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  1. I'll take MIN over every team in TSB but SF, HOU, and GIA. Maybe not BUF, depending on my mood.
  2. Apparently you don't understand trolling, son. Which is hard to believe.
  3. Johnny Johnson blows donkey dick. Fumbles when the game's in his hands. All time choke artist.
  4. Bingo. I won 2 coin flips at Tundra out of 7?8? First one I took Ones' advice and deferred. Second was late in the tourney. I'd prefer to have my choice of team all day every day. Twice on Sundays.
  5. PIT. All day, every day. See Tecmo XI vs. Daboy.
  6. Also, I should have expected an Iowan to grossly misspell Madison. I bet they started early on common core math too.
  7. Just saying it gets old playing the same people at every tourney. I believe you're right. So, 3 out of the last 5.
  8. I get Troy in my group, who I've played in every WI tourney except for Madison in the past 3 years. Joy.
  9. I'm flying, you'll have to look elsewhere sorry.
  10. I go in late on Weds and Fridays this term, so i can be around once in a while for this.
  11. Chip firmly placed upon shoulder when defending champ is not the #1 overall seed.
  12. I've reconsidered. One of the Twelve must win. Coconuts622. Cant host.
  13. No, someone moved the registration date up, so I have to wait until Friday to get paid. I'm a broke ass college student now.
  14. PIT all the way. Fuck Vinny.