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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the update had me scared! LOL. Ill keep my eyes peeled
  2. Anyone know what happened to the Madison Stat Extractor? I use it every year but since the Madison site was updated the Stat Extractor is missing!
  3. Here is the Blimp for my 2017 Season
  4. Hey all. Im working on my yearly TFO Rom and last season I started to give away the prize of placing text on the Tecmo Blimp that appears at halftime. So since I have my notes and couldn't find this on the boards I wanted to post it for others... and so I won't lose it next season when I do this all again So I like to think of the Tecmo Blimp as having 2 Lines of 10 "Spots". These spots are filled in with 8x8 pixel images. There are 16 available characters to use in these spots (not counting spaces). You would need to go in and EDIT these with your own images/letters/characters to appear on the blimp and one could have MORE spots by doing some edits on their own but I stick with the 16 as I haven't had an issue with it. I know there is more "real estate" on the blimp that could be used but since it shares a pallet with the background clouds I just stick with the two 10 character lines. CHARACTER GRAPHIC SPOTS (17 total counting Space/Blank) 03 = Space/Blank (DO NOT OVERWRITE) 0B = Left Part of Helmet Icon 0F = Right Part of Helmet Icon 1D = E (blue) 37 = C (blue) 39 = T (blue) 3D = M (blue) 3E = O (blue) 3F = S (pink) 41 = U (pink) 42 = P (pink) 43 = E (pink) 44 = R (pink) 45 = B (pink) 46 = O (pink) 47 = W (pink) 48 = L (pink) SPOTS AVAILABLE ON THE BLIMP (2 Lines of 10) 1ST: LINE: 0x1446c 0x1446d 0x1447b 0x1447c 0x1447d 0x1447e 0x1448c 0x1448d 0x1448e 0x1448f 2ND LINE: 0x14470 0x14471 0x1447f 0x14480 0x14481 0x14482 0x14490 0x14491 0x14492 0x14493 PALLET LOCATION (3 colors) BLUE: 0x1a02d PINK: 0x1a02e WHITE: 0x1a02f (DO NOT CHANGE) [Recommended not to mess with the white as the rest of the blimp's white spots share the same pallet as the clouds in the background] Attached is TFO 2016's Blimp Have fun!!!!
  5. Here are some other yard markers for this hack. I haven't seen CPU shank a kick on 5yrd or 10yrd but I have seen "bounce off upright" a few times at 10yrd. #PAT AT 5YRD SET(0X246B0,0x6C) SET(0X24E38,0x94) #PAT AT 10YRD SET(0X246B0,0x44) SET(0X24E38,0xBB) #PAT AT 15YRD SET(0X246B0,0x1C) SET(0X24E38,0xE4)
  6. I think this works but I want to make sure. I have another hack where this goes. If I do the following will I be OK? I found that 2BFD2 has no hacks in this area and I want to make sure Im not fubaring myself in any way. SET(0x2A534, 0x4CC2BF) SET(0x2BFD2, 0xA5454AA5446A186972A8A9016900AA4C2FA5)
  7. Thank you pambazos! This was exactly what I was looking for. The funny thing is you even referenced me in the post (lol). Im condensing the information below for my reference. I may clean this up a bit later for others who may need it, -------------------------------- POSTED BY: pambazos Jstout came up with a code for having 3 teams in a division working properly (graphics and everything). It works as follows: At offsets: x22FB6 - 22FD6 input the following code: EAEAEAEAEAEAEA A590C9 03 F007A5 9D A2 03 20CCAF201EA8A901209ACCA5901869 2D I am not the right person to explain this code properly, so perhaps someone with the knowledge will be able to. Then you can go to the Team setup for the Standings screen, at offset x23F6D (3F79B for the 32 teams rom) Where it reads: 00 05 05 04 09 05 0E 05 13 05 18 04 . Green values represent the number of teams each division has (the black values are for the first team of each division). The code made by jstout will only let you have 3 or 4 teams. So now you MUST input a value of 3 or 4 (not 5 anymore, or it will show a black screen) The 3 teams code still needs some graphic tweaks. So at offset x1F00E input this code: 61EBB0FC18B08261CBB08281B0B082A1B0B082C1B0B082E1 and at offset x1F08C, input this code: EB1423FF This will fix the Graphics for the Standings Menu.
