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  1. Tecmo super bowl is extremely strategic. It's as simplified or complex as the player wants it to be. I think that's the beauty of it and it's cult-like following. A coding error made Elway both more susceptible to INTs and throwing errant passes. If not for his faster legs he would be a bottom tier QB similar to BJ Tolliver. Slants are a difficult pass for any QB in TSB.
  2. Butt-fumbling - When you get locked up behind or in the OL and get drone tackled. HP Factory - When your team's collective HP far exceeds their MS. (MS is for pussies) Playstyle - Offset til the day I dye. (Manyo, Bo, me I suppose) Gangnam Style - When you call run3 for every defensive play. (TSBGOD) I like to call popcorning and bucking... "Gettin a semi" Lippett before you Tippett - self explanatory Slip n slide - when you dive to stop a touchdown pass and decide to party instead. Rage Quit - Did we mention this yet? Contra'd - when you score by so far you have enough time to press up, up, down, down, left, right, left right (b, a, b, a, select, start) just to be a dick. Fucking Whore - When you call run 3 on offense 4 or more times in a row. Laces Out - missing an easy field goal Uncle Jessie - when you decide not to run up the score. ("HAVE MERCY"
  3. Tim Ubick's opponents must play "cordless" so they don't hang themselves.
  4. I heard that one time Tim Ubick beat @duecethasa1nt so badly that Duece had to stop mid game and increase his health meter. Tim Ubick is a.......
  5. Meh. I don't like ever blaming Tecmo but based on how many successful matchups I've had with TB/cin it was an anomaly. I was played pretty evenly but 28-0 or 28-27 is the same in my book. So no, the pt diff doesn't concern me at all. Vinny, Carrier, Hall, Cobb, Haddix (I think)... All bad condition. Overthrows, booted passes, missed ints, fumbles, the works. Usually there are enough rolls to even things out, but I even got boned on the gimmies. Gotta overcome devastating shit to win any tournament.
  6. Tim Ubick handed off to Johnny Johnson and the cartridge caught on fire.
  7. Tim Ubick once caught a tipped Grogan pass (with Grogan) and ran that fucker in for 6.
  8. Tim Ubick falls asleep during kickoffs.
  9. I heard that Tim Ubick has an NES controller input installed in his butt cheek. When he depants and plugs one in, he controls himself IRL running around screaming "LOOK!!! I'm playing with myself... muahahahAHAHAHAHA!!" Good luck with that, gats.
  10. Haha love it!! Good times
  11. I made one kind of "in the spirit of" the original Tecmo Bowl. I think I did everyone but the OL. It's very run and defense heavy to mirror it. I'll post tomorrow
  12. Edited for proper Tecmo etiquette.
  13. Gotta become a teacher to be a better student. And other deep fucking shit like that Nesbians hidden stats. The 25int is missing a zero. He's 250int
  14. The p1 advantage is minimal. We could talk this stuff all day lol. In short, for fumble recoveries the code cycles thru p1 first (all 10 or 11) players then cycles to p2 but this happens very quickly. It's minimal. Worry about that later
  15. One of the best things to study as a newer player is the PC+REC-INT odds. For example Dan throwing to Clayton against Atwater (all in average) is 69+69-31 has nearly a 50% chance of a completion and a 0% chance of an interception. You have better odds of them catching and insta-fumbling. Atwater is extreme, but the whole secondary pretty much sucks. That's why you have to choose wisely when you decide to be a 19INT LB against a superior passing team. Especially if you called a run play on defense. EDIT: A quick way of calculating is if you are close to 100 it's a very optimal advantage for the offense. If you are lower than 50 it is a very optimal advantage for the defense. And anything inbetween 50-100 is pretty much a toss up. I will rarely take deep shots if that number is less than 80. Like Wade Wilson throwing to Anthony Carter - Louis Oliver (44+75-56=63). Off the top of my head I wouldn't throw that ball unless I had to. Looking at the spreadsheet it's a 21% catch 13% interception throw. Add in the possibility of a JJ and your odds on offense get a tad better. All and all, I'm probably not throwing that ball unless I need a quick score. PC REC INT CALCULATOR.xls