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  1. (Tool) RBI Baseball Calculator

    Awesome job, now you can rate players on somewhat of an even keel especially for guys who have a better HR/per at bat ratio. This looks to be a way to capture when someone had a "magical" season like Dave Justice in 1990 was called up after about 35 games or so and had a big year in 3/4 of a season. He hit 282 with 28 Home Runs in 428 AB's. That would correlate to around 39 Home Runs over a 600 AB season.
  2. (Tool) RBI Baseball Calculator

    How do you differentiate between a guy who hits say 30 homeruns in 600 at bats or plate appearances and a guy who hits 30 homeruns in 300 at bats or plate appearances? While they both hit 30 homeruns, one guy hit 1 in every 20 at bats and the other hit 1 every 10 at bats. Just wondering if that was figured into the equation somehow. Awesome work by the way!
  3. Dark Souls 3

    I've only played about 2 hours worth, and coming off playing Bloodborne the last 2 weeks or so, this games feels a bit faster. Not more difficult, but you really have to be careful of taking "chip" damage from lesser foes, because it feels like the enemies hit hard from the get go, so when you do come across a tough foe, hopefully you haven't used all of you estus flasks from the "chip"damage you took earlier. Otherwise it's a long trek to get back to where you were. I haven't had too many big soul loses yet, (2000 or so) but I know it's coming soon. Anyway if you are thinking of getting Dark Souls 3 or if you've never experienced a "Soul's" game (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne)then I highly recommend you pick this game up. Nothing more gratifying in a video game than beating a Soul's game, except maybe the first time you beat Mike Tyson, or possibly beating the original Zelda. I'm sure there are others, but a Soul's game is ultimately rewarding, beyond most of those other games. If you haven't tried it yet go for it. Don't need to have played any of the other Soul'sgames to jump into this one and enjoy it.
  4. Dark Souls 3

    Just finished downloading my pre-order on PS4. 9:00 pm pacific time on!!!
  5. Dark Souls 3

    Anyone picking up Dark Souls3 tomorrow? I just finished Bloodborne. Ready for another Souls game! My PS4 gamer tag is: thefes
  6. Most Famous Person You've Ever Met (Excluding Athletes)

    At LAX I shook Paul Wight's hand (The wrestler TheBig Show). Then on my plane flight from LAX to Oakland Danny Glover sat 3 seats in front of me. I did not approach him though. I have met no one else famous except a few professional athletes. There was another topic similar to this one a while back.
  7. Glitch on US/Japan version?

    I checked the Updated ROM I sent you which was the Japan 24 QB run ROM I got from you against the original Japan 24 ROM I got from Meat a couple of years ago. Only found one difference between the ROM's besides what I updated. That was at address $3D025. The original reads 30 at that address and the Updated reads FF. I was hoping that was it, but I was able to duplicate the issue on both ROM's. As far as making a ROM with 4 teams I don't know how much that would tell us. I will try and find the Punt and Punt return instructions and compare them to the original tecmo bowl ROM's to see if I can find a difference. That may be the best bet.
  8. NFL 2015-16 Season Discussion

    I can see David Johnson for Rookie of the Year, but for Comeback Player of the Year I would go Navorro Bowman. Bowman lead the league in tackles and was voted 1st team ALL PRO, after coming back from that horrific knee injury against Seattle in the 2013NFC title game.
  9. First NES game you ever owned

    I got my Nintendo for Christmas and it came with SMB/DH. My parents also got meWizards and Warriors that Christmas. The next game I gotwas the original Tecmo Bowl. I had a buddy whose brother bought every new game that came out, so I didn't have to buy very many games, just borrowed my buddies games.
  10. Tecmo NBA Legends (working title)

    Just wondering who the Lakers Legends would be. A lot to choose from. Here would be my Roster... The Lakers bench could be a whole other team. Pau Gasol probably would not play much because you could pair any of the centers together and have a twin towers type lineup. I think my favorite Lineup would be Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That would be the closest thing to the '80's showtime Lakers that I grew up watching. Still the best basketball I have ever seen. They could play fast, slow, lock down defensively what ever style was needed. As much as I respect the 90's Bulls teams,I think the Showtime Lakers in their prime (1984 - 1988) would beat those Jordan lead teams. The '91 team the Lakers sent to the Finals against the Bulls should not have gotten past Portland and was old and slow. In fact they called that team Slowtime as opposed to Showtime. Anyway here is what I think the Lineup should look like. Starters PG - Magic Johnson SG - Kobe Bryant SF- Elgin Baylor PF- Pau Gasol C- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reserves G - Jerry West G - Gail Goodrich F- James Worthy F- Jamaal Wilkes C- Wilt Chamberlain C- Shaquille O'neal C/F - George Mikan
  11. Stumbled upon a great challenge

    Invisible teams
  12. Stumbled upon a great challenge

    Dallas could be an easier task if you call Pass 2 the whole game and hit Johnston on the Curl route. Also on pass 1 the quick slant to the tight end should be open sometimes. Haven't tried it yet, but i would think that the curl route would be high risk high reward. You would probably need to dodge Millard and hope he dives. Otherwise it would be a big loss.
  13. Stumbled upon a great challenge

    In the Tecmo Bowl against Minnesota I lost my first game 7-6 on a Steve Jordan TD on the last play of the game that started with 1 second left on the clock. I was in position for the pick to end the gamewhen my defensive player got slingshot away from the ball and Jordan ran 20+ yards for the TD. In my second game I won 6-0 and surprisingly was able to run the ball effectively on 1st down using Run 1. I even had a run of over 30 yards (last play of the game). the rest of the game was calling pass 1 and seeing what Doleman did. If he drifted to the middle I hit Verdin for about 8-10 yards. If it was a play call I dumped it to Beach. If he stayed high it was either Beach or Bentley.I still threw two picks on play calls trying to go to Beach. On defense i called some pass 2 and used the bottom DB, but mainly just called Run 1 and used the top OLB BIckett. When the ball is snapped I just run back stride for stride with Anthony Carter and adjust if it is to someone else. Computer threw 4 picks trying to go to Carter. Got caught a few times in the predicament that I explained at the top of this post where I'm running with Carter and the computer throws it quickly to Jordan on Pass 1 and my guy gets sucked towards Jordan and then he is off to the races for about 50 yards. Anyway I felt as though I should have won 18-0 but those picks on the Pat Beach route cost me twice. Great challenge had fun. I will revisit this from time to time.
  14. Stumbled upon a great challenge

    Here is a copy of the Japan ROM Tecmo Bowl (Japan).nes Here is a table with the passwords to play as any team vs any team in the Tecmo Bowl You Team Computer C3 Indianapolis BFFEA4 C6 Miami BFFDA3 C9 Cleveland BFFBA1 CC Denver AFF7AD 93 Seattle AFEFA5 96 Los Angeles 9FDFA5 99 Washington 7FBFA5 9C San Francisco 3F7FA5 63 Dallas AEFFA5 66 New York 9DFFA5 69 Chicago 7BFFA5 6C Minnesota 37FFA5 33 Inv. Indy 36 Inv. Miami 39 Inv. Cleveland 3C Inv. Denver
  15. Stumbled upon a great challenge

    Here is the password for same game Indy vs Minnesota but in the Tecmo Bowl. C337FFA5