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  1. What's your middle initial? May come in handy moving forward. https://t.co/SXp4F05uOC

  2. Sid should be the new @kfc colonel. https://t.co/KvPIt5PCrz

  3. @ThecaJones That video is awesome!

  4. Oh. https://t.co/4FjqPkX5vk

  5. @dawgsmack You should be on the radio, but you're overqualified.

  6. https://t.co/EKc8L949Et

  7. @FNUTL Oh. Not sure which day but it was this week like you said.

  8. Ate at what I think used to be a Dominos on Russell, down from the stadium, way too many Saturdays than should be p… https://t.co/ADaMOsQJRT

  9. @RedCupRebellion At least the first game is against a bunch of Yallabushwackers!

  10. RT @nyjets: We have signed WR Daniel Williams and waived WR Deshon Foxx. https://t.co/ZTGkZJ0uq9

  11. 8 people followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa

  12. @MarkEnnis @colecubelic Yeah! Need!!! Ha!

  13. LOL https://t.co/4lM77pctU9

  14. Why lend credence or credibity to this dumb shit? https://t.co/WwDR7xBsjj

  15. 12 people followed me and 8 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa