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  1. USFL

    I left the country, I think its awesome this idea kept going strong without me a year later.. hats off to the community and commish
  2. USFL

    Awesome, way to step up and keep this rolling.
  3. Wait List - Sign up Here

    I am interested RunNShoot AIM/TPC - RunNSuperShoot
  4. USFL League

    You mean the LA Steve Young? Ha! I hope we keep sparking interest
  5. USFL League

    well maybe tecmo got it wrong? or RJ slowed up 6 years later after the USFL. If you want proof, YouTube Houston Gamblers. All you will hear them talk about it RJ and Ricky Sanders speed in the slotback positions of the RnS. Also remember, I'm rating them on a USFL scale not NFL. Deion Sanders ms is 75 but there are others close to his. In the USFL no one could run with Richard Johnson that's why I would make his higher to simulate the difference in parity in the league
  6. USFL League

    From the Lions, the RJ u are thinking of was a DB for the oilers.
  7. USFL League

    If I get enough interest I will be editing the rosters. I reviewed all the teams and the rosters have too much parity. The USFL was basically dominated by star talent because of the talent drop off rate, Example : Herchel Walker - 2,411 rushing yards 1985, Jim Kelly 5,219 passing yards 1984. So what I am going to do is bump these star players to separate them from the rest of the other players, put there ratings in the 75-85 range. The fastest player in the USFL was Richard Johnson at 4.2 speed, I would make his rating at 85 and set the standard from there. I believe rating the players this way would truly simulate how the USFL was played, the USFL simply had players that werent in the same league with the rest of the players...
  8. USFL League

    Ok thanks, im going to review each team and if I see a change that is just a NEED to be fixed I will create my own file for the league. But yea, I am hoping to get atleast 8 players for the league all USFL teams. I posted it here and at TPC, and where else I should post to spark interest from other players?
  9. USFL League

    You'd probably enjoy this veryy verryy veryyy NICE!!! How accurate would you say the player ratings are for each USFL team?
  10. USFL League

    Anyone interested in creating an USFL league with rosters from 1985 and logos?
  11. I've been playing in Leagues last 4 years in All Pro Football, game is dead now looking to join something in Tecmo Super Bowl SNES. Favorite team 93 Falcons, Run N Shoot with June Jones! The Cajun Cannon Bobby Hebert, Andre Rison, Eric Dickerson, Prime Time Deion Sanders, Jessie Tuggle! Please let me know!