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  1. I get Troy in my group, who I've played in every WI tourney except for Madison in the past 3 years. Joy.
  2. I'm flying, you'll have to look elsewhere sorry.
  3. I go in late on Weds and Fridays this term, so i can be around once in a while for this.
  4. Chip firmly placed upon shoulder when defending champ is not the #1 overall seed.
  5. I've reconsidered. One of the Twelve must win. Coconuts622. Cant host.
  6. No, someone moved the registration date up, so I have to wait until Friday to get paid. I'm a broke ass college student now.
  7. PIT all the way. Fuck Vinny.
  8. Anyone who knows the Tecmo scene knows that if there was a first class of 5 guys it'd be = Chet + Josh, Knobbe, Murray, and Bruddog. Those 5 have done more for TSB than you, Sobhi, or Reg will ever do, no offense. Facts are facts.
  9. I'd never call those in tourney play, but I'd wager against the average player, I could win over 50% of those games. Against a top-notch player, maybe 2/10.
  10. Philly really should not be that high up there, I feel that so many teams that are "below PHI's rank" can neutralize/slow down Eagles. KC, MIN, MIA, DET, even PIT and the JETS can do wonders. Against that defense, there isn't much besides Jerome and Reggie. Sure, you've got Joyner, Allen, and Smith - but they're really not great at defending the pass, no one is on that team. Not to mention, against a Marino/Deberg type, Waters will get picked on a lot. So basically it comes down to the question of "Can I score absolutely every single time while my opponent sits on pass all day with PHI?"
  11. What price did you have to pay to achieve such godhood?
  12. GG Kamp, I definitely got some lucky breaks on some misthrows from Timm and the fumble. GL next season EL Duderino.
  13. I *have* been playing extra lazy with minimum effort at times in all my leagues, had my worst season to date in TTL, going 6-3-1, and for my first time ever in the league, I won't have a bye. Playoffs are coming, and I will be giving it my all. I'm going for 3 titles in a row. But it wont be easy, and I look forward to getting back to playing some good tecmo. There, fixed it for ya. Poor grammar and English really fucking irritate me.
  14. KC receives, and Blair Thomas fumbles. Go figure. GB gets picked, and KC drives but settles for a FG. GB tries a FG of their own, but it's blocked! KC tries a FG right before halftime, but it's blocked as well! Reggie Cobb would pick this one up and use all of his 25ms to scamper into the EZ, (which luck I had coming from the Pewaukee tourney earlier this year vs Rockman where I was up 10-3 at half getting ball, and promptly fumbled the game away) 10-0. GB receives, but turn the ball over on downs. KC drives, but fumble again, recovered by GB. Rutland picks Troy off again, and KC kicks another FG to go up 13-0 with just under 2:00 to go. Haywood gets a huge JJ on the last play, but accidentally scuttles out of bounds. 13-0 is your final. Chiefs now 14-1. GG Ben, GLRTW, see you in 2 months.
  15. I have no choice but to unleash Grogan. I pity for your souls.