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  1. Just look at that picturesque form running; the man is an unstoppable machine. The separation he created from Gibson, an inside linebacker? Please...who's going to cover that man? Certainly not two of the Dolphins DB's when throwing to him in the endzone...
  2. Still my favorite NES baseball game. So good.
  3. Welcome to Tundra Bowl VI, our sixth annual public Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament, and world's largest TECMO SUPER BOWL QUALIFYING TOURNAMENT! Tundra Bowl VI is coming back to Green Bay, Wisconsin in January of 2019! Click HERE to read coverage and history from the previous tournaments. Whether you’re a Tecmo veteran, a first-time player, or you want to revisit your long lost love of the game, this is the place to be! A short drive from the shadow of historic Lambeau Field, The Watering Hole will be serving up specials all afternoon as you play for prize money and more! More details to come in the future! WHAT: TUNDRA BOWL VI WHEN: January 2019 (Date TBD) at 11:00AM (Door open at 10:00AM) WHERE: The Watering Hole - 2107 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54303 REGISTRATION: Registration will be open on the Tundra Bowl registration page in the fall RULES: http://www.tundrabowl.com/official-rules.html PRIZES: TBD LIVE STREAM: https://www.twitch.tv/tundrabowl WEBSITE: www.tundrabowl.com
  4. Green Bay, WI - January 2019 - Tundra Bowl VI

    We are excited to announce your chance to play in Tundra Bowl VI for free! Each year, there are select tournaments that provide high levels of participation and player competition, showcasing some of the best Tecmo Super Bowl talent in the world. Within a calendar year, we here at Tundra Bowl will select a number of tournaments that, we feel, meet the criteria as one of the top tournaments in the nation. The tournaments on the list will change from year-to-year. If necessary, the qualifying tournaments will change within the calendar year if there are unforeseen cancellations of tournaments on the list, explosion of talent pools, etc. The winners of these tournaments on the qualifying list will receive their Tundra Bowl Entry Fee paid for, in full, for participation in the following year's Tundra Bowl Tournament. All 2018 Tundra Bowl Qualifying Tournament winners on the list below will be able to play in Tundra Bowl VI (January 2019) for free. DATE TOURNAMENT WINNER January 27, 2018 Tundra Bowl V - Green Bay, WI @red98sethuthut February 24, 2018 Tomczak Bowl X - Dubuque, IA @mort1237 March 3, 2018 Tecmo Kumite VI - Detroit, MI @toolie March 3, 2018 Tecmo Lincoln VIII - Lincoln, NE @randywags25 April 7, 2018 Tecmo Madison XIV - Madison, WI @joeygats May 19, 2018 Tecmo Columbus IV - Columbus, OH TBD July 2018 Midwest Tecmo XI - Fairfield, OH TBD August 4, 2018 Millard's Mayhem III - Bloomington, MN TBD August 2018 Tecmo Cleveland II - Cleveland, OH TBD November 2018 Tecmo Milwaukee IV - Milwaukee, WI TBD November 2018 Iowa Tecmo 5 - Des Moines, IA TBD December 2018 CT Tecmo X - Southington, CT TBD December 2018 Thunderdome XI (Online Tourney) TBD
  5. Green Bay, WI - January 2019 - Tundra Bowl VI

