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  1. HSTL Waiting List

    Yes yes yes. I'm all wet. I'm so glad you want to be back inside us.
  2. Tampa Bay's HSTL S41 Underwhelming Recap Thread

    Playing catch-up, sloppy, lazy.... but streaming at least most of the time. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182838705
  3. Random Thoughts

    That was condescendingly wonderful. Points to the fact the FBI has become useless and/or complicit. I wish he would have offered the audio and pin pointed in slow motion on his software the actual proof of his claim. That said, I believe him.
  4. HSTL S42 Divisons

    Might as well boot JP at the end of season if things aren't different. Considering Odells connection is not very good I can't imagine a game, let alone two games between the two of them. Fwiw, qblions and I have probably been the most vocal about JP and his operations. All we have to do is refuse to play him and demerits will take him out. Put him on notice. Boot at seasons end.
  5. Tampa Bay's HSTL S41 Underwhelming Recap Thread

    Week 9 action the fuccinqueers traveled to the cowbruhs and received with new troller in action, well, not new, just pulled from the tourney bag. Had a lot of nicely timed grapples that resulted in drones kind of ghosting over the play. Not sure if that was lucky timing or developing into a skill of sorts. Bucs score, Dallas get stopped on downs, Bucs score, 14-0 at half Boys receive and score, Bucs throw a pic that is housed in the endzone it's tied 14-14 in the blink of an eye. Bucs score, Boys score, and with one play left Graddy decides not to get legs even though it was timed pretty well. Go to OT and the gods favored the Bucs. Bucs went straight to a couple quick timer JJs that were held in reserve all game ftw, easiest drive of the game. GG Jesus GLRW. http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=15116&season=41
  6. Tampa Bay's HSTL S41 Underwhelming Recap Thread

    In week 4 (vacation) action of the Eagles visiting the Fuccinqueers (not that there's anything wrong with that), the Fuccs finally played the way they promised during the draft. 3 interceptions on 4 passing and containing Barry to < 100 yards rushing, thanks in part to a tapping advantage - my defense is kinda slow. The whole unit had an INT, except for Mark Carrier. Graddy is going to give him some catching lessons. http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=15039&season=41 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/180028360 GG Bo. After a few games I think you and your team will start to gel. It's taken me about half a dozen and a huge loss myself to turn it around. Hopefully this confidence sticks.
  7. HSTL S41 Hard Knocks: Prime Incorporated (Atlanta Falcons Recaps)

    Nice work Prime! Making me eat my words is great. You and Ken O equals some signs of greatness, and he will be there for you every 2nd round. I still blame you for the Troy Aikman pick, but hey, if he was gonna reach for QB you may have lost Ken O. If you get him next season you should continue this thread and retitled as the "Ken O Brian Experience." The question is though, did the Ken O Brien reach seal his fate of having a shitty OL?
  8. Buffalo Bills HSTL S41 Recaps

    I like your structured and consistent recaps. You are a better man than I.
  9. 1989 signups...

  10. 1989 signups...

    Better get my chaps drycleaned
  11. Round 0 Vote

    A league divided! I don't see the harm in it. If this gets to 13 consider me the 14th vote for yes.
  12. HSTL S42 Draft Format

    I like it. Just would prefer to see ware and Steve young on their own! But option 1 is my preference
  13. Rise from your grave.............

    No availability? You sir, are perfect here.
  14. Dallas Cowboys HSTL S41 Recaps

    This is unacceptable for HSTL. I recommend not playing these games so people with lousy connections will get demerits and be removed. Not picking sides. This is just silly to see.
  15. Random Thoughts

    Haha, so true. The few times I have it's been awesome. Sear some steaks and finish em off in the oven.... followed by scrubbing the goddamn cast iron pan for 45 minutes or it'll rust overnight. Delicious!!! 100% this