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  1. RT @GoldGloveTV: VERN IS ABOUT TO BE A PRETTY LADY! #Help1Family https://t.co/CSzSoDVsrh

  2. RT @SBNationNBA: [hello darkness my old friend] https://t.co/AvUqfwqgDV

  3. RT @SBNation: John Cena celebrated his 40th birthday by deadlifting 602 pounds. https://t.co/juzvnCevxC

  4. RT @edsbs: fund my kickstarter to buy first class seats next to mark halperin on all of his flights and place giant dogs next to him foreve…

  5. RT @SBNation: Sometimes you just can't hold in your farts. https://t.co/Zd3f3pR96H

  6. RT @RedSox: Happy 105th Birthday, @fenwaypark! You only get better with age! 🎂 https://t.co/7nTmAFG9Et

  7. RT @MLBGIFs: Bat ... broken. Helmet ... off. Hair ... perfect. https://t.co/XWTBMkzRx0 https://t.co/vwN1yuHS7V

  8. RT @JoshOG: The legend of the PAN KILLER https://t.co/fBkuXgRkFD

  9. RT @AndrewNadeau0: Your stripper name is the brand of shoes you last wore & the planet you think has the densest atmosphere without using G…

  10. RT @sweetrhythms: https://t.co/YdfcWwBeqU

  11. RT @RedSox: On #OneBostonDay we stand as one to celebrate and honor the strength and resilience of the city. https://t.co/0NOs371n0u

  12. RT @minakimes: I love the NFL but NBA internet >>>>>> https://t.co/j9EUIY5CV3

  13. RT @SBNation: everything tbh https://t.co/cwZmzehnpv https://t.co/ueg9QnhKY1

  14. RT @edsbs: horses are dicks https://t.co/TGQSrD7CW8