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  1. Perhaps I see it differently than you and I did not explain it completely. Below are the bytes for all the know formations in the Original Tecmo Bowl. I wanted to know within those sets if anyone could point me in the right direction to alter them or create new sets or formations. Unless I'm way off base the topic at hand talks about the sets in the special teams formations and changing the lineups/player commands. I posted this here to see if anyone can show me or assist me in finding the areas within the Original Tecmo Bowl ROM to change the player positions on the field and/or change the player responsibilities within those formations: Special Teams or otherwise. I posted it here also because it will see more eyes of those familiar with TSB edits that may be able to help me. There aren't too many folks that know the editing for the Original Tecmo Bowl and if posted in that forum it will come across less eyes. I have poked around some, but to no results of what I am looking for. Formations (The first 2 bytes of each play) 00=Kick Return 01=Kickoff 02=Single back 03=Single back offset 04=Split backs 05=Shotgun 06=3-4 defense 07=4-3 defense 08=FG offense 09=FG defense 0A=Punt Offense 0B=Punt Return
  2. All, If you watch this video (around the 1:30 mark) or just look below it shows the Giants in a 3-3-3 defense. Of course this is in the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL with only 9 players. I have tried to use the Tecmo Super Bowl information to attempt to switch the formations in the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL but to no avail. Is there someone that can help me pinpoint in the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL game how to change formations around. I have been able to move around in the Original ROM pretty well but still don't know about moving players around on the field. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I had Cousy originally in my PG list but bumped him for Isiah Thomas. I like your Gervin pick better than my Drexler pick. I couldn't put Curry in the mix for point guard considering he has basically had 2 superior years in his career and played second fiddle to Monta Ellis when he first came up. Dirk in the Power forward list should be a no brainer, but I missed him. Probably because I had Bird as a PF and you had him as a SF. I think people overlook Elgin Baylor. He was the Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant of the late 50 and 60's. Nice list! Good on ya!
  4. Since there is a lull between the end of Football and the start of Baseball. Basketball is the sport of choice for most folks right now, so I thought I would ask who your NBA All time top 5 at each position are: Here's Mine: PG: 1. Magic Johnson 2. Oscar Robertson 3. Isiah Thomas 4. John Stockton 5. Jason Kidd SG: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Jerry West 4. Reggie Miller 5. Clyde Drexler C: 1. Wilt Chamberlain 2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3. Shaquille O'neal 4. Hakeem Olajuwon 5. Bill Russell PF: 1. Karl Malone 2. Tim Duncan 3. Larry Bird 4. Charles Barkley 5. Bob Petit SF: 1. Labron James 2. Elgin Baylor 3. Rick Berry 4. Julius Erving 5. Scottie Pippen Honorable Mention: PG: Steve Nash SG: Bernard King C: Moses Malone PF: Kevin McHale SF: Dominique Wilkins
  5. For those of you that thought the Cowboys were the best team in football and going to win the Superbowl!!!
  6. A tribute since the New Edition Mini-series is set to drop 1/24 - 1/26 on BET! The 80's had some F'd up clothes...lol
  7. I don't know if a lot of people know about this, but there is actually a "cheat" you can use to beat any computer or help coverage. It entails running the QB to the line of scrimmage and just as you are about to pass the line pass it to any computer covered receiver. The defense will run back towards the QB and the receiver will be wide open. I have posted about this in the past. Found out about this years ago on accident when my friends would always play pick Pass 1 against the Niners and render Jerry Rice a non factor. If this were to happen in a tournament how would you rule on this. I don't play a whole lot of Tecmo Bowl anymore, but with little or no practice I can do it regularly. What if someone used this as a "viable" offense. They would be unstoppable if they timed it correctly. If you open the attached ROM in Fceux and go to the menu and hit watch movie and select the .fm2 file then you can watch this movie and at the end you will see what I am talking about. Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Rev A)-0.fm2 Tecmo Bowl (USA) (Rev A).nes
  8. I updated the document on 9/22/16. Added how to make the players on the Touchdown celebration screen black instead of white. Wish i knew how to make the program write to their race designation to determine the player color for the touchdown screen like in TSB. Updated the document to include the formations on 2/19/17
  9. I don't usually play Tecmo Super Bowl, but downloaded this and noticed that the inside linebackers and Outside linebackers were switched for the '89 49ers. Walter and Millen are playing outside linebacker and Haley and Turner are playing inside linebacker. Also the Giants have Reasons playing outside linebacker and Carl Banks playing inside linebacker. Noticed a few others but those were the first one's I saw.
