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  1. Handle ya bidness, sir. https://t.co/2jfyKFgOea

  2. It's easy to rack up 800 wins when your whole career is coaching Kansas and UNC. https://t.co/Bn2ZhV00OL

  3. All-time Series: Cowboys 17 Packers 17

  4. Howell Trophy. https://t.co/6GRITk3zBC

  5. 😨 https://t.co/jepaiqnsrj

  6. If Arky State doesn't wear these anymore, that's their first and biggest misstep. These are gorgeous.… https://t.co/oNXZUJP0XZ

  7. Savage. https://t.co/plEjUYgY4u

  8. Like seeing these 3 in the same place, at the same time couldn't make me geek out more. https://t.co/gOxZYSheer

  9. Like ya do... https://t.co/k7akrQkCoz

  10. RT @JStrawnFWtCT: I have no idea who this person is, but the rumor he's leaving has picked up some steam this morning. Anyone know? https:/…

  11. @Mike_Sands To be honest, I forgot they lost that game. So, I subtracted 2 from 16. No disrespect intended to the Eagles at all.

  12. @SameWells @MSGRIDIRON @Jakewim I was scrolling through that guys timeline and twitter crashed on my phone. Swear. To. God.

  13. Picking up WSM 650-AM out of Nashville clear as a bell in Rankin County tonight.

  14. Welp, here's the real undisputed life champion. https://t.co/Sk5V9Tklet

  15. Why so serious? https://t.co/7ATMSZ03Lt