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  1. RT @HollyAnderson: godspeed https://t.co/TNyQ0KTeH0

  2. Just sayin'. https://t.co/eQhPENw7jf

  3. RT @ElusiveJ: Fangirling about a thesaurus. It's a precious synonym roll, too good for this word!

  4. Brock will not stand idly by and have you believe this is some kind of game in the fourth quarter.

  5. RT @upsidedowntrash: ME: Velma cant see anything without her glasses, so in order to find her glasses, she needs to be wearing them PRIEST…

  6. Why yes I did use hoarding, food, experience magic, and hotel modifiers to pop 3 million XP and go from level 29->98 in FFXV. Thank you.

  7. Can you imagine if nachos were healthy?

  8. RT @AtlasComics: We couldn't have said it any better. https://t.co/faPdRAuRcT

  9. @mborn57 @MikeAndMike I'm not telling anybody it wasn't a great game or not to be excited, but he's the king of recency bias and hyperbole.

  10. RT @SBNation: There are worse ways to spend money. https://t.co/3yiBBaqhQm

  11. RT @Cianaf: The Colts really play this same game 12 times a season.

  12. RT @FauxPelini: After reviewing game film I believe OSU's main problem was scoring zero points

  13. RT @SBNation: Georgia Tech went for it on 4th down from its own 16 yard line. Bold: https://t.co/5paMswi9cY