  10. I have actually seen this before even when all hex code is entered correctly. I have even changed the hex code only to have it happen again. Weird??? Also Aaron Lynch should be the 49'ers top OLB. He is their best pass rusher, but he is on suspension for the first 4 games. Right now you have Tank Carradine there. Carradine is probably listed on the Depth Chart ahead of Lynch because of Lynch's suspension.
  11. Michael Willhoite on SF has 851 tackles as his tackle stat.
  12. Here is a snippet of "someone's" top offensive years all time for the Giants. I'm sure some of the great players had some different seasons that were equally great. I for one would not use Barry Bonds 73 Home Run season (2001). I think his best seasons were actually his 2002 and 2004 seasons, when he hit .370 and .362 with 46 and 45 homeruns with on base percentages of .582 and .609. His highest OPS seasons were '04, '02 and '01 with 1.422, 1.381 & 1.379 respectfully.
  13. Not to nit pick but Willie Mays was a center fielder until way late in his career. I believe Bobby Thomson played center field until 51 when Mays got there then he primarily played left field. Great job though!
  14. Pocky is correct don't throw off you back foot. When you do it will actually say you threw off your back foot and the throw will be worse. Follow you blocking on your runs. The option is a good run to use even if you never run the QB. With the new Force and cutback designations for certain players on every play running the option keeps the Force defender where he is for the most part and makes for one less defender you need to run against in the box. I run some form of the option on every run play. Let your passing plays develop and have a read system before the play. I usually go deep, mid, shallow unless I'm trying to get the ball to the flat right away. Use all of your passing types. The touch pass (double tap) is especially useful for throws behind the linebackers and in front of the DB's over the middle. Use L1 (don't know the XBOX button) on deep throws. Gives a speedy wide receiver a chance to get separation and to run and get under it. On defense keep the auto flip on. This will always line your defense up to be in position to cover the offense. Don't do a lot of pre snap defensive audibles. This is not like past Madden games where you had to make a bunch of moves before the play. In this version every defender in the box has a gap assignment and when you put them in a blitz or squeeze them or move them over their gap assignment changes and it can leave you quite vulnerable. Play a lot of defenses that say "match" i.e Cover 3 Match. In this years version the match zones have options to follow the receivers that run through their zone to "match" their routes rather than have them run through them and then be wide open behind them. The "match" defenses do have their weaknesses though. If the receivers clear out the underneath zones then it leaves the backs open in the flats for nice gains. Match up with the offense while on defense. If the other team comes out in 4 wides don't run a 4-4 defense because you will be outmatched with linebackers on receivers. Use nickel when teams go 3 wide. or Dime when they go 4 wide. Go 4-4 when they go 2 or 3 tight endes. The rest you just have to come up with a play style for the team you use. I use the 49'ers exclusively. I understand their shortcomings and play to their strengths. NOTE: The new rosters should be out soon so some teams will gain players and some will lose players which could change the way they are used.
  15. Version 1.0.1


    All, Welcome to TB32 49ers Playoff teams! This was just a pet project of mine. I'm a big 49'ers fan and since my Niners have not been to the playoffs in 3 years and may not get there again this year, I have put together this ROM with all of the 49'ers playoff teams since 1970. This ROM provides All 24 49'ers playoff teams since 1970. All of the opponents the 49'ers lost to in the championship game or Superbowl since 1983. (83 Washington, 90 NY, 92 Dallas, 93 Dallas, 97 Green Bay, 11 NY, 12 Baltimore and 13 Seattle). The 70's teams that took Dallas to the brink only to lose in the Championship game and watch Dallas go on to win a Superbowl The Team of the 80's! Young's 49'ers (Could he best Montana or was Joe Cool that damn good?) Replays of heartbreaking Championship games! Replay that Super Bowl against Baltimore! Any how this was just a fun project that I put together. Even if you are not a 49'ers fan check it out maybe it will open you up to some history you didn't know about. If you see anything that needs fixing let me know!