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  1. RT @clipka_: i'm never letting anyone else choose the airbnb again https://t.co/LiviOsvNTB

  2. RT @ms_TUFFANY: Meal prepping is so tedious but SO worth it 🙌🏽 https://t.co/sWyKiNYmLH

  3. RT @rodger_sherman: exclusive look at West Virginia's final play design https://t.co/tvg9DKyG5v

  4. @henchman21 @plowmanV10 I like her in general but it's weird that they feel the need to shove her into every show just because.

  5. RT @SBNation: A ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant had all but 1 letter and still got phrase wrong https://t.co/GBuBip5WqQ https://t.co/iDNsiFR4…

  6. RT @ryenarussillo: If LaVar Ball said his kids could fly would we start the show debating if they could fly or tease it to segment 2?

  7. RT @billburr: #animals https://t.co/6UwHvi0xdx

  8. RT @ThreeTwoEephus: I didn't even include a single crying Jordan. https://t.co/a0fT6Yetgs

  9. RT @DimTillard: What a homerun!... good to see Giancarlo Stanton's career back on track after I broke his bat on a shallow pop out to left…

  10. Less than ideal start for the Irish.

  11. RT @SBNation: [checks bracket] Perfect so far. https://t.co/vO4UFdkYkh

  12. RT @SBNation: This is fine. https://t.co/0g4auVW0jD

  13. Hector Rondon giving up the tying and game-blowing dingers in the WBC made me smile.

  14. RT @SBNation: At least they don't run the triangle here https://t.co/IxDEdW4QiT

  15. RT @SarahSpain: 😩😩😩😩 https://t.co/nqAuhRLlvp