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  1. RoboProkop6

    Clarence Kay

    I refuse to tell a tight end joke.
  2. RoboProkop6

    A Reputable Source Needed

    No, it's not even like that. I didn't even know if it was an active site, or if it was defunct. I know nothing about him. So I asked. It's been 3 weeks now, so you kind of get curious lol
  3. RoboProkop6

    A Reputable Source Needed

    I'd have to go back into my email to look, but it was sometime during the week last week. It was just a basic quick reply question.. I was beginning to wonder if my email went to his spam or something.
  4. RoboProkop6

    A Reputable Source Needed

    Happy New Year, Tecmo Bowlers! So I'm looking to pay to have someone put one of the TSB downloads from this site on to an NES cart. I've tried emailing nesreproductions.com but I get no reply from the guy. Does anyone here do this? Or does anyone know if a place that will make a cart? Thanks!
  5. RoboProkop6

    Can TBorg ROMs be put onto carts?

    Awesome! There's a 1978 TSB cart going on ebay for over $100 right now with 6 says left. It's ridiculous. Thanks for the quick reply!
  6. RoboProkop6

    Can TBorg ROMs be put onto carts?

    Hi! Sorry, I'm new to this stuff. But are these files able to be put on an NES cart? And would the cart only hold one season? I was thinking about contacting nesreproductions.com to make me a custom TSB. Thanks in advance!
  7. I did a little trick that resulted in a "lower" score. I'd take the kick-off, run it back to my own 3. Then I'd run Bo to the 50, run Marcus Allen back to my 3 again, Run Bo back to the Colts' 40 for the first down. Then I'd Run Allen BACK to my 3 yet again, and then run it with Bo to the Colts' 30. By doing this, I'd gain a couple hundred yards per possession and keep the Colts' offense off the field. My possessions would take a full quarter if I was soaking in alot of yards without a mishap. Mine was a regular season game. Week 4. I'm not sure how many other people got their 1,000 yards the same way, though. And that is impressive against the Eagles in the playoffs. Especially because thats when Reggie White and Clyde Simmons burst through the line like they're facing J'marcus Webb and Gabe Carimi lol. Good work!
  8. It took me 6 tries. First, I attempted it with Bo in week 3, then I tried a couple times with Barry Sanders in week 4...finally, after a couple of tries, I did it with Bo Jackson. By the 4th quarter, the man was running like he was Joe Caravello
  9. RoboProkop6

    How would you rank players on the Bears as RECEIVERS?

    I usually use Bailey at RB, Muster at TE, Anderson and Davis at WR. Luckily, this works, because alot of people easily consider Johnny Bailey one of the best backup runningbacks in the game. If there were computer GM's on TSB, he would be traded for by the Patriots, Browns, Oilers, Seahawks, Eagles, or Packers - and be made starter for any of those teams, unquestionably.
  10. RoboProkop6

    NES Cart Question

    OH. I was under the assumption that there would be multiple versions, based on some of the other years I've seen lol Thank you, brud!
  11. RoboProkop6

    NES Cart Question

    That's PERFECT. Thank you! I was looking at the the nesreproductions.com site, and I may go that route for now (I'm a broke college student) Now, I know there are different versions for each year floating around, with some being really shoddy. I started looking in the downloads section here, and there are different versions from different creators... so, I was wondering if you (or someone) could tell me who creates the sharpest looking ROM's here at TSB.org, so I could forward the best '85 version to them. Thank you again!
  12. RoboProkop6

    NES Cart Question

    Hi, do any members here know of anyone that will transfer TSB ROM's from past seasons (specifically 1985) on to NES carts? I'd do it myself, but I don't even know how to work my television. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone here taken the time to play a season, helping the traditionally bad teams to the playoffs? I've tried twice before, but I lost my seasons both times. Here's the six from each conference that I was shooting for: AFC Colts Patriots Jets Browns Seahawks Chargers NFC Cardinals Lions Buccaneers Packers Falcons Saints It's a really time-consuming project, because you also have to jump in to play against the 49ers, Bills, Giants, and Oilers to prevent them from swiping a wildcard spot. But, has anyone accomplished this feat?