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  1. RT @BarstoolBigCat: Please unfollow me, psycho https://t.co/YL151zUtuK

  2. RT @ryenarussillo: I was pretty pumped to be in a dudes bench press video tonight. Had no idea when I spotted him we were going live.

  3. RT @MintMilana: People of Alabama, please understand the danger of electing Roy Moore. https://t.co/c0JPIlUApT

  4. I wonder if the Packers can land Arden Key. Just gotta keep losing.

  5. @LeBatardShow Listening to today's show at the gym, couldn't hold back my laughter at "single-handedly". The best.

  6. RT @SenFranken: I believe that preserving net neutrality—the principle that the internet is a level-playing field for ideas, business, and…

  7. RT @SBNation: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF IS SET 1. Clemson 2. Oklahoma 3. Georgia 4. Alabama https://t.co/4qzYGBED80

  8. HEAR THAT BAMA COME GET SOME (please no though) https://t.co/osVbC4P0Aw

  9. RT @PatrickClaybon: It’s going to take so long to fix all of this.

  10. Mike Leach to Tennessee would be fantastic for a lot of reasons. He could handle whatever the delusional UT fans th… https://t.co/yWsaaSo3s6

  11. RT @PFTCommenter: SING US A SONG YOUR A SCHIANO MAN https://t.co/Q2aMYZNry9

  12. Word. https://t.co/ZWY62OoUvP

  13. RT @SBNation: "Thanks for the turnover" https://t.co/QnOFSXEQl9

  14. RT @minakimes: Bortles and Gabberts trading picks like they work in the Browns front office

  15. RT @ESPNStatsInfo: The Bears failed to record a 1st down in the 1st half Sunday: Bears - 0 Eagles - 16 The last team without a 1st down…