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  1. RT @ryenarussillo: Archer fans thought this was going to be a cooler test. https://t.co/55VaaUs4Cw

  2. Feelsbadman. Going to miss the smile, the energy, and of course the fist pumps. https://t.co/y0tT2tGvcx

  3. RT @nowthisnews: This is what resisting Trump looks like https://t.co/E30v10SUBZ

  4. RT @royceyoung: Clint Capela was sent for a diversion while the others tried to break in the back door. The NBA is the best. https://t.co/e…

  5. RT @ESPNBooger: Steelers- we blew a chance to go the conference championship Saints- Hold my beer

  6. RT @SBNation: https://t.co/S4UymMw8O3

  7. RT @SBNation: Oh. https://t.co/lPtoQvsRCt

  8. RT @SBNationCBB: #Pac12AfterDark https://t.co/YIlnUpfEVA

  9. RT @Rachel__Nichols: This draft class is sooo interesting https://t.co/D4X2cnMD1z

  10. RT @TheDweck: Congrats to the new editor-in-chief of Breitbart https://t.co/OwgLlxOBxo

  11. RT @celebrityhottub: Sorry to be a bit of a tech nerd here but has anyone seen this cool Google feature? https://t.co/FyxhQ4iTE6

  12. RT @erinscafe: god I love los angeles https://t.co/t6w5WpjnEi

  13. RT @SBNationCFB: Appears we've got ourselves an #FCSChampionship. JMU's cut NDSU's lead to 17-13. 3Q ESPN2

  14. RT @edsbs: [orders more additional alcohols from the bar after reading this] https://t.co/H8CppZFl3I

  15. RT @WhitneyM02: hello @Royals when do the Dick Lovelady jerseys go on sale. https://t.co/y2VdRIyQrI

  16. RT @SportsCenter: QUADRUPLE-DOUBLE for Grambling State’s Shakyla Hill! It’s the first quadruple-double in women’s D-1 in almost 25 years.…

  17. RT @nedwards: Hey @jack how do you sleep at night my dude https://t.co/k9Pz8JK4ry

  18. RT @edsbs: New workout is going well https://t.co/7AFvLizS9q

  19. RT @edsbs: seriously this was the moment things turned https://t.co/wKY35OgcBB

  20. Congrats to whatever butt teams made the AFC Wild Card and have as much of a chance to win the Super Bowl as I do.

  21. RT @JasonKirkSBN: Wow all these Wisconsin fans that y'all are convinced took over the building sure are cheering loudly for Miami

  22. RT @henchman21: The knowledge that Ohio would get blanked by 3 out of the 4 playoff teams.

  23. TINY METAL is just Advance Wars 3, right?

  24. RT @henchman21: I’m still mad at Genuwine for calling Lil’ Sebastian a pony.

  25. RT @celebrityhottub: (santa’s dirtbag cousin larry kicks your garage door in and leaves behind five new @ShutdownFullcas bowl previews) htt…