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  1. Thunderdome X Game Recaps: Consolation Tournament

    CONSOLATION BRACKET - RETRONATHAN vs SIMPLESIMON RETRO won the toss, called TB/PIT, SIMON chose TB Great game back and forth. Unfortunate fumbles by Simon, and stupid passes by me. Brister about killed it again, and Strom came to the rescue. 7-7 at half, Simon took lead 10-7 in the 4th quarter on a great drive. 9 seconds left at the 9 yd line, I called a play and scored with no time left to win 14-10. Great game all around by Simon, just unfortunate luck on turnovers (though Vinny had some superhuman powers on a called play). Also, I apologize for the partial NSV...I forgot to hit record until midway through 1st. SSvsRet.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  2. We are proud to announce that at Tundra Bowl V, ex-Houston Oilers running back DOUG LLOYD will be in attendance to sign autographs! Doug was drafted by the Los Angeles Raiders in 1989, and also had stops with the Green Bay Packers, and of course, the Houston Oilers. Doug is also a member of the NDSU Bison Hall of Fame, class of 2006. We are suggesting a $5 donation for all autographs, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the N.E.W. Lutheran High School Football Program, right here in Green Bay!
  3. Tundra Bowl has, once again, partnered with Game Trade for an amazing sponsorship for Tundra Bowl V! Game Trade, located just minutes away from the tournament in De Pere, WI, specializes in all of your video game tastes. From retro to current generation, well-know games to the super obscure and rare, Game Trade has been serving the gaming community for years and we're excited to partner with them again!'Tundra Bowl V: Presented by Game Trade' will be the official title of our event this year, and we are proud to have the support of this fantastic business. Game Trade will be contributing to the event in important ways that we'll announce in the near future! Make sure you visit Game Trade's location in De Pere as it is well worth the visit! To learn more about their awesome store, visit Game Trade's Facebook Page, or their website for more information! Hope to see you all in January for the tournament!
  4. Thunderdome X: Consolation Tournament Signups

    Yes sir...I'm in...though I'll probably be out shortly after it commences.
  5. Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    Edited for accuracy. Or wishful thinking. Bring that PNW power to the Tundra.
  6. REVEAL #6 - FREE LIFETIME TUNDRA BOWL ADMISSION: As a new addition this year, and every year moving forward, all winners of our annual Tundra Bowl tournament receive a FREE LIFETIME ADMISSION for every future TB tournament they play in! If you make it through this field of players and win it all, you DESERVE lifetime admission in being a part of this exclusive group! This new addition takes place immediately, and is retroactive, meaning our four previous champions Josh Holzbauer @sonofpatbeach, Jeff Bernard (TheBeard), Josh Aaronson @Coconuts and Kyle Miller @regulator088 have earned FREE LIFETIME ADMISSION to all future Tundra Bowl tournaments! You aren't going to want to miss this tournament - register today (www.tundrabowl.com/registration) to secure your spot at TBV in Green Bay on January 27th! Stay tuned for more reveals to come!!
  7. REVEAL #5 - THE TECMO CHALLENGE: This year, we are introducing a new, separate gameday event: The Tecmo Challenge. Anyone is able to participate in this separate event. For a $5 entry, if the player gains a 1st down within 4 offensive plays (with IND/NE/SEA versus any COM team), without turning the ball over, they win a PREMIER EDITION 1992 NFL Collectible Playing Card - only 54 cards are available to WIN! Your NFL Collectible Playing Card may be connected to selection of BONUS PRIZES and NFL Memorabilia, like an AUTOGRAPHED JERRY RICE CUSTOM 49ers JERSEY, and much more!
  8. TUNDRA BOWL REVEAL #4 - EXPANDED CONSOLATION AND TOURNAMENT BRACKETS: This year, we are expanding our Consolation and Tournament Brackets to include more players than ever before! On top of the already guaranteed four games, the Top 32 players will make our Tournament Bracket, and the next 16 players will qualify for our Consolation Bracket, each with prizes to be announced at a later date! With 48 players getting at least FIVE guaranteed games, this will be our most exciting Tundra Bowl yet!! You aren't going to want to miss this tournament - register today (www.tundrabowl.com/registration) to secure your spot at TBV in Green Bay on January 27th! Stay tuned for more reveals to come!!
  9. Fishkill, NY - 11/18/2017 - The King's Cup

    Good luck everyone! Hope the tournament goes well.
  10. RetroNathan YES CST M-F 7pm-9pm Weekend Any
  11. Assuming here, and correct me if I'm wrong, it would work out like this: Player A: 1-1 +3 PT diff: 21-14 over C, 20-24 against B Player B: 1-1 +3 PT diff: 24-20 over A, 20-21 against C Player C: 1-1 -6 PT diff: 14-21 against A, 21-20 over B Players A and B would technically be in a two-way tie and have a one game playoff.
  12. REVEAL #3 - THE STERLING SHARPE SPECIAL: Everyone that has a paid registration into Tundra Bowl V (www.tundrabowl.com/registration) has a shot at this in-game prize - THE STERLING SHARPE SPECIAL! The player that accumulates the most receiving yards with Sterling Sharpe in the Group Play stage will receive a framed Sharpe poster, as well as a 1991 Green Bay Packers program, featuring #84 on the cover! You aren't going to want to miss this tournament - register today at the link above to secure your spot at TBV in Green Bay on January 27th! Stay tuned for more reveals to come!!
  13. I'm with you on liking the seeding, structuring, etc. You guys do a great job; thanks for all of the efforts you and the Madison crew put in.
  14. Just trying to clarify for people, that's all. Not worried in the least. 🌛🌛🌛 Also, "Shoot for the Moon" should be the 2019 tournament name.
  15. Three players with group: does that mean play each person twice (for total of four games) in group play? How does it work if there are ties in overall and/or head to head?