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  1. New Orleans, LA - 9/8/2018 - Tecmo NOLA

    Yep!!!! Myself and I'm sure @Nos @bighock4you18 @Jimmy1996 aka Ashman, @duecethasa1nt and Pookie Pookums will be present. It going to be a good one.
  2. "Tecmo Mud Bowl VIII" (Texas) December 13th, 2014

    You need to update the top post with accurate information
  3. Group H Hank calls WAS/MIN I chose MIN A failed 4th down in the 1st put Hank down 10-0 early in the 1st. Got an INT on a called play which let to a TD. 17-0 MIN at the half. Hank strikes fast in the 2nd half to close the deficit to 10 points, 17-7 MIN. I answer back with a time consuming drive which ends in a TD, 24-7 MIN. Hank throws another called play INT. It results in a FG, 27-7 MIN. Time expires on Hanks final drive. Final: WAS - 7 MIN - 27 TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns2
  4. Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Great work on the vids, very entertaining. It almost had a NCAA basketball tournament selection show type feel to it. Thought I'd see a few other elite players with bounties.
  5. I'll be at the econo lodge as well. It seems it's the popular hotel for most participants. I'm sure we'll all get some practice games in with one another.
  6. Fishkill, NY - 11/18/2017 - The King's Cup

    Wish I could attend this tournament, hopefully next time. GOOD LUCK to all the participants and may the Tecmo Gods smile upon all of you tomorrow!!!!
  7. Suicideking81 Can host 100% Central time Mon, tues, Thurs and fri - 7pm - 9pm Weekends - hit or miss
  8. Just when we thought Madison couldn't get any better @qb_browns and @davefmurray do something like this. This announcement is a great thing for the entire Tecmo scene. I hope other tournaments follow suit and put some sort of consolation bracket in place.
  9. Tournament Abundance

    I think I'm a little late to the party in commenting but here goes. I live in Louisiana so for me to play top tier talent I have to travel, most times great distances. So I think placement of tournaments geographically does matter. I ran 3 tournaments in my home town and had a max of 18 participants but no less than 12. At my tournaments everyone had a chance to win something because I had built onto the tournament format a consolation bracket for the less talented players. So if you didn't win your group you would be seeded in the consolation bracket which didn't offer a cash prize but had trophies for 1st and 2nd place while the more "elite" players played for cash along with trophies. I did it this way knowing that new/inexperienced players would be turned off by getting beat badly by the better players. The consolation bracket allowed them to compete with players on a similar level and they'll get some enjoyment of having a chance to win along with experience and possibly return. It was a success and to be honest those consolation games were extremely exciting, maybe even more so than the "elite" bracket games. So i think consolation bracket could be huge in increasing the anount of players wjo attend. I know it was a bit off the original subject, but just felt like I needed to mention that. I know Dave has gotten interest in a consolation bracket at Madison, I will help run a side/consolation bracket if I am able to attend Madison next spring. We were fortunate enough that @davefmurray brought Tecmo Dallas this past August which included @regulator088 @joeygats @Ones11fahzu @ImFlo among others which made it, at least in my mind, a premiere event. Lastly, the dates of tournaments do matter for me since the long distances I have to travel. I would love to attend Tundra Bowl but it's date is the same as Tecmo Texas which is much closer. The tournament that end up being within a few weeks of each other is a challenge for me as well. I can't attend multiple tournament within a month or 2, it's just not logistically possible for me not to mention the cost to travel. There are tournaments i still plan to attend eventually such as Tundra Bowl, Tomzcak Bowl, Tecmo Lincoln to name a few but I'm just not sure when. My only hope is that the organisers of those tournaments continue to put them on so i can have a chance at attending.
  10. I will be attending this event and will try to stream it at the best quality possible. At worst I can record locally then upload to YouTube for viewing. All ways a great time at this event.
  11. Fishkill, NY - 11/18/2017 - The King's Cup

    I so want to attend this tournament........ Sucks I have to travel a great distance to attend tournaments. Keeping fingers crossed the wife gives the approval for me to attend.
  12. It's still looking pretty good for me to make this event. Looking forward to it.
  13. Playlist for the streamed games at Tecmo Dallas Tecmo Dallas: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHXDdIWlwYQdmDaAh-3uPtJHdHjRNwR28
  14. I was down 20-7 (he scored 3 TDs but I blocked one of his PATs) in the 4th. He went up 20-7 early in the 4th. I was able to get a quick score with a desperation JJ on the first play after he kicked off to me, 20-14 with approx 3:30 left on the clock. He gets ball and is faced with a 4th and 3 at his own 20 yard line and converts. A few plays later while moving close to midfield he FUMBLES!!! I recover around his 40 hardline with approx. 1 minute left. I was able to get in a few good runs to get inside the 10. Next play I was able to hit an WR open in the middle if the end zone, PAT is good 21-20 with 10 seconds left. I kick off and he's tackled quickly to end the game. I was extremely lucky to win the game. Tecmo "God" Lee blew the other guys he played out of the water, (he didnt face Gats who was in our group). I'm not sure if he allowed any points to anyone else. He's a solid player who can tap, he beat me in every grapple. Hope he continues to attend Tecmo tournaments in the future.