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  1. Bout time someone said it. He doesn't fumble donkey dick even when he chokes on em
  2. Fascinating, I bank my Midwest Tecmo IX win on being able to call the last 5 matchups against opponents I know very well. It gave me an edge making sure I could utilize my skillset against theirs. The number one reason for anyone not being elite... is rooming with that sandbagging bastard @segathonsov!!! Step up your prep.
  3. Fancy AF!! No Super 8 East? You guys have gone soft. *disappointed emoji* I expect this shit from @segathonsov, but not you guys.
  4. Group F(unk) ODT won toss Den/SD DEN - jebigred SD kicked off and got worked on the first possession while DEN killed nearly the whole first quarter. On SD's first possession moved the ball okay with some missed opportunities and stubbornly refused to kick for a TOD. DEN driving again and as clock ticked down there's a fumble score for a touchdown. Lots of run3 was called on both sides of the ball which is very typical in this matchup. I happened to catch him on a run2 to tie things up at the half. Second half more sloppy play from SD QBs and bad luck for the DEN squad. A couple interceptions by the much superior SD secondary followed by a "good" Pickle in the 4th for better offensive results. Not sure if I've played BigRed before but I remember him coming on the scene as I was going out. He was pretty crisp and if not for the fumble return for touchdown we'd have gone to OT (if I'm lucky) and could have had a different result. You can see by the first downs and running yards I kinda got my ass kicked head to head. GG dude! http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75742 ODTvsJEBIGRED.nsv
  5. First off, you son of a motherless goat... any matchup Regulator calls he has the advantage!! But seriously, if you have a one man defense and cannot tap as fast as your opponent it is beneficial to have a plan to bump drones for help, or be an olympic dive tackler. Regulator cycles and taps well enough to beat the Bears with T.B. I don't really think the average or even above-average tecmoer could consistently pull this one off. If the inferior tapper somehow ends up with the Bucs the game is over before it starts. This is why calling the matchups late in tournaments is such a huge advantage and why tapping is such a flawed element of the game. It's all about tapping that A**. Manyo nailed it. Scrambleez for the win! Even if Fulcher catches up with a pass he's "probably" going to just bat it down. Would be interesting how things would play out if he was 75INT.
  6. eGGcellent memory. I completely forgot to mention about how important tapping is in this matchup. In the video AJ was crushing me and getting big gainers against all those pokey CIN drones. But I got a late fumble early in his possession to put it away.
  7. I was recently watching my Midwest Tecmo games on the stream and was reading the comments from my CIN/T.B matchup call. The comments were consistent with what I hear a lot from folks. Even veteran players. Here's my breakdown on why I love it. I baited my man @manyo360 in the round of 32 in Madison some years back. Manyo, is this in the black book now? Tampa Bay's weaknesses are: OL, DL, LB and that's it. Throw in an All-Tecmo defender with a top 5 DB unit combined with a 31ms QB and a 94HP RB/TE. There's good value to eek out here in the right hands. Cincinnati's weaknesses are: DL, LB, and WR. In this matchup Cincy's impotent DL cancels out T.B's shitty OL (which is the fear, usually. no one wants Vinny running for his life with that low PS). Yeah, Francis has 69HP but coincidentally T.Bs best lineman is at OL4 sporting a healthy 50HP to keep Francis in check under average conditions. I call this the Paul Han(d)s Gruber effect. The shitty WR's of Cincy against a top DB squad in Tampa Bay make throwing into coverage very dangerous. Get up early with T.B in this matchup and it's very hard for the Bungles to come clawing back. If your opponent does not take the bait and picks T.B you still have the "better" team in the Bengals. Brooks, Boomer and Fo-Rock can always get it done in the right hands. Also, at a quick glance these teams are similar with mobile QBs and single stud DBs. So as far as playbooks go.... choose wisely. Watch it at 7:54 - I'm the Bengals. AJ didn't take the bait. I go on to win this tournament.
  8. Hell yeah. Once someone gets good enough at offense (that's not a shot at you lol) they can spend a bit more on defense for pre-play reads. I really grew used to having my best LB at LB1, second best at LB4 (really just to make my opponent at least think about it), highest INT DB at DB1 (because he drops back more) and next "best" DB at DB4 (with a hard-on for HP). If I only have one DB he goes to DB3. Fuck, I miss this stuff.
  9. Agreed. After implementing my own little system (that's difficult to explain) I won S28 and started sharing the knowledge after it was implemented and tested successful. I feel like my greatest Tecmo attribute is overall strategy and tilting of the odds in my favor whenever possible. I'm not excellent in any one aspect of the game. This separates the hombres from the chicos.
  10. Idk but now I want to make a ROM with the top offenses combined with the worst defenses and vice versa. So Pitt would possibly remain unchanged lol.
  11. I like Indy. Since the NE offense is so slow they won't break a huge play on Indy, and you can MAN 11 different guys for optimal position lol. Perhaps, it also comes down to how comfortable someone is MANning Lippett at DB2.
  12. Yes, I think.
  13. No one repped this post because Motel 6 is gone, you bastard.
  14. Who wants to get dirty with me at the Motel 6? I'm half-kidding. Glad to see the S8E back.