    No problem at all - thanks brother, I appreciate it.
  6. I appreciate the offer Goose, but am only planning on the 2v2 Tecmo during the Friday night festivities.
  7. Today, we are proud to debut our new Tundra Bowl RedZone Stream logo. The Tundra Bowl RedZone Stream is a part of the larger Tundra Bowl Network, and was a landmark innovation in the world of Tecmo Super Bowl streaming this year. Thank you all for your continued support; we look forward to more groundbreaking announcements regarding our tournament in the near future!
  8. Welcome to Tecmo Tundra Bowl V, our fifth annual public Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament, and world's largest TECMO MADISON MAJOR! The most famous retro football game of them all, Tecmo Super Bowl is back and bigger than ever. Put your skills to the test in our fifth annual tournament open to the public Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at The Watering Hole in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Sign up using PayPal to secure your spot, which includes an exclusive t-shirt and more! Click HERE to read coverage and history from the previous tournaments. Whether you’re a Tecmo veteran, a first-time player, or you want to revisit your long lost love of the game, this is the place to be! A short drive from the shadow of historic Lambeau Field, The Watering Hole will be serving up specials all afternoon as you play for prize money and more! After increasing in attendance for the fourth year in a row, we look to have another record number of participants and payouts for the 2018 tournament! Last year, we gave away nearly $2,000 in cash and prizes! We are soft-capping our participants at 90 players for Tundra Bowl V, and expect spots to fill up fast. Can't make it to the event? Stream the tournament LIVE on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/tundrabowl WHAT: TUNDRA BOWL V WHEN: January 27, 2018 at 11:00AM (Door open at 10:00AM) WHERE: The Watering Hole - 2107 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54303 BUY-IN: $40, includes an EXCLUSIVE Tundra Bowl T-Shirt, a pack of 1991 NFL Cards (brands vary), and chances at some awesome prizes! REGISTRATION: Registration is open on the Tundra Bowl registration page. SECURE your spot via PayPal online, located just below the form on the Registration page. RULES: http://www.tundrabowl.com/official-rules.html FORMAT: Group Play, then top 32 advance to the Tournament Bracket (Rd of 32: Single Elim, Sweet 16 and beyond: Double Elim.). There will also be a single elimination Consolation Bracket for EVERYONE who did not make the TOP 32....meaning everyone is guaranteed at least 5 games! PRIZES: Cash prizes for the top 8 players, winner of the Consolation Bracket receives NFL memorabilia LIVE STREAM: https://www.twitch.tv/tundrabowl WEBSITE: www.tundrabowl.com Scheduled appearance by DOUG LLOYD at Tundra Bowl V adds another dimension to our tournament! Here are some of the prizes, in addition to the numerous CASH PRIZES, that you have an opportunity to win on January 27th!! We are very excited to be the first ever, and largest Tecmo Major for The Road To Tecmo Madison! Top finishers receive the following points on the Road to Madison circuit: 1st: 25 points 2nd: 18 points 3rd: 15 points 4th: 12 points 5th: 10 points 6th: 8 points 7th: 6 points 8th: 4 points 9th: 2 points 10th: 1 point Players who finish in the top 4 at Tundra Bowl will get a guaranteed Top 6 region seed at Madison. The winner will get an even better seeding, with preferred placement into Tecmo Madison regions! Registered Players for Tundra Bowl V Adam K. SuperDuper Monroe, WI Adam K. AceSr West Bend, WI Alexander K. AceJr West Bend, WI Ben B. DarthRockman Ixonia, WI Brian S. Swagz Greenville, WI Chase M. n/a New Berlin, WI Chris K. CrestedChris Madison, WI Dave H. HoffNasty9 Rochester, NY Dustin R. n/a Fond Du Lac, WI Emilio C. n/a Kewaunee, WI Francis B. Mort1237 Maywood, IL Gerrald D. n/a Green Bay, WI Hank D. HankTheTank Green Bay, WI Jared M. TundraYeti Madison, WI Jason S. TheWoodsman Appleton, WI Jeff E. JEBigRed Altoona, IA Joe D. n/a Green Bay, WI Joey C. JoeyGats Green Bay, WI John A. n/a New Berlin, WI John O. n/a Milwaukee, WI Jonathan H. MadTownSpliffStars Madison, WI Jonathaon N. JohnnyTecmo Menomonee Falls, WI Josh A. Coconuts Oshkosh, WI Josh H. Sonofpatbeach Madison, WI Josh W. n/a Pulaski, WI Justin H. n/a Green Bay, WI Justin P. JustinPeters51 Duncombe, IA Kevin C. KevinCabarello Columbus, OH Kevin M. Sw33ts Freedom, WI Kris S. SammieSmith33 Savage, MN Kyle M. Regulator088 Elkhart, IN Larry B. TheBAZ Chicago, IL Levi L. Nelson79 Seymour, WI Louis B. Red98sethuthut Buffalo, NY Matt A. Flash80 Racine, WI Matt B. Heechy Brookfield, WI Matt M. Ones11fahzu Mishawaka, IN Matthew R. n/a Butler, WI Matthew T. CasualT Ankeny, IA Nate R. n/a Suamico, WI Nate S. RetroNathan Green Bay, WI Nate V. TheLegend Little Chute, WI Nick G. Gio Little Chute, WI Nick S. n/a Brookfield, WI Nicolino D. thenicolino Antioch, IL Randy S. n/a Pulaski, WI Rico R. Ricor33 Franklin, WI Rob C. n/a Appleton, WI Roman S. n/a Pulaski, WI Ryan A. n/a Green Bay, WI Ryan S. Ryan11p Hobart, IN Scib E. Nostradamus Shakopee, MN Shaun B. ShowerBabies Sobieski, WI Stephen A. n/a Green Bay, WI Tim O. TimPapi Green Bay, WI Tim U. The_shield Menasha, WI Tony O. Averagetsbplayer Fitchburg, WI Troy E. NMUFred Appleton, WI Troy F. TrojanGBLan Green Bay, WI Troy H. PrimeTime Franklin, WI Wes L. FabulasFulcher Milwaukee, WI
  9. Glad you can make it! Here's the list that he was speaking of...names for days.
  10. I'm not in the Jam this year; I think Ninja took my spot with Levi.
  11. SEGATHON this Satuday

    THIS...could replace Ol' Peg Leg Reg.
  12. SEGATHON this Satuday

    By far, my favorite... @SammieSmith33 "been practicing all week"
  13. I know for the Tundra Bowl, I think we've only had one instance of a violation for lurching in our five years. It was a newer player. We pointed out the rule, he apologized because he was unaware, and we moved on. Other than that, you're right though, it's an honest community for sure. Vets are always willing to help newer tournament guys too with things like matchups, rules, etc.
  14. Highlight videos have all been uploaded to our YouTube Channel, as well as our Twitch Channel - all for your viewing pleasure. More updates to come in the near future!
  15. Oh yeah, definitely. That's the challenge with team-specific prizes, people may not be as big of a fan as others. If it goes to someone who can enjoy it, that's all that matters.
  16. You mean...this one??
  17. Full recap is up now at http://www.tundrabowl.com/tundrabowl5 - player records, highlight videos and more to come in the future.
  18. Thanks brother, I really appreciate that. We were thankful to have all four major news stations come out to the tournament on Saturday. So far, I've seen two clips posted to their websites, so I've included them below. https://www.nbc26.com/news/tecmo-tournament-kicks-off http://www.wearegreenbay.com/news/local-news/nations-second-largest-tecmo-tournament-comes-to-green-bay/941997271
  19. It was a wild and crazy ride at Tundra Bowl V! I will have a full write-up this week, and will post links to videos and such. In the meantime, check out our media outlets for the games and other news from the day: www.facebook.com/tundrabowl www.twitch.tv/tundrabowl And congratulations to @red98sethuthut on his first ever Tundra Bowl championship! Among the plethora of spoils, he gets FREE LIFETIME ADMISSION to all future Tundra Bowl tournaments!
  20. It's all starting to come together...
  21. Well gentlemen, just got the unfortunate word that Mr. Green won't be able to make it to the tournament as he has business to attend to outside of the state. I thought it was only fair to update everyone as soon as I found out the information. Hoping that he can make it to next year's tournament.