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  1. RT @SBNation: Daaaang, Jimmer. https://t.co/iDwKiw0rer

  2. RT @midjipress: #365daysofdrawing Day 47: #georgetheanimalsteele #RIP @wwe https://t.co/xGp19D2dS6

  3. RT @RandomReduX: I'm so mad I didn't think of this first https://t.co/uTu8wHQypa

  4. RT @FO_ScottKacsmar: I would find a way to block that person from any future mailbag emails. https://t.co/LRoowcfSPR

  5. @EricaFails Ladies need to get woke about the greatness of John Wick.

  6. RT @JayBilas: Just awful to hear that UNC's Kenny Williams may be out for the year. He's having a terrific sophomore year for the Heels. St…

  7. RT @TheAVClub: The Allred family pays tribute to Jack Kirby in Young Animal’s Bug! https://t.co/gl9Zo8lEf1 https://t.co/W3cP1mfP6C

  8. RT @Rachel__Nichols: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/3aJdfjUX8q

  9. RT @SBNationNFL: Rashad Jennings is also getting cut, on the same day the Giants released Victor Cruz https://t.co/58fIizkp9a

  10. RT @SBNation: Knicks winning percentage: During Sprewell beef: 40% After Sprewell beef: 100%

  11. RT @MrBrianKenny: What the... https://t.co/FRFWzubMk1

  12. Oh baby, Riverdale forever.

  13. Fucking hell. https://t.co/NXFKN18Ep7

  14. @MrBrianKenny But BK he said he could care less, which means he cares to some degree. Clearly more than he cares about grammar.

  15. RT @LeBatardShow: #poll Have you ever been so drunk that you fell asleep on a casino floor? -Guillermo