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  1. RT @YahooSports: TFW your 5-foot-6 rookie RB has almost as many passing yards as your rookie QB. https://t.co/VaJAucnx5x

  2. Hmmm. https://t.co/UDdzFOI8tH

  3. Hey look! Closet prejudice isn’t just a conservative hobby after all. Also, Olbermann really, really, really needs… https://t.co/i8Bupp7FoY

  4. @CaseyStern Next 30 seconds... https://t.co/eyES3gxltE

  5. @I_be_Gabe He was a guest on OOB.

  6. @BunkiePerkins I don’t even know what it means, to be sure. But, it seemed like a positive.

  7. RT @OTBaseballPhoto: In 1953, few years before Dodgers would move in, plans were being devised to try to fit baseball field into Los Angele…

  8. Maybe. I’ll see if they have any sales openings also. https://t.co/FcueXjTKdj

  9. RT @coach_crumedy: Nick Saban was spot on with his post game conference.. Once kids stop listening to people tell em how good they are and…

  10. Suburban Cubs fans are all upset bout this. The Nats do this after every win. https://t.co/x6dP6kki5m

  11. Oh. https://t.co/lnD7slIaaR

  12. RT @KnockahomaNTN: 5 years ago today Sam Holbrook got the outfield confused with the infield. #NeverForget https://t.co/C9CXoeL7eD

  13. @bully7070 @JohnLPitts I agree.

  14. He's not misinformed. He just throws crap at the wall everyday to see what sticks. https://t.co/GyfVDY5cQO

  15. TOMMY WEST!!! https://t.co/NYdlVcuwTx