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  1. ok so i guess byner gets snubbed.. no he wont win but he rushed 65 times less then top rusher.. he was a B grade and he averaged 10.8 per rush.. whens last time that happened.. idk.. he wouldnt win anyways but deserves to be up there.. Warren Moon stupid good well done GoATS.. Albert Lewis grody.. again well done GoATS..
  2. qb 1 elway qb 2 majowski rb 1 rod bernstine rb 2 rathman rb 3 ken clark rb 4 ed toner wr 1 rison wr 2 clarence verdin wr 3 ed mccaffrey wr 4 aaron cox te 1 hoby brenner te 2 charles arbuckle ol 1 derek kennard ol 2 jim dombrowski ol 3 richard cooper ol 4 chris port ol 5 joel hilgenberg dl 1 tory epps dl 2 moe gardner dl 3 pierce holt lb 1 david little lb 2 bryan hinkle lb 3 greg lloyd lb 4 kevin greene db 1 marcus robertson db 2 darryll lewis db 3 terry mcdaniel db 4 derrick hoskins k norm johnson p scott fulhage
  3. Da Boys!
  4. Group E Scienceguy S.D vs Den S.D game started out back and forth.. great play by both teams.. Broncos get a fg right before the half to go up 3.. Broncos receive and turn the ball over resulting in a td on a S.D drive.. S.D got momentum and kept it.. on picked play Broncos cough it up and superhuman runs back the whole way.. very well played Scienceguy.. case of tough luck.. gltrw 28 17 TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1 scienceguyrd2thunderdome.nsv
  5. Group E Jesus won toss S.D vs Den Den game started out with 2 fumbles luckily bouncing out for the Bolts.. Broncos get down the field after a forced punt and get a fg.. Bolts respond back with a td drive.. late in the 2nd Broncos toss an int.. Bolts get to the 45 and kick a last second fg to go up 10-3 at the half.. 2nd half was ugly as it gets.. i think Broncos threw 4 or 5 ints.. 24 3 flash80thunderdomerd1.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  6. Jesusluvsme4ever Yes
  7. some pretty brutal close calls in this one.. but i knew coming into the game going 3-0 against daboy was not very likely.. well played as always man gltrw.. daboyrd1hstl.nsv HSTL_37_week_17.nes
  8. i like gold stars! 8 )
  9. had all 12 games in.. was told not to upload sta.. ahhhhh
  10. blah.. thx for taking time out of ur day to put up these stats lol.. nice start btw.. ahhhh
  11. watch the replays if they are there.. all my losses have had at least 2 fumbles.. not to say i still wouldnt have loss still but that doesnt help..
  12. i think u would have won anyways but fumbling twice sucked.. especially when u fumbled twice but recovered both times ahhh.. cant fall behind u because u never give up the rock.. well played.. we shall meet again.. hopefully i can give a better battle next time.. gg Dolo gltrw..
  13. good to go..
  14. Dolo has rb 2/3 Give me some bc Hou rbs 2/3 plz
  15. Give me them sweet hands of robinson n his speedy friend wallace Rai lb