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  1. Well said. I read an article or saw a stat years ago that showed in Barry Sanders and Emmit Smith's career Emmit Smith's first contact with the defense came after 3.5 yards vs Barry Sanders was 1 yard. Can't remember the exact stats but it was something like 2.5 yards difference between Emmit's first contact with the defense vs Barry's first contact with the defense. Interesting stat: Barry Sanders has the most runs for a loss in NFL history.
  2. Baron, I downloaded this game recently and when I play it the computer's defense is extremely slow. I get an inside the park HR every time. When they do field it they overthrow whatever base they throw to by a lot. Just a heads up. Your 2016 ROM is cool. The defense is ramped up so it makes it harder to beat the computer.
  3. The friends I have on the Playstation Network that have played No Man's Sky or are still playing it have all told me that the game is awesome visually and it is interesting at first, but then boredom sets in. Most of them have advised me that if I want to play or buy this game then wait until it is on sale, because it is not worth the $59.99 price tag for as boring as it gets. To be fair though, perhaps the reason we are friends on the Playstation Network is because we play similar games and this game No Man's Sky doesn't appeal to them nor myself because the type of games we usually play are different than this one. I myself will not be purchasing this game, unless it becomes available as a free download on the PSN!
  4. I thought this was Lindsey Pelas at first but, again wow!!! introducing Valeria Orsini...check out her gallery in the link below.
  5. Lindsey Pelas Lovely lady of the day Thursday morning. All I can say is WOW! Check out her gallery at the link below!
  6. So I won't be able to watch NFL games live on FOX and CBS?
  7. Was playing Dark Souls it, got all trophies. Waiting for DLC. Went back to Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer, ran into some old running mates from almost nine months ago...that's how long I stopped playing for. Fun game both Story and Online. Bought Witcher 3 on Presidents day sale or something. Like the game but did not want to immerse myself in it right before Dark Souls 3 came out. I will get back to it at some point. Neverwinter just came out for PS4 and it's free to download and play. It includes all 9 expansions from the PC - FREE. The 10th is due to release later this year - FREE. You can accomplish everything in this game for FREE. There are options to pay cash for in game currency which will speed things along, but you can grind it out and find everything for FREE. Just started playing it today and while the graphics are not what you would expect for next gen console play it is still worth playing at least so far. Definitely going to invest 100+ hours of gameplay in this if the content keeps me as interested as I was today. Hit me up if you have a playstation 4: Playstation name: thefes
  8. Thanks! I would have to say my list differs from yours somewhat, but like you and I have said these games are amazing plays! 1. Demon's Souls - I loved the difficulty of this game. My gaming experience differed from yours probably because I played this first. I was on to this game the day it came out. I remember I was home sick from work and had my wife go and pick it up for me. Once I got it home and played it I was hooked. I think I beat it 4 times total. I think it was the hardest of the "Souls" games, maybe because it was the first. Also the levels didn't have bonfires in the middle of them. If you died on a level you started at the very beginning. There were shortcuts if you found them and sometimes the World Tendency would open up another area, but for the most part the level design was much harder. The World Tendency was not a great feature, but I remember an all black world tendency made the level that much more difficult. On Halloween they had a special black world tendency night. The levels were hard as hell. On Christmas they had an all White world tendency and the levels were a lot easier. Also is seemed like there were more NPC Phantoms to fight. 2. Dark Souls 3 - I an thoroughly enjoying this game. Doesn't seem to get boring. Can't wait for the DLC. 3. Dark Souls 2 - I put hours into this. Loved the game mechanics. I did not get all of the Trophies, as I seemed to get stuck in a rut of completing the game the same way each time. Not a lot of difference to the way I played each time. I think I played too tentative and leveled up quite a bit before moving on. 4. Dark Souls - This is the only Dark Souls game I did not complete. I think at the time I purchased a Dragon Age game as well as I was playing Guild Wars on my computer. I think it just didn't hold my interest because I had other games I was trying to play at the same time. Also I think I was disappointed that there was no Demon's Souls 2, although it was technically the next version of the game. I like the game just my playing experience was not as fun as I had with the other 3. Bloodborne was technically a "Souls game", but I didn't like the lack of weapons and the guns. The graphics and the way the lighting effects would display the blood soaked clothing was awesome, but for me there was something missing from the "Souls" format. I still liked it but not as much as the "Souls" series
  9. Just completed every trophy on the PS4. Was proud that I did it with "almost" no help from "fextralife". I used the wiki for the Siegward quest line to get an animation and a miracle. Beyond that I just completed Journey 4 (I guess that's NG++) I only did the 4th play through to get the Siegward line and get the last ending trophy. Great game! I guess not too many folks here play it. That's too bad the whole "Souls" series is an awesome play. For those interested I guess they had a Reboot day that started today. It was a call out to all of those who still have PS3 or XBOX 360 to start playing the original Dark Souls again. I don't have my PS3 anymore but I guess a lot of people are doing this until the Dark Souls 3 DLC is released. If you haven't tried a Souls game before this would be a good time to jump in. There should be many people playing the original right now. Or just buy Dark Souls 3 for your PS4 or XBOX 1.
  10. Awesome job, now you can rate players on somewhat of an even keel especially for guys who have a better HR/per at bat ratio. This looks to be a way to capture when someone had a "magical" season like Dave Justice in 1990 was called up after about 35 games or so and had a big year in 3/4 of a season. He hit 282 with 28 Home Runs in 428 AB's. That would correlate to around 39 Home Runs over a 600 AB season.
  11. How do you differentiate between a guy who hits say 30 homeruns in 600 at bats or plate appearances and a guy who hits 30 homeruns in 300 at bats or plate appearances? While they both hit 30 homeruns, one guy hit 1 in every 20 at bats and the other hit 1 every 10 at bats. Just wondering if that was figured into the equation somehow. Awesome work by the way!
  12. I've only played about 2 hours worth, and coming off playing Bloodborne the last 2 weeks or so, this games feels a bit faster. Not more difficult, but you really have to be careful of taking "chip" damage from lesser foes, because it feels like the enemies hit hard from the get go, so when you do come across a tough foe, hopefully you haven't used all of you estus flasks from the "chip" damage you took earlier. Otherwise it's a long trek to get back to where you were. I haven't had too many big soul loses yet, (2000 or so) but I know it's coming soon. Anyway if you are thinking of getting Dark Souls 3 or if you've never experienced a "Soul's" game (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne) then I highly recommend you pick this game up. Nothing more gratifying in a video game than beating a Soul's game, except maybe the first time you beat Mike Tyson, or possibly beating the original Zelda. I'm sure there are others, but a Soul's game is ultimately rewarding, beyond most of those other games. If you haven't tried it yet go for it. Don't need to have played any of the other Soul's games to jump into this one and enjoy it.
  13. Just finished downloading my pre-order on PS4. 9:00 pm pacific time on!!!
  14. Anyone picking up Dark Souls3 tomorrow? I just finished Bloodborne. Ready for another Souls game! My PS4 gamer tag is: thefes
  15. At LAX I shook Paul Wight's hand (The wrestler The Big Show). Then on my plane flight from LAX to Oakland Danny Glover sat 3 seats in front of me. I did not approach him though. I have met no one else famous except a few professional athletes. There was another topic similar to this one a while back.