  8. OR: Could it be possible to have 6 teams in a division? Same error as 3 teams but I would even be cool if the last team was not even listed.
  9. Hey All I'm working some things into my yearly TFO Rom and am looking to change the rom to only have 3 teams per division (so 9 per conference, 18 per league). But there is a problem; when you make a division just 3 teams you get a blank screen when viewing the division in the Standings window. Anyone have an idea on how this can be fixed? I know we discussed some of this in a previous post titled "Moving Teams to Different Divisions" and there are roms that have 3 teams per division, but I just can't seem to find out what is going on. Any help is appreciated! I also plan to apply the 5 team playoff aswell but Ill cross that bridge once I know if I can do 3 teams per division or if I will need to up it to 4 teams per division (which would make 24 teams per Rom, and 48 for the league which seems overkill and won't be the path I follow). THANKS; ROGER De VORE TFO FOOTBALL OWNER
  10. First off THANK YOU for the supposed "half ass broken hack". It is awesome regardless if it currently works fully or not. You do great work bruddog. We appreciate it and all ideas help us make Tecmo the best it can be. But I will poke and see if the first post ever got updated with your fixes. I run the TFO and think this feature would be awesome as I could have a whole new stat field on my RPG forms for players to Raise or Lower their offensive starters possible injuries. My other question is about this hack; does PR now have the static injury rate (2.8%) or the "new" injury rate per the player? Im assuming that returners would now have their "new" injury rate and that might be the only reason I won't use the hack as I like PR being a riskier position as that causes my owners to be cautious on who they put back for returns.. THANKS; ROGER DeVORE TFO OWNER
  11. Does NORMAL Overtime in Tecmo get stat tracked??? Or is it just this hack makes OT stats not trackable?
  12. All of our games are COM vs COM. As an Owner's League all the players get is to purchase (aka create) their teams. They also cannot make any changes mid-season either.
  13. So this is No Clock on Kickoffs but resumes Clock for other segments is that correct? I assume this could also be applied to Punts once the values are found. I think I may use this
  14. I think injuries could increase slightly. I think I could also require a certain amount of points for backups aswell. Alot of teams skimp out on their backups in hopes of making their starts better (risk vs reward). Works nice until they suffer an injury :-/ But I like and understand the need for more depth so I appreciate the comment and will look into balancing that in the upcoming season.
  15. Hey all! A few months back I was able to complete my 4th Season of Tecmo Fantasy Owners (TFO). For those who may not know what TFO it is basically a hacked TSB league where "football owners" create their teams at the beginning of the season through an RPG like form (salary capped), and then during the season the CPU controls all the action. I post all the games through our YouTube Channel ( over the 17 Week Season and 6 Week Post-Season. If you want more information on TFO check us our at our website ( ANYWAY: so I am returning for SEASON FIVE on February 2017. I have some ideas and plans but wanted to see if any of you TecmoBowl.Org peeps have some ideas or hacks that would work in this format. Currently the 2016 ROM is online here at TecmoBowl.Org. The file is attached below. It has the following hacks added to the game: --KR Glitch Fixed (now returns at player's speed) --PR Glitch Fixed (now returns at player's speed) --Pass Accuracy Glitch Fixed (Stat now works) --COM QB Intelligence (COM will attempt to throw to an 'open' receiver when passing) --Pass Defense Increased (Coverage increased on all pass plays - makes DEF select Pass Def on all Pass Plays) --End of 2nd/4th Field Goal (set to "> 25 seconds") --Punt Team Speed Reduction (Punt Team gets 1/2 speed boost from original TSB) --Run Playbook Swapped (Some plays in the Run Playbook are in different slots. Allows for 3 QB Sneaks, or 4 RB2 Runs) So Im asking for your help and advice. What hacks or ideas should I add to make the game to make it "fairer" for the human players. Remember this is an all CPU League so the Owners are forced to watch and cannot control their players other than when they submit their roster. Let me know what you guys think. I know some of my owners are "learning the system" and without making changes each year its easy for someone to continually dominate. I want to make it a fair and fun experience for all my players. Let me know and SEE YOU NEXT TECMO!!!!