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  1. Buck I don't blame you, not to offend anyone, but the only 2 groups of people who enjoy Brown twerk dance are gay dudes and the steelers nation. Oops, they're both the same.
  2. View File 2016 - 2017 rosters I edit the roster from last year 2015-2016 Rom. I used the Android TSBTool for android. Also I don't have the ability to add or change team uniforms Submitter cowboyschamps Submitted 09/07/2016 Category SNES  
  3. Version 1.1.2


    I edit the roster from last year 2015-2016 Rom. I used the Android TSBTool for android. Also I don't have the ability to add or change team uniforms
  4. What's up bro. How's the coding for the game coming along?

    1. drunken_honkey


      It's getting there.  I've almost cleaned up all the cut scenes.  A couple little bugs still to go.

    2. cowboyschamps


      Well hang in there, people can't rush a masterpiece. 

  5. I live in Dallas and I tried to for 2 months on the 100 channel package. It was for 54.99, and I love it. For one there's no contract, so if you decided not to get it because your money is short, no problem. I got mobdro on my tablet and I'm going to tried it out first before I use Vue again. Make sure your wifi signal is strong, because it will buffer a lot if it's weak.
  6. If it did exist, it would kill madden
  7. Do anybody know if this game actually exists? I saw this on devient art, and was wondering if someone design this, if they did they are a freaking genius.
  8. Has this program been updated lately? Having a hard time to save any snes rom.
  9. My Cowboys just need to tank the rest of this year and stock up on some Draft picks. And at the same time get rid of 90% of the coaching staff. Of the 5 losses they had, they lost STUPID! And I blame the coaching staff for being unprepared, I'm glad I'm doing fan duel so I don't get disinterested in this season.
  10. That game which Brandon Weeden played, proved why he's is 5-20 as a starter. The media in Dallas for the first 2 games Weeden started, blamed the WR because they couldn't get open. I have to disagree with them, Weeden has proven to everyone he is scared to throw the ball to his left and over 20 yrds down the field. And when he did attempted it was in double coverage. I didn't believe the Cowboys would win, but when your defense sacked Brady at least 5 times in the first half, please make it more competitive. The Cowboys OC and Weeden MUST GO! With or without Romo/Bryant you just can't pass over 40 times with this offense, and not playing with a conservative attitude.
  11. Cowboys beat Eagles by 7
  12. It's not working
  13. Has anyone been having problems with this app crashing?
  14. QBVIKING can you send a link to it. Thanks
  15. Where's the snes file at?