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  1. WHAT: FREE Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament @ Let's Play Expo (Tundra Bowl V Qualifier) WHEN: Saturday, July 1st, 2017 - 1:00pm Registration, 1:30 Kickoff WHERE: Radison Paper Valley Hotel 333 W College Ave Appleton, Wisconsin, WI 54911 BUY-IN: FREE with paid Expo Admission REGISTRATION: RULES: FORMAT: Group Play, then Double Elimination (time permitting, otherwise Single) PRIZES: The winner will gain FREE admission into our MAIN EVENT, Tundra Bowl V in January! Last year, we gave away nearly $2,000 in cash and prizes at the nation's second-largest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament WEBSITE:
  2. Solo? Playing with two controllers at the same time? That would be pretty amazing...I can't beat the computer.
  3. Thanks Pawn America - time to get my Jam on.
  4. Ninja dropped out, I took his place and we changed our name. See above, thanks bro.
  5. We're in. I'm replacing Tecmo Ninja, and we've got a name change. Mookie Love You Long Time: myself and Levi
  6. Awesome brother, we'll be happy to have you. Touch base with me at Madison (HN17) if you want to know more about the tourney, or just want to drop by and chat. Looking forward to meeting you.
  7. I'm booked at the Hampton Inn for at least Friday for sure. Looking forward to the weekend gents!
  8. Don't worry @qb_browns, this transpired at Tundra Bowl on the Twitch chat: davefmurray : I LOVE MORT FULL HOMO Dueceloose : Lol Dueceloose : Full Dueceloose : I think its just his beard dave davefmurray : #beardmagnets This is when @davefmurray just completely passes #homo, and goes #fullhomo
  9. Tournament Bracket:
  10. Streaming live at - a new Tundra Bowl record of 58 players!
  11. Setting up at The Watering Hole currently to test some things out. Stop on by for some pre-game action prior to tomorrow's Tundra Bowl IV!
  12. For all of those traveling in - safe travels. The weather looks great. We will be setting up some stations tonight for a limited time at The Watering Hole if anyone wants to drop by.
  13. I have updated the list (57 players so far) and the Groups for Saturday. There had to be a few changes with the new registrations, and a couple with seeding, so please take a look at our first page/top post for the new adjustments. Also, the final format is now set. Regardless of the number of entries yet to be determined, after Group Play, the Tournament Bracket will feature 28 players. The Top 2 players from each group will move onto the double-elimination bracket portion, with wildcards filling any vacant bracket positions. In this format, the top 4 seeds overall (record and point differential) after Group Play will receive first-round byes. For those that just miss out on the Tournament Bracket because of records/point differential, the next 8 players will enter into a single elimination Consolation Bracket. We are paying 9 total finishing positions: The Top 8 of the Tournament Bracket, and the winner of the Consolation Bracket. Looking forward to the tournament in just under 48 hours!
  14. If we get a few more people, I'll shuffle it a little so you're playing someone else. The challenge is I'm not sure who has seen who head-to-head often, so as best as I try to accommodate talent levels and previous matchups, there will always be a couple that may be unavoidable.
  15. Currently, this is our tournament map of player locations that are participating/registered for Tundra Bowl IV. We had one player from Missouri that had to back out due to extenuating circumstances, and one from Minnesota that has not yet paid. All told, currently we have seven different states represented, and a new TUNDRA BOWL RECORD with 55 participants registered so far, with three days yet until the tournament! Thank you for spreading the word about our tournament - it is because of many amazing players in the Tecmo Community that this tournament has grown to the heights that it has, and I am both humbled and grateful for that. I'm looking forward to Friday and Saturday, and for this to be the best Tundra Bowl yet!