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  1. RT @munzly: Guidry's 4th bomb of the year. https://t.co/s79Yk7hbys

  2. @RobbyDonoho Man! That's cold blooded!

  3. I believe JR legit didnt know that was coming. https://t.co/55I3XOp8Or

  4. @LadyNay1920 Legal formality is my guess.

  5. @I_be_Gabe LoLz!!! https://t.co/eNnotZmUCl

  6. @Patrick_Magee They'd have to outright ignore them at that point to not give them a nat seed.

  7. @sporer I came to the plate in my last RTTS game to find this. Suboptimal day for the boys. LOL https://t.co/O70guP233h

  8. Brandon's JT Ginn named 6A Player of the Year. https://t.co/f0NF0aP3dD

  9. RT @wpmcgee: Already started. Like clockwork. https://t.co/Jx4MvXvddc

  10. OMG Yes! https://t.co/tKbJrFrKRQ

  11. @Tugfrom1059 @Jakewim They're a tad out of the listening area.

  12. RT @munzly: WATCH: Emotional moment when USM lifts senior Dylan Burdeaux w/ 2 outs in the 9th Sunday. https://t.co/4Ey2nGbCrs

  13. I'm over pansy millionaire baseball players that can't throw a damn baseball to first base. https://t.co/VlxoxYo5BY

  14. RT @IAmMrSMH105_9: @Tugfrom1059 @JayWhiteSports @Jakewim https://t.co/uUAL7S3uny

  15. RT @RossDellenger: In 1st team meeting, Will Wade said half players weren't wearing #LSU gear. Wade: "No wonder we kicked your ass last ye…