3-3 defense. Of course this is in the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL with only 9 players. I have tried to use the Tecmo Super Bowl information to attempt to switch the formations in the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL but to no avail. Is there someone that can help me pinpoint in the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL game how to change formations around. I have been able to move around in the Original ROM pretty well but still don't know about moving players around on the field. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. All Time NBA top 5 at Each Position

    I had Cousy originally in my PG list but bumped him for Isiah Thomas. I like your Gervin pick better than my Drexler pick. I couldn't put Curry in the mix for point guard considering he has basically had 2 superior years in his career and played second fiddle to Monta Ellis when he first came up. Dirk in the Power forward list should be a no brainer, but I missed him. Probably because I had Bird as a PF and you had him as a SF. I think people overlook Elgin Baylor. He was the Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant of the late 50 and 60's. Nice list! Good on ya!
  10. Since there is a lull between the end of Football and the start of Baseball. Basketball is the sport of choice for most folks right now, so I thought I would ask who your NBA All time top 5 at each position are: Here's Mine: PG: 1. Magic Johnson 2. Oscar Robertson 3. Isiah Thomas 4. John Stockton 5. Jason Kidd SG: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Jerry West 4. Reggie Miller 5. Clyde Drexler C: 1. Wilt Chamberlain 2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3. Shaquille O'neal 4. Hakeem Olajuwon 5. Bill Russell PF: 1. Karl Malone 2. Tim Duncan 3. Larry Bird 4. Charles Barkley 5. Bob Petit SF: 1. Labron James 2. Elgin Baylor 3. Rick Berry 4. Julius Erving 5. Scottie Pippen Honorable Mention: PG: Steve Nash SG: Bernard King C: Moses Malone PF: Kevin McHale SF: Dominique Wilkins
  11. Best GIFs

    For those of you that thought the Cowboys were the best team in football and going to win the Superbowl!!!
  12. Best GIFs

    A tribute since the New Edition Mini-series is set to drop 1/24 - 1/26 on BET! The 80's had some F'd up clothes...lol
  13. To QB run or not?

    I don't know if a lot of people know about this, but there is actually a "cheat" you can use to beat any computer or help coverage. It entails running the QB to the line of scrimmage and just as you are about to pass the line pass it to any computer covered receiver. The defense will run back towards the QB and the receiver will be wide open. I have posted about this in the past. Found out about this years ago on accident when my friends would always play pick Pass 1 against the Niners and render Jerry Rice a non factor. If this were to happen in a tournament how would you rule on this. I don't play a whole lot of Tecmo Bowl anymore, but with little or no practice I can do it regularly. What if someone used this as a "viable" offense. They would be unstoppable if they timed it correctly. If you open the attached ROM in Fceux and go to the menu and hit watch movie and select the .fm2 file then you can watch this movie and at the end you will see what I am talking about. Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Rev A)-0.fm2 Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Rev A).nes
  14. 32 Team Original Tecmo Bowl Hacking Documentation

    I updated the document on 9/22/16. Added how to make the players on the Touchdown celebration screen black instead of white. Wish i knew how to make the program write to their race designation to determine the player color for the touchdown screen like in TSB. Updated the document to include the formations on 2/19/17
  15. (NES) TSB Convergence: Final Edition

    I don't usually play Tecmo Super Bowl, but downloaded this and noticed that the inside linebackers and Outside linebackers were switched for the '89 49ers. Walter and Millen are playing outside linebacker and Haley and Turner are playing inside linebacker. Also the Giants have Reasons playing outside linebacker and Carl Banks playing inside linebacker. Noticed a few others but those were the first one's I saw.