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  1. RT @keithlaw: Measuring hitters by HR/RBI is no way to go through life, son #SmartBaseball https://t.co/wZwpjLUvlF

  2. RT @ItsTehDave: @GoldGloveTV Doing some sit-ups to make his ball sack fatter https://t.co/N6B2U430FD

  3. RT @clintonyates: they killed him anyway tho. https://t.co/RD9nefw192

  4. Preds in 5. Don't care who they play. Doesn't matter.

  5. RT @N0RES: retweet this third https://t.co/T8pKGJz8p6

  6. RT @SBNationCFB: Haven't seen a semifinal blowout even remotely like this since, uh https://t.co/VOgeo1S1tV

  7. This game should be over. Red Sox why you do dis

  8. Velazquez wyd.

  9. RT @LeBatardShow: #poll - Is everyone in the world more credible than Stugotz? - Roy

  10. @henchman21 @unsmart Woof and wooooooof. That's going to be something.

  11. RT @nozoelicchi: rob zombie slamming baby metal haters is my aesthetic https://t.co/pIRd7omBKa

  12. RT @GMPaiella: Blessed image https://t.co/MwKENcqi9n

  13. RT @EricaFails: My mom just told me that my hair looks so much better now &she hates it super short & I'm actively mad there isn't an elect…

  14. RT @GoldGloveTV: BRUH πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ https://t.co/QaLh1P62Vv

  15. RT @BaldBryan: You can start engraving that Father of the Year trophy any time. https://t.co/pflvivJf8G