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  1. Perfectly said If that's the case Reich/Rypien to Reed is just as good if not better!!!!
  2. Now all I need is some commentators for the live stream. Hopefully we can figure something out for the next stream.
  3. Here is the link for the YouTube playlist for all streamed games at Tecmo Texas IV.
  4. I will chop up the stream and post to YouTube then I'll post here as well.
  5. For those wanting to watch the stream
  6. Just a screenshot of the stream for Tecmo Texas. The red square is for the webcam feed. Thanks to @War Machine for the idea.
  7. Very well said
  8. I agree with @red98sethuthut, this tournament is on my Tecmo bucket list.
  9. If you are interested in joining NGTL post below with the following: Discord Name: Team Preference (can be more than one): Availlibilty: Can you host: Location/Time zone (Helps with scheduling games): Wait List: 1. Big Ole Raiders Fan 2. MadTownSpliffStars
  10. NFC Playoff Seedings #1 - Minnesota Vikings @vikingmoe02- 1st round bye #2 - Dallas Cowboys @ChaosConffetti- 1st round bye #3 - New Orleans Saints @Nos #4 - New York Giants @bighock4you18 #5 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers @mrsdzruy65 #6 - Philadelphia Eagles @drake Wild Card Round Matchups #3 New Orleans Saints vs. #6 Philadelphia Eagles #4 New York Giants vs. #5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Divisional Round Matchups #1 Minnesota Vikings vs. Lowest remaining seed #2 Dallas Cowboys vs. Highest remaining seed AFC Playoff Seedings #1 Indianapolis Colts @joeygats- 1st Round bye #2 Cincinnati Bengals @ricor33- 1st Round bye #3 AFC West Champ (Chargers @Ziur or Seahawks @Jebigred) #4 Miami Dolphins @Prime #5 New England Patriots @baxterbear12 #6 Houston Oilers @suicideking81 Wild Card Round Matchups #3 AFC West Champ vs. #6 Houston Oilers #4 Miami Dolphins vs. #5 New England Patriots Divisional Round Matchups #1 Indianapolis Colts vs. Lowest remaining seed #2 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Highest remaining seed The seedings are done by the NFL rules. The division champions are rewarded with the top 3 seeds in each conference. The Falcons @Prime and Broncos @ChaosConffetti/Jesus are ineligible for the playoffs due to their owners choosing to take their other teams to the playoffs ( @Prime - Dolphins ---- @ChaosConffetti/Jesus - Cowboys). The Falcons held a wild card spot and the Broncos held the AFC West Championship. In this scenario the playoff spots go to the next team in line for that spot. The vacated NFC playoff spot (Wild Card) gets awarded to the Eagles ( @drake). The vacated AFC playoff spot along with the AFC West title will go the either Chargers ( @Ziur) or the Seahawks ( @Jebigred). Chargers get in with the completion of their season by the deadline. Seahawks get in if the Chargers do not complete their season by deadline.
  11. I was in the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mind set when the coin toss rule change came about. Was I a fan of it? Not really but I'm a mediocre Tecmo player so my opinion means little in comparison to the more elite players. Will it stop me from attending? No, shit I attend a tournament annually that allows WRs to play RB. The rule change will bother some of us but not all and believe it or not some players may not even notice that a rule change has been made. I will most likely end up play with the old rules due to my alcohol consumption fogging up my thoughts.
  12. Sorry for taking so long to upload these videos. Hopefully the quality is good enough.
  13. @Bad Moon Rison @stalltalk @red98sethuthut
  14. We wont be doing 2 teams next season. It was too taxing for all owners involved. We will roll with how many owners we get.
  15. Post below if you plan on returning for another season. Also post if you want to change franchises. RETURNING OWNERS 1. SuicideKing - Oilers (maybe 2 team owner) 2. Prime - Falcons (maybe 2 team owner) 3. Jebigred - Bears 4. Big Hock - Giants 5. Why Yo Box - Redskins 6. Rico - Bengals 7. Rockman - Packers 8. Ryan - Rams 9. Chaos/Jesus - Cowboys 10. Castro - Jets 11. Fightdogs - Buccaneers (maybe 2 team owner) 12. Baxter - Patriots (maybe 2 team owner) 13. Ziur - Chargers 14. Drake - Eagles 15. Nos - Saints 16. Casual T - Lions 17. Hoffnasty - Bills New Owners 18. Big Ole Raiders Fan - Raiders 19. Barletti 20. MadTownSpliffStars