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  1. Welcome to Tecmo Tundra Bowl V, our fifth annual public Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament! The most famous retro football game of them all, Tecmo Super Bowl is back and bigger than ever. Put your skills to the test in our fifth annual tournament open to the public Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at The Watering Hole in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Sign up using PayPal (starting Sept. 4th) to secure your spot, which includes an exclusive t-shirt and more! Click HERE to read coverage and history from the previous tournaments. Whether you’re a Tecmo veteran, a first-time player, or you want to revisit your long lost love of the game, this is the place to be! A short drive from the shadow of historic Lambeau Field, The Watering Hole will be serving up specials all afternoon as you play for prize money and more! This next installation of our tournament series will be bigger and better than ever! After increasing in attendance for the fourth year in a row (58 players!) we look to have another record number of participants and payouts for the 2018 tournament! Last year, we gave away nearly $2,000 in cash and prizes! We are soft-capping our participants at 96 players for Tundra Bowl V, and expect spots to fill up fast. Can't make it to the event? Stream the tournament LIVE on Twitch: WHAT: TUNDRA BOWL V WHEN: January 27, 2018 at 11:00AM (Door open at 10:00AM) WHERE: The Watering Hole - 2107 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54303 BUY-IN: $40, includes an EXCLUSIVE Tundra Bowl T-Shirt, a pack of 1991 NFL Cards (brands vary), and chances at some awesome TSB/NFL door prizes to be announced! REGISTRATION: Registration will open on Monday, September 4th at 4:30PM CST on the Tundra Bowl registration page. Secure your spot via PayPal online. RULES: FORMAT: Group Play, then top finishers will advance to the 32-man Tournament Bracket (elimination format TBD). There are also plans for an 8-man or 16-man, single elimination Consolation Bracket. PRIZES: Cash prizes for the top 8 players, winner of the Consolation Bracket receives NFL memorabilia LIVE STREAM: WEBSITE: These are players that have earned FREE admission to Tundra Bowl V based on their qualifying tournament wins across the country! Congrats! @regulator088 @mort1237 @ArtVandelay @joeygats @thegamer1185 @red98sethuthut @toolie
  2. I really enjoyed my time at this tournament, and @SammieSmith33 did a great job with the tourney itself, as well as having a plethora of excellent door prizes. Thankful to be a part of it and see a lot of the brotherhood. Congrats to @mort1237 on another spectacular run, and congrats to @thegamer1185 for winning not only Millard's Mayhem today, but also free entry to Tundra Bowl V in January! Disclaimer: The cash prize for winning Millard's Mayhem significantly outweighs the free TBV entry, but it's a nice bonus.
  3. Cool, thanks Jon
  4. As a part of our yearly qualifying tournaments, the winner of certain events gains a FREE entry to Tundra Bowl in Green Bay the following year. I'm proud to announce that the winner of this weekend's tourney, Millard's Mayhem 2, will receive FREE entry to Tundra Bowl V in Green Bay on January 27th, 2018! A complete list of qualifying tournaments is available on Tundra Bowl's website.
  5. Anyone know Luke's online handle?
  6. Registered and ready to rock - see you gents on Saturday.
  7. Solo? Playing with two controllers at the same time? That would be pretty amazing...I can't beat the computer.
  8. Thanks Pawn America - time to get my Jam on.
  9. Ninja dropped out, I took his place and we changed our name. See above, thanks bro.
  10. We're in. I'm replacing Tecmo Ninja, and we've got a name change. Mookie Love You Long Time: myself and Levi
  11. Awesome brother, we'll be happy to have you. Touch base with me at Madison (HN17) if you want to know more about the tourney, or just want to drop by and chat. Looking forward to meeting you.
  12. I'm booked at the Hampton Inn for at least Friday for sure. Looking forward to the weekend gents!
  13. Don't worry @qb_browns, this transpired at Tundra Bowl on the Twitch chat: davefmurray : I LOVE MORT FULL HOMO Dueceloose : Lol Dueceloose : Full Dueceloose : I think its just his beard dave davefmurray : #beardmagnets This is when @davefmurray just completely passes #homo, and goes #fullhomo
  14. Tournament Bracket:
  15. Streaming live at - a new Tundra Bowl record of 58 players!