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  1. That's good stuff mgk. Thank you for those thoughtful posts. I like what you're throwing down. I certainly hope that most people don't support those statues bc of the evil, but for the good. We can look back and destroy legacies bc they were slave owners. And rightfully so, I suppose. But not knowing what the future holds could mean the exact same thing for extraordinary people of any time. That's sad and concerning. So museums is a logical compromise like you said. I wonder what would happen if someone put a statue up on private property? I see Che Guevara on t-shirts and he's become a pop culture icon of sorts. At first, it did bother me. So I empathize with those feelings. What did I do? I got a special tattoo of him, but not in celebration. It's very visible and quite a conversation piece. I'm going to add this perspective to my discussions bc I think it will be helpful. It's basically an anti-communist tribute I suppose. For me, it makes me feel like I've risen above what happened to my family in Cuba. And don't want to see it happen here. And respectfully, I hope you're wrong about the police state of over correcting the wheel so to speak. But when killing cops is being celebrated in the streets it's a recipe for complete disaster. It's feeding the problem and giving them reason to abuse even more power. Unintended consequences are a horrible bitch.
  2. I got lucky and hit Cleveland Cincinnati and Columbus. It was awesome! Cleveland had 64. How many return though...
  3. Congrats and condolences! JKJK... I think you mentioned this in Madison. Godspeed sir!! Be careful, ring that bell one more time and it'll be twins. hehe
  4. I don't know shit about Robert E Lee. What I do know is that once someone gets to decide what's right and wrong there is no such thing as freedom anymore. And by removing history from existence will only ensure we'll never learn from it. I mean, if we wiped Hitler from the records what we would call Trump? What tangled webs we weave. But what do I know, my father only exiled from a country over-taken by communism. It's like arguing with a black person about what's racist. (Not that you are arguing =) - It would make sense if you could hear my "ahh crap oh well" tone of voice lol) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_negationism
  5. Had to google the Daily Stormer. Are you giving credibility to them now because they claim Trump somehow condoned their views? I can assure you their growth has more to do with the antics of leftists more so than anything DJT has said or done. They are growing because their little pansy asses are getting coverage, period. IGNORE THEM! If those Antifa idiots just let them demonstrate no one would have been killed. They would have all just gone home to their Nazi parents' houses or whatever. The notion that somehow DJT has risen some kind of white power movement is the most oblivious case of fishing and confirmation bias I've ever witnessed. It's absolute nonsense. If he's held responsible for any of it then Obama must be held responsible for the deaths and injuries caused by antifa and BLM. 5 dead officers in Dallas. You can't just cherry pick where to apply because it makes you feel better about who you voted for. Well, technically you can, we all do it. But it doesn't make it "right." I know you hate when I say this but I believe it to my core. The media has done much more damage to this country than anything DJT tweeted. Covfefe!
  6. Yep. And the alt-right will grow because of the constant and ridiculous coverage and ties to Trump they are receiving. Seems to me the lunatic left is much larger in numbers but the racist right is crazier. If you're wearing a mask then fuck you. You obviously don't want friends and family to know who you are, so you're either a coward or don't really believe what you're saying anyway. The media profits from this "news." I don't think any of them even give a shit they've lost all credibility. And I don't blame all journalists. Like cops, there are terrible ones. I guess you could say we have a systemic problem with journalism in this country, too? Free press my ass, more like paid press. Here's a crazy idea, don't blatantly break the law. I'm not very religious. But it's hard to argue the 10 commandments when trying to shape a decent society. Anyway, violence sucks and it's not the answer. But IF there has to be violence... I'll take a war between Nazis and Communists over a random shooting every day of the week.
  7. Ha, and as if all the above wasn't bad enough one of the main actors (no one has ever heard of) admitted it's creation was made around teaching children progressive values. In other words, a leftist propoganda machine. One emoji does come to mind... 🖕Hollywood.
  8. I could just go home now. My tourney is complete.
  9. I'm looking forward to an underwhelming attempt at a repeat. I'm like the 1988 Dodgers. I'm gonna put a bounty on my head. Beat me with the Bengals playing (on either side) and get a $20 bill.
  10. I really need to get out there. With Midwest and my daughter's birthday it's a tough squeeze with the fam
  11. He's the sole reason I didn't go. Looks like I missed all the fun.... man, fuck that guy.
  12. Cool. I'm sure he'll want me to try my best to get up there... ya know, because having me around is such a pleasure for all =P Wife and I are working on the date and should know something soonly.
  13. I actually won it in the raffle but I definitely mirror these sentiments.