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  1. RT @tacoguy209: Can’t wait for my great grandkids to enjoy a ball game at the Oakland coliseum

  2. Oh. https://t.co/240qfYAsG5

  3. RT @MSGRIDIRON: MHSAA Boys Basketball First Round Playoff Matchups https://t.co/Dbbex0Jczg https://t.co/PpVElVHNzt

  4. 11 people followed me and 7 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa

  5. Maybe your ignorant ass shouldn’t turn a 17-person mass murder into a racial talking point. Jesus. https://t.co/QNselbdkDH

  6. RT @SouthernMissMBB: #WayBackWednesday: Feb. 1, 2012. Golden Eagles defeat C-USA Champion Memphis. We're hosting first-place Middle Tenne…

  7. 8 people followed me and 12 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa

  8. RT @BunkiePerkins: I am so excited to watch Vitter and Bjork mess up this basketball hire.

  9. The life of an A’s fan... When I just followed @RealJoshReddick, Twitter immediately spat a bucket of former A’s… https://t.co/fjSJWuDYkN

  10. RT @bshields0244: Here it is.. MHSAA Basketball District Tournament Schedule https://t.co/10LJg5zfrE

  11. @hind_leg What is the point of the bill, if that’s not what it’s about, in spite of being presented that way? Legit… https://t.co/7J6mNfMvqV

  12. @SuplexCityLimit @theFUDeration No sleep. No foooooooooood. No nothing. Just podcastim.

  13. @GhostOfFiggins @VegasRebs which one? Bama shirt, Tennessee hat.

  14. @davemeltzerWON @gatorman23 @ChrisHudgison @Mike_Sands @I_be_Gabe @BradLoganCOTE Still can’t type on iPhones.

  15. RT @RomaroMiller: Lol https://t.co/jcb3MmyOWK