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  1. Nice work getting into 2dcon. That will be a fun scene. i may dust off my cleats for this one.
  2. I won coin flip and take the bills ziur takes the Giants bills get ball first. Go up 7-0 giants turn the ball over on downs thanks to a fourth down drop bills score again and go up 14-0 giants score just before the half...14-7 giants get ball to start second half. turn the ball over on downs bill score to go up 21-7 giants score with about two min left in game. 21-14 bills bleed clock and punt it away for the win
  3. I'll play aim is yes I can host contact me via aim or email out of Arizona
  4. How much time? Ty
  5. I bumping this pretty old thread. Looking for a little info on man v man grapples. What's the formula to determine the winning grapple First to a certain number of taps? Number of taps over a duration of time? Anyone have a link to this info Thanks.
  6. I really only have time for 1 league. I'll see if I can get in one. Enjoyed playing three seasons with you guys.
  7. The hp hack didn't seem to bother you in our game. Took down an excellent Cobb multiple times. Only person to take down Cobb 1-1 all season. And he was in excellent. You must tap really fast. Or maybe I was hitting the wrong button.
  8. basement over chek
  9. Mr Sanders certainly does not own or possess this scramble. If there were a golf tourney in honor of Abe Lincoln. It would be The Abe Lincoln Golf tourney Not honest Abe's Golf Tourney Therefore no apostrophy required.
  10. basement and the saints over red and the cards.. 10-7
  11. basement and the bucs defeat coat atwell and the cards...
  12. basement and the bengles defeat chiefsjr and the bucs 27-14