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  1. Nice write up. I miss the draft.
  2. Discord: OL' Dirty Tecmo Email: diazmjd@gmail.com Availability: Afternoons until 4pm and after 8pm EST. Weekends are hit or miss. Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: Whatever / CIN (I guess) What's your location/timezone?: EST Why do you want to join HSTL?: I miss making fun of everyone. I hate trying to track down opponents but will make an excepshun here. I'm in no other leagues. I play in the nude. I think we should put up $5 a season into PayPal. And @regulator088 will be slow getting his games in so I know I probably won't have to wait long. =P I started this fucking thread.
  3. Maybe this will help
  4. Dawn and I are gonna make a weekend of this. She said she had a lot of fun last year. She's weird.
  5. On another note, I was asked like a dozen times about my nicknames and handles. There are many to list and many stem from high school. So in case you are wondering I am the following: Just "Diaz" Shaq Diazel (b-ball) Dick Vital The Big Mexican (bc I'm half Cuban smh) Cubanrocks/cubanrocket Diazzhole (Thee-Ass-Hole) Mattrick Swayze and OL' Dirty Tecmo If you missed me... I'm so sorry for your loss lol.
  6. Thanks Dave and congrats Joey!! Dave, I'm so glad to see your spirits are high. You're the man. I told a couple people I wouldn't blame you one second if you had 2nd thoughts moving forward. I'm so thankful for us that you are the way you are and am looking forward to next year already. Even though I'm EXHAUSTED. I can't imagine how you and crew were vertical and functioning on Sunday. A million thanks, seriously. My one regret, is not harassing your wife. I was far too gentlemanly bc of the mayhem. Next year however, tell her to expect the full swayze. You guys are awesome. I legit love you. Full homo.
  7. I'll be the one with Flo fighting everyone.
  8. Tecmo super bowl is extremely strategic. It's as simplified or complex as the player wants it to be. I think that's the beauty of it and it's cult-like following. A coding error made Elway both more susceptible to INTs and throwing errant passes. If not for his faster legs he would be a bottom tier QB similar to BJ Tolliver. Slants are a difficult pass for any QB in TSB.
  9. Butt-fumbling - When you get locked up behind or in the OL and get drone tackled. HP Factory - When your team's collective HP far exceeds their MS. (MS is for pussies) Playstyle - Offset til the day I dye. (Manyo, Bo, me I suppose) Gangnam Style - When you call run3 for every defensive play. (TSBGOD) I like to call popcorning and bucking... "Gettin a semi" Lippett before you Tippett - self explanatory Slip n slide - when you dive to stop a touchdown pass and decide to party instead. Rage Quit - Did we mention this yet? Contra'd - when you score by so far you have enough time to press up, up, down, down, left, right, left right (b, a, b, a, select, start) just to be a dick. Fucking Whore - When you call run 3 on offense 4 or more times in a row. Laces Out - missing an easy field goal Uncle Jessie - when you decide not to run up the score. ("HAVE MERCY"
  10. Tim Ubick's opponents must play "cordless" so they don't hang themselves.
  11. I heard that one time Tim Ubick beat @duecethasa1nt so badly that Duece had to stop mid game and increase his health meter. Tim Ubick is a.......
  12. Meh. I don't like ever blaming Tecmo but based on how many successful matchups I've had with TB/cin it was an anomaly. I was played pretty evenly but 28-0 or 28-27 is the same in my book. So no, the pt diff doesn't concern me at all. Vinny, Carrier, Hall, Cobb, Haddix (I think)... All bad condition. Overthrows, booted passes, missed ints, fumbles, the works. Usually there are enough rolls to even things out, but I even got boned on the gimmies. Gotta overcome devastating shit to win any tournament.
  13. Tim Ubick handed off to Johnny Johnson and the cartridge caught on fire.
  14. Tim Ubick once caught a tipped Grogan pass (with Grogan) and ran that fucker in for 6.