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  1. Seahawks QB1 Vinny Testaverde QB2 Wade Wilson RB1 Emmitt Smith RB2 Spencer Tillman RB3 Leroy Hoard RB4 Ron Wolfley WR1 Tim Brown WR2 Anthony Carter WR3 Shawn Collins WR4 Patrick Rowe TE1 Keith McKeller TE2 Scott Galbraith OL1 Jim Richter OL2 Jerry Crafts OL3 Glenn Parker OL4 Kent Hull OL5 Howard Ballard DL1 Chris Doleman DL2 Henry Thomas DL3 John Randle LB1 Tony Bennett LB2 Bryce Paup LB3 John Grimsley LB4 John Offerdahl DB1 Carl Carter DB2 Patrick Hunter DB3 Eugene Robinson DB4 Leroy Butler K Fuad Reveiz P Harry Newsome
  2. Discord Name: QBLions Team Preference (can be more than one): Lions, any is fine Availlibilty: nights/weekends Can you host: not at the moment but still messing with it Location/Time zone (Helps with scheduling games): Eastern
  3. Long shot but figured Id try, we are heading down Friday to stay at Greektown and bringing a TV and Nintendo but somehow forgot to grab a copy of tecmo. Havent played in a while and wanted to get some of the rust off Friday. Anyone happen to have an extra copy they would lend until Saturday or sell? Let me know Chris 517-862-4096
  4. New to the boards, longtime tecmo player and Michigan resident here, cant wait!
  5. Ordered the adapter. Thanks for the advice
  6. New to the online world and wondering if anyone had some suggestions on a good controller that is very similar to the feel of the nintendo controller. The retrolink one I ordered off Ebay is crap, the D pad is horrible for diagonal moves. Been using an Xbox 360 controller and its not to bad just really would like to have the same nitnendo feel. Thanks in advance! Chris