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  1. Download TSBToolSupreme from the Downloads section of this site. You can change A LOT of things with that app.
  2. After reading this thread again, I realized that I've been using the old code in my roms, so I tested the new vs. the old code. I've never noticed a problem with the old code (not saying there isn't one . . . just never noticed it) but I did notice a problem with the new one. I was testing with JJ Watt (88 HP) vs. the Seahawks abysmal o-line (31-38 HP guards and tackles) and when I called the computer's pass play, everyone BUT JJ Watt swarmed the QB. Instead, he got rapidly pushed pushed downfield (into the Texans secondary). This doesn't happen with the old code. Bruddog, I think you said that the original bug had something to do with adding OL's HP vs. loading it. What erroneous impact effect does that have on grapples?
  3. just to be clear though: if you change the stance of the outside LB, that's a change that affects all teams, so all teams will then be in that hybrid 4-3 (with one outside LB from the Tecmo standard 3-4 defense sitting in a 3 point stance . . . linebacker by position but lineman by stance).
  4. Yes, the defensive instructions start at xA010 and end at xBFFF. So if you start at that section and search for every D0 18 0C EC string (the LOLB's starting position and stance) and change the EC to EA, you'll be all set.
  5. There's no doubt that's a factor in overall tackling success vs. the COM, but I'm referring to isolated tackler-only vs. ballcarrier-only encounters. Also, it seems that when there's a simultaneous catch-and-grapple, that neither player's HP is factored into the equation -- winner is determined by luck and button presses. Bruddog, can you confirm?
  6. So the COM's HP never receives a boost at any point in the season (that is, a MAN's record-induced boost)? Seems like more MAN tackler vs. COM ballcarrier grapples are won by the COM as the season goes on.
  7. I'm just hoping you use RP as a real, dynamic category for it's true function -- acceleration (towards MS). If you just blanket all offensive players with a 69 RP, then not only do you lose one way to differentiate offensive players, but you also effectively eliminate another category (RS = starting speed) as a meaningful attribute. The reason: 69 RP propels offensive players to their max speed almost instantaneously, so their starting speed rating becomes irrelevant. I think that the general consensus is that high RS and low RP values are the trick to making all attributes matter, and to further differentiate one player from the next.
  8. That's a bruddog hack so he'd be the expert on it but, yes, I believe it applies in all situations.
  9. I don't know what that could be. We've yet to experience that in our league. Possibly sounds like an emulator issue (we use Nestopia).
  10. Of those suggestions, only 2-point conversions and switching sides every quarter (or half) are on my radar. I wouldn't count on any seeing any of your remaining ideas come to fruition on my rom. Plus, colors/graphics are very tricky and far more complex than it would seem on the surface. For instance, the football's color = white guys' skin color, so changing the ball to brown would change the skin color of every white guy to brown. Some of the ideas, like being able to catch a deflected or blocked pass, I'm adamantly against. Reminds me of the frustration I used to experience when defending passes in the early Madden games. Some other ideas for added in-game options, like audibles, you'll probably see on xplozv's rom that he'll probably be releasing in a couple months. Anyway, thanks for playing and maybe next year, my game will be a little bit closer to your ideal, but I can't make any promises.
  11. Hm, interesting, so it's impossible to actually make a pure 90 degree cut. Well, how hard would it be to adapt the hack so that the player's speed is reset to RS when he cuts at a 90 degree angle TO THE SIDELINES? OR . . . instead of resetting the player's speed to RS at EVERY 45 degree cut, make it so that there's, say, a 20% chance that his speed will be reset to RS. What do you think? I've been playing with the first hack you posted, and it's a total game-changer, literally. It makes the game more realistic because defenses seem to really struggle to catch a breakaway ball carrier from behind, but it's also tougher for a ball carrier to GET a breakaway run because of the cut slowdowns. It's such a radical change in player movement though, I think this would require a lot of testing to ensure a good run/pass potency balance and offense/defense balance. My first impressions though, thinking about a MAN vs. MAN game, are that this hack seems to make the passing game more potent, and the running game a little less potent, which helps make the game less RB-centric and, again, more realistic.
  12. Wow, I never realized that, and it just doesn't seem to play that way after I just tested it. I took a low RS, low RP, and high MS guy and played him with your 45 degree hack, and the slowdown at a 45 degree cut was obvious. Using the same guy in a rom without any speed hack, he doesn't seem to lose any speed on a 90 degree cut.
  13. That's really cool, bruddog -- another well-deserved blow to MS. If I want to try changing the angle to 90 (so the RB's speed is reset to his RS when he cuts at 90 degrees vs. 45), what do I need to change?
  14. We've been messaging here though, and he just sent me a bunch of info about all the new hacks coming. One of the big steps remaining is rosters and ratings (he's got all new attributes) and that is gonna take some time.
  15. Spin moves will be in xplozv's rom, but that rom won't be available for download for a while.