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  1. RT @BarstoolBigCat: All these kids could kick my ass, I'm shook https://t.co/5ntEXovQmv

  2. RT @celebrityhottub: https://t.co/9J6cz3T6N6

  3. RT @jon_bois: just turned on cal-wazzu and the ADT people immediately came to take the stickers off my doors

  4. @Twitter Y’all should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. Look at this shit. https://t.co/lRfyYt320d

  5. RT @JordanStrack: Tweets that didn’t age well. A four act play. https://t.co/jrNklSsVgX

  6. RT @cjzero: So if No is crossed out, the Dodgers can swim https://t.co/MYUiyuUr6s

  7. Mood: https://t.co/A6t9JLh8CW

  8. RT @SedanoESPN: R-E-L-A-X https://t.co/LJ4CvHa5AP

  9. RT @edsbs: y'all settle down https://t.co/mEykqbSYed

  10. RT @MrBrianKenny: Girardi is a good manager - but all this is true. https://t.co/gPpgrxTxot

  11. RT @drhastings: None of you cowards presented a single butt to sign.

  12. RT @OMGitsfirefoxx: i just sneezed so hard i somehow bit my tongue i feel betrayed by myself

  13. @henchman21 Greedily if you have nothing else to do with the Steam code I would take it to hold out for the Switch version then.

  14. RT @MeredthSalenger: #guncontrol https://t.co/tNCnAHLuHi