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  1. It's a cool feature, no doubt, but I can't imagine ever putting it in my game because (1) I probably don't have the room for it, and (2) it adds controller complexity and I'm dedicated to keeping the original, simplistic controls that help separate TSB from Madden. If you'll notice, all the in-game functionality that I've added is automatic -- like how bruddog's moving grapples just simply happen without the player having to hit any other buttons. I realize that a lot of people like the added degree of thinking/skill that accompanies hacks like "Press B to Spin," but I personally believe that one major reason TSB is undergoing a revival right now is out of a backlash against the incredibly complicated Madden controls. Personally, I know that's why I quit playing Madden. I felt like you had to have a PhD to play it. So -- sorry man -- but whatever the controls did in 1991 is what they'll do in 2018.
  2. Just out of curiosity, if you don't have a computer, how are you going to play it?
  3. The TD categories carry a 64 number maximum (0 to 63).
  4. bruddog, didn't you discover that the first byte in each 5 byte "juice" set doesn't just affect defensive MS, but affects RS, RP, and MS? And the second byte affects offensive RS, RP, and MS? In other words, it's a "3-for-1" attribute bump, right?
  5. The only small problem that I see with that is that their faces inside their helmets will be whatever third color you would choose.
  6. buck, could you send me one of your old roms where you tried a similar idea? Very curious about that.
  7. My Excel system gets more streamlined every year. I revamped it again this year to make it even faster and easier. Surprisingly, the part the takes the longest is matching up the damn faces. Ideally, instead of faces, we'd have a picture of either black or white player that displays what kind of player he is (like for RB's, for example, I envision speed RB's having motion lines behind them and power RB's to have a power "burst" in front of them). As for the release date, I have to push back that August 27th deadline because I read last night that the "final cut to 53" day for the NFL is Sunday, September 3rd. I always wait until that day to finalize the rosters/game. So, it will probably be more like Monday night the 4th or, at the latest, Tuesday the 5th.
  8. Release date is probably gonna be more like Sunday, August 27th. I rely on the Madden player ratings to formulate my TSB player ratings, and they're not releasing their game until August 25th.
  9. I'm planning to publish the game in 8 weeks. Aaron Donald will be gracing the cover.
  10. Download TSBToolSupreme from the Downloads section of this site. You can change A LOT of things with that app.
  11. After reading this thread again, I realized that I've been using the old code in my roms, so I tested the new vs. the old code. I've never noticed a problem with the old code (not saying there isn't one . . . just never noticed it) but I did notice a problem with the new one. I was testing with JJ Watt (88 HP) vs. the Seahawks abysmal o-line (31-38 HP guards and tackles) and when I called the computer's pass play, everyone BUT JJ Watt swarmed the QB. Instead, he got rapidly pushed pushed downfield (into the Texans secondary). This doesn't happen with the old code. Bruddog, I think you said that the original bug had something to do with adding OL's HP vs. loading it. What erroneous impact effect does that have on grapples?
  12. just to be clear though: if you change the stance of the outside LB, that's a change that affects all teams, so all teams will then be in that hybrid 4-3 (with one outside LB from the Tecmo standard 3-4 defense sitting in a 3 point stance . . . linebacker by position but lineman by stance).
  13. Yes, the defensive instructions start at xA010 and end at xBFFF. So if you start at that section and search for every D0 18 0C EC string (the LOLB's starting position and stance) and change the EC to EA, you'll be all set.
  14. There's no doubt that's a factor in overall tackling success vs. the COM, but I'm referring to isolated tackler-only vs. ballcarrier-only encounters. Also, it seems that when there's a simultaneous catch-and-grapple, that neither player's HP is factored into the equation -- winner is determined by luck and button presses. Bruddog, can you confirm?
  15. So the COM's HP never receives a boost at any point in the season (that is, a MAN's record-induced boost)? Seems like more MAN tackler vs. COM ballcarrier grapples are won by the COM as the season goes on.