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  1. RT @UTBaseballEquip: A quick update from Dudy Noble Field https://t.co/jbvOoZexao

  2. Oh, hey Mobile! https://t.co/EMarpb9dp8

  3. 6 people followed me and 7 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa

  4. @bobounds https://t.co/nJrdri5W9K

  5. YAAAAASSS!!!!! https://t.co/7mt9eqePDI

  6. RT @RedditCFB: Coastal Carolina has groundbreaking for stadium expansion; #SurfTurf should be ready for season opener vs UMass: https://t.cā€¦

  7. @OleRebelJacob Nope. But, to be fair, I gave you a bad example. Mondale didn't come close to winning pop vote either. Lol

  8. 5 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa

  9. Get better. I mean...really. somebody focus! https://t.co/vsuOdv6nhv

  10. I need an update, TG! https://t.co/jEXmnO2biH

  11. I'm calling a game at 7pm in Pearl. It's 6pm and I'm at Lakeland & I-55. It's a parking lot. https://t.co/It3vVWhpz5

  12. @gridirondawg Jeez, I didn't know I wasn't following you. Aaaand I'm a jerk.

  13. "JIMINEY CHRISTMAS!" - Road Dogg Jesse James (in a pastel violet dress shirt and tie) https://t.co/QgQdnmqURW

  14. @chase702000 The 4pm and 5pm shows on 105.9 do work. USM is part of the beat.

  15. @RichardCrossH2H Man, he's always a million bucks to talk to.