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  1. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Yes! Working on that now.
  2. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    One more door prize I forgot to post, I call it "Haddix Island". Comes matted with a creamsicle orange frame.
  3. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Haha thanks! And thank you I appreciate it.
  4. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    I know we're still a couple months away, but since this is our inaugural tournament just wanted to get a sense of interest for it. If you're interested in attending please shoot me a quick email at jerseycuptecmo@gmail.com with your name, tecmo nickname, hometown and t-shirt size. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Here it is in all its glory, the Jersey Cup! This baby is the real deal. Will you be the first to hoist it come May 19th?
  6. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    A little Super Bowl Sunday treat. Here are some of the raffle prizes for the Jersey Cup. Every participant will get one raffle ticket and a chance to buy more tickets the day of. Raffle winners will get their choice of any of the Tier 2 prizes which include a Warren Moon McFarlane figure, a "History of Football" beer stein, a Bo Jackson bobble head with "Player 1" light above his head, and Funko Pop figures of LT and Deion Sanders. Then we will raffle off the main prize, a Joe Montana autographed Tecmo Super Bowl framed poster. Also, details have been updated on original post.
  7. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Exactly 4 months away! Updates coming soon.
  8. Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Happy Holidays everyone! Under my tree was an autographed Joe Montana 16x20 Tecmo Super Bowl poster signed by Joe Cool himself! Thought it would be a great raffle prize for the Jersey Cup! Everyone registered and in attendance will get one raffle ticket towards this bad boy with an option to buy additional tickets the day of. (Also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a picture of Joe signing the poster) 4 1/2 months until Tecmo returns to the Northeast!
  9. What a great end to an awesome Northeast Tecmo season. Nice to meet guys from all over the Tecmo globe. Final 2 games were intense and that burger would make Guy Fieri proud. Congrats to Matt D and big thanks to Erik for organizing the whole thing.
  10. WHAT: The Jersey Cup WHEN: May 19, 2018 at 11:00am WHERE: Mothers Ale House, 95 Mountainview Blvd, Wayne, NJ 07470 (Private Party Room downstairs) BUY-IN: $25, comes with a Jersey Cup t-shirt and one raffle ticket for all door prizes. To be paid the day of tournament. EQUIPMENT: We need Nintendos, TVs, Controllers, Carts! If you are able to bring any of these in working condition, please let us know what you can bring and how many of each. If you are able to provide any television sets, please let us know the size and any kind of hookup (RF Switch/AV Cable). RULES: "Tecmo Madison" Rules FORMAT: Pool Play followed by single elimination bracket. Championship will be a best of 3 series for the Cup! PRIZES: Cash prizes for the top 3 participants. Winner will be the first one to ever hoist the Jersey Cup! Winners name and year will be engraved, then shipped/delivered to winner. Winner will have possession of the Jersey Cup until the following years tourney. WEBSITE: www.jerseycuptecmo.com and www.facebook.com/NJTecmo/ HOW TO REGISTER: Email jerseycuptecmo@gmail.com, or put your name in the thread listed below. Any questions please post below or email jerseycuptecmo@gmail.com.
  11. Howell, NJ - 06/28/2014 - Shorestock

    This is awesome. From north Jersey, stoked there is going to be a tournament in NJ. Venue looks great, too. Awesome flier Matt!
  12. What a great time. Thanks Mort and Louis for an awesome tourney. Great to meet a lot of fellow tecmoers who welcomed the "new guy" with open arms. Friday night was a lot of fun too kicking back and playing some pre-tourney games. Capped it all off with drinks (including 2 free shots) and a smokehouse burger at Smokey Bones. Congrats Louis on the big win!
  13. I just recently signed up on TPC and am looking to play my first online game. Just looking for someone to be patient with me until I get a few games under my belt. I don't really have many people to play with so I was hoping to start playing online to improve my play.
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    Ring/Text tone - "TD Run" .m4r format
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    Ring/Text tone - "TD Pass" .m4r format