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  1. RT @JohnJHendrix: The #Saints have selected Marques Colston and Roman Harper to announce their Round 2 and 3 pick selections. Teams selecte…

  2. RT @JordanHeckFF: josh rosen snapped on em https://t.co/NVqYk6b7M2

  3. Tuned into RAW first time at 9:55. Sees #10WomanTag. (Could be #10anythingtag) Hears Booker T say words. Changes channel.

  4. .@Jakewim https://t.co/fh09AP4JLB

  5. RT @ladodgerreb: Hide your boner next time, dan. Geez https://t.co/zesLSie6xo

  6. @DawgatAuburn @BWalker_SEC Strong.

  7. So, yeah. The 2018 Egg Bowl and Saints-Falcons will be played Thanksgiving Night....at the same time. Kiss my ass,… https://t.co/mVaj5YEl8j

  8. Dear @Jakewim, Stick to football. Get baseball outta ur mout. Love, Me

  9. 13 people followed me and 7 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/bTayTjP2Pa

  10. @jonwienershow @Quartaback_Jack @jperry_pearl @Yuengling_Beer @faceandbodyctr ADJUSTED LOGO!!!!!

  11. Multiple championships. https://t.co/V2clixsf73

  12. .@Jakewim, here’s some peak Florida. https://t.co/c9EX3glzzg

  13. @JohnLPitts https://t.co/0GlHb5OZww

  14. Oh. https://t.co/z5OhSgHWGW

  15. Well, @CodyRhodes, that didn't take long. Fantastic! https://t.co/d0zJltONq2