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  1. Your Group A RetroNathan won Toss DAL/PHX Retro had DAL, Arn chose PHX Final DAL 21 PHX 7 PHX fumbled the opening kickoff, recovered by DAL. A quick seven points, and PHX had the ball back. DAL stops PHX, and scores on the ensuing drive, going up 14-0 by the end of the 1st. PHX has an excellent drive to end the first half, scoring to make it 14-7 DAL. Another 2 turnovers by PHX, including a fumble after a 50+ yd run in the second half, DAL eventually scores to take a 21-7 lead. The score would remain the same at the final. Arn played well, and the score isn't indicative of how he really played. Had more of an overtime feel than a two-score game. Thunderdome Retro v Arn.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns3
  2. Looking to publish the first draft of Tundra Bowl groups by the end of this weekend. Obviously, these will be flexible depending on walk-in talent and late registrations, but gives you a solid idea of who you will be playing. Stay tuned. Also, welcome our newest registrant and #1 seeded player, returning to Tundra Bowl this year after a short hiatus: Mr. @averagetsbplayer
  3. A gentleman by the handle @regulator088 just registered...from what I've heard, the guy is a slow tapper. Welcome Kyle, looking forward to having you at the tourney!
  4. We currently have 42 players registered, paid, and 100% complete on their entry into Tundra Bowl IV. We are further along in our registrations this year than we ever have been before at this time, and with our projections (based on registrations without payment, people paying at the door, walk-ins and people on the fence), we are looking to have close to 70-80 players for tournament day! While these are just projections, it is our hope we can reach that number this year through social media, word of mouth, and just an overall growing to our tournament. Each player will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 games in Tundra Bowl IV - and with our current participants and projections, we are looking at 10-15 groups this year. We are placing a #1 seeded player in each group to balance the level of talent, and come out with a phenomenal Tournament Bracket and Consolation Bracket. With that said, here are the current #1 seeds (in no particular order), based on 12 groups, and are subject to change based on entries that are yet to come in (i.e. - not yet cemented)...let the debates begin: #1 Seeds Josh @Coconuts Matt @Ones11fahzu Kyle @thegamer1185 Troy [PrimeTime] Rico @ricor33 Kyle @ImFlo Francis @mort1237 Louis @red98sethuthut Jeff @Jebigred Nate @RetroNathan Kyle @regulator088 Tony @averagetsbplayer
  5. I figured as much brother - hope to see you up here next year. I'll catch up with you at Madison in April.
  6. Just added...the official coins for each flip of Tundra Bowl IV!
  7. Which means now you can come to Tundra! Make your triumphant return sir...
  8. Updated the main thread entry - see you all on the 28th!
  9. We are just under three weeks away from Tundra Bowl IV! If you are on the fence, or know some buddies that are, sign up ASAP to secure a spot in the tournament, and guaranteed shirt size! All people registered and paid by January 13th are entered to win our AUTOGRAPHED ROGER CRAIG MINI HELMET! Register for Tundra Bowl IV HERE! Registered and Paid Participants get: an exclusive Tundra Bowl T-Shirt a pack of 1991 Pacific NFL Cards a shot at the auto'd Roger Craig mini-helmet (for those registered by Jan. 13th) a chance at a Vinny Testaverde Game Program (for winning a TBD Tecmo Challenge) and....newly added...a shot at an official, full-sized Super Bowl XXV Pennant! The top 8 places will receive CASH PRIZES! The winner of the tournament gets: A customized Tundra Bowl trophy (to be presented at Tecmo Madison) FREE entry into Tecmo Madison XIII One guaranteed streamed game at TMXIII, viewed by THOUSANDS of people worldwide An automatic first-round bye at TMXIII FREE entry into Tundra Bowl V The winner of our Consolation Bracket will receive: A full-sized Super Bowl XXV Pennant and a cash prize All currently registered and paid players are listed here: Hope to see you all on January 28th at The Watering Hole in Green Bay, WI!
  10. Here is our current list of players that have registered and paid for their entry into Tundra Bowl IV. As always, I only include those players in the official list as, barring some unforeseen circumstance, they are participating on gameday. An asterisk denotes a FREE entry into Tundra Bowl IV for winning a qualified tournament. NOTE: This list does NOT include players that have registered and have not completed payment. I have a significant number of people that have registered, but are deferring payment until the day of the tournament. Also, this list does not include other champions (ex: @regulator088) that are scheduled to participate, but have not yet completed registration. Our current projection is 70-80 players for the tournament, though that number may fluctuate the closer we get to the tournament date - January 28th. If you have not registered yet, and want to participate in Tundra Bowl IV - REGISTER HERE as soon as possible so that we can begin formulating #1 and #2 seeds, gather T-Shirt sizes, and possibly pick up more door prizes depending on the number of participants! Remember, the WINNER of Tundra Bowl IV gets: *FREE entry to Tecmo Madison XIII*A travel stipend ($$$) to help assist in getting you to TMXIII*One guaranteed streamed game at TMXIII, viewed by THOUSANDS of people worldwide*An automatic FIRST ROUND BYE at TMXIII *FREE entry to Tundra Bowl V Name Online Handle City / State Nathan S. RetroNathan Green Bay, WI Levi L. n/a Green Bay, WI Jonathan B. Jbarn54 Wisconsin Rapids, WI Matt A. Flash80 Racine, WI Nick S. n/a Brookfield, WI Ryan S. Ryan11p Hobart, IN Adam K. n/a Madison, WI Ryan N. n/a Sun Prairie, WI Tim A. n/a Milwaukee, WI Larry B. n/a Chicago, IL Seth P. n/a Cottage Grove, WI Jeremy V. n/a Green Bay, WI Wes L. n/a Milwaukee, WI Matt B. Heecy Brookfield, WI *Matt M. Ones11fahzu Mishawaka, IN Rico R. Ryanr33fulcher Franklin, WI *Josh A. Coconuts Oshkosh, WI Matt T. n/a Perryville, MO Josh F. GingeMan Malone, WI Troy E. NMUFred Appleton, WI Kyle F. ImFlo Elgin, IL *Kyle N. Thegamer1185 Exira, IA Jeff E. Jebigred Altoona, IA Jared M. Tundrayeti311 Madison, WI Paul G. Prime Time Appleton, WI Hank D. Hankthetank Appleton, WI Mike P. Irish Green Bay, WI Bruce C. n/a Caldonia, MI Robert C. n/a Grand Rapids, MI Troy F. Trojan1979 Green Bay, WI Troy H. PrimeTime Franklin, WI *Francis B. Mort1237 Maywood, IL Louis B. Red98sethuthut Cheektowaga, NY Matthew T. Casual T Ankeny, IA Ben B. Darth Rockman Ixonia, WI Sean C. Lovetecmo4ever Valparaiso, IN Tom S. Allamerican1569 Chicago, IL Shaun B. ShowerBabies Sobieski, WI Tim U. The_shield Menasha, WI Randy S. n/a Pulaski, WI Roman S. n/a Pulaski, WI Nick G. Gio Little Chute, WI Marty S. n/a Chicago, IL *Kyle M. Regulator088 Mishawaka, IN Scott S. n/a Green Bay, WI Tony O. Averagetsbplayer Fitchburg, WI
  11. Tundra Bowl is only 30 days away! To celebrate the tournament being less than a month from now, we have a HUGE announcement! To all players that REGISTER AND PAY prior to January 13th, you will be entered for a phenomenal door prize: an AUTOGRAPHED ROGER CRAIG MINI HELMET! Again, this giveaway is only for those that have registered AND paid prior to January 13th. If you haven't yet registered, register at our site here, and be entered into our door prize giveaway: As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Spots are filling up, and we'd love to see you at Tundra Bowl IV!
  12. RetroNathan Currently, can't host. Working on it and will update if changes.
  14. We are a little over a month away from the fourth installation of Tundra Bowl, and we've got quite a few updates: 1.) IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT REGISTRATION AND SHIRTS - I have been informed by my shirt distributor that the absolute last date for placing an order will have to be Friday, January 13th. That means you only have just over TWO WEEKS to lock down your shirt size with a paid registration. ***Of course, you can always register after that date, or pay at the door on game day (January 28), but your shirt size won't be guaranteed. If you, or your friends haven't yet registered, NOW IS THE TIME! The registration link can be found here, and make sure you complete your registration by paying through PayPal. THE OFFICIAL UNVEILING OF OUR SHIRT DESIGN FOR TUNDRA BOWL IV...IS AFTER THIS POST! 2.) A lot of you have been asking about hotel information. I highly recommend the venue across the street from The Watering Hole - The AmericInn. Here is the WEBSITE with hotel info...but call them directly for booking: will need to tell them you are staying for Tundra Bowl in order to get the $89 special event pricing. It's a nice hotel, and across from our venue to ensure you get some Friday night practice in. For those looking for a cheaper option, there is the Motel 6, about five minutes away, and books for around $50. 3.) For those that were interested in checking out Lambeau Tours and/or the Packers Hall of Fame, ticket prices are available on the respective linked pages. 4.) We will be having a huge advertising push in the next couple of weeks, so make sure you 'SHARE', 'LIKE', and 'RETWEET' any social media advertising you see for Tundra Bowl IV (Facebook, FB Event Page, Twitter). As the qualifier for Tecmo Madison, it's imperative that you spread the word, and register if you haven't already! 5.) Since we are running the same rules as Tecmo Madison, please familiarize yourself with the couple small tweaks they/we've made to the rules (FOUND HERE). These will also be posted to our website, customized for our tournament directors, and available at each station on game day. Long story short, here are the couple tweaks: 1. Team Selection & Coin Toss: A manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner can choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams) or defer the matchup choice to the coin-flip loser. If the winner chooses the matchup, the winner is given the P1 controller, and the loser chooses his choice of the two teams in the matchup. If the winner defers the matchup choice, the winner is given the P2 controller, the loser will then choose the matchup and the winner will select his choice of the two teams. In summary, the winner of the coin toss either gets P1 and choice of matchup or P2 and choice of teams. 8. Controllers: Tournament competitors are allowed to bring their own controller to use in games. Tournament organizers will also coordinate obtaining equipment for the competition for those that do not bring their own. Tournament organizers will examine each controller and tag it as acceptable, only tagged controllers can be used. Competitor controllers must be original Nintendo OEM products and cannot be modified in any way. Original NES controllers and NES dogbone controllers are allowed. NES Max or NES Advantage are not allowed. That's all of the updates for now - we are working on more giveaways and raffles for the tournament. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  15. The winners of our tournament qualifiers get entrance into Tundra Bowl IV for free! Congrats to the champions! A number of you have already registered, but I'm hoping to see ALL of you in January! @regulator088 @noonan @joeygats @mort1237 @Ones11fahzu @thegamer1185 @stalltalk @Coconuts @OL' Dirty Tecmo