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  1. Favoritist Avatars {herein the Borg}

    How did I miss this thread?
  2. Snes mini

    If you update hakchi, the new version tells you if the game you upload works or not.
  3. Houston Oilers HSTL S41 Recaps

    Week 6: Colts vs. Oilers
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/176914048 Will make videos look nicer when I get the chance, just a test.
  5. Houston Oilers HSTL S41 Recaps

    The much vaunted Oilers defense travels to San Diego to take on the Chargers.
  6. Snes mini

    I was able to pre-order one from Best Buy, so mine is coming tomorrow. It seems like there will be way more stock of these than the NES. Target/Wal-Mart/Best Buy getting 30+ or more rather than 4-5 when the NES Classic came out.
  7. When I was watching Prime's preseason streams all I could think was.. "damn, his team is pretty sick". Lott and O'Brien are so underrated, i'm a stiff Prime believer and i'm going with 10 wins for the dude this year. #Prime#
  8. HSTL S41 Draft

    Oilers going with CLE Backups
  9. HSTL S41 Draft

    Mark Boyer WR/TE
  10. HSTL S41 Draft

    WR Michael Irvin
  11. HSTL S41 Draft

    RB Tony Paige
  12. HSTL S41 Draft

    CLE DBs
  13. HSTL S41 Draft

    Chargers DL
  14. HSTL S41 Draft

    Minnesota OL
  15. HSTL S41 Draft

    WR John Taylor.
  16. HSTL S41 Draft

    QB Boomer Esiason
  17. HSTL S41 Draft

    RB Neal Anderson
  18. This was definitely a sluggish game from both of us I think. We played this on Tuesday and I was beginning to get sick and Matt said he had the flu. The sluggishness was evident in some our tap battles, we were tapping slower than normal. The Colts had an early fumble, but the Oilers had to punt right back. Johnny Hector had a really good game with over 130 yards and a touchdown. Chris Miller was able to find Mark Clayton wide open for a TD and Butts also scored to give the Oilers a 14-7 lead. The Houston secondary was able to seal the game with a couple INTs after the Oilers turned it over themselves on a terrible pass. Oilers 14 Colts 7
  19. After defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round, the Oilers headed to LA to take on the Raiders. The Raiders kicked off and the Marion Butts' show began as he broke off a couple nice runs to start the game. Butts brought Houston inside the goal line, before Chris Miller sniped his TD to give the Oil a 7-0 lead. The Raiders offense did a good job all day moving the ball, but the Oilers were able to hold strong in their territory to force a FG, 7-3. With a couple minutes left before half, Miller tried a shot deep, but it fell incomplete. Butts grabbed the ball and did it himself to get the Oilers in FG range and Carney finished the deal with 3. 10-3 at halftime. During the break, Oilers DL Rueben Davis knew he had to step up his game in the second half. And he did just that, intercepting Wade Wilson at midfield on a called play and took the ball 50 yards for a TD. 17-3. The Raiders did not quit though as Wilson brought the offense right back into good shape. With Drew Hill going for the end zone, Wilson hit him in stride for a TD to bring the Raiders back into the game. Haddix was caught flat footed as he thought he could cover the play, but was stuck in the mud. 17-10. Miller continued playing it safe and handling the ball off as Butts broke off another good run to LA territory. But the Raiders held tight and forced a FG. And Carney shanked it... Raiders get the ball back with a chance to tie. With Haddix playing extra careful on Hill, the Raiders completed a couple passes and scrambles to the Oilers' 20 yard line. With 1 play left, the Raiders' shotgun pass is called, but Wilson completes it anyway right before the goal line as 5 Houston defenders leap on the pile and stop the receiver short. 17-10 Oilers. GG
  20. AFC Wild Card Chargers @ Colts

    Nope, no videos this round.
  21. The Oilers boot the opening kick off to the Steelers beginning the AFC Wild Card round. After a short return, QB Bills immediately CCs Haddix at midfield. After a called run play, Kelvin Martin catches a JJ for a TD to give the Steelers a 7-0 lead. Houston starts awfully as they gain 2 yards then have to punt, but the Oilers defense responds, forcing a punt themselves. Miller completes a pass right before the end of the first quarter and Marion Butts takes over after that, eventually finding the end zone.. 7-7. The ensuing kick off is fumbled by the Steelers, but recovered by Pittsburgh and returned to the Oilers' 20-yard line. Once again, the Oilers defense holds and the Steelers have to settle for 3. 10-7 Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh botches their kick allowing the Oilers to tie the game before halftime at 10. Second half, Houston relies heavily on Butts and Haddix as they hold on for a 20-10 victory. GG Flash.
  22. HSTL S40 Draft Format Ideas

    1 round team draft. Draft order by last three seasons win/loss record.
  23. This post will be a yearly occurrence where I will discuss everything from gains, retirements, and WTF record-book keeping. Notable Retirements This year saw a slew of running backs call it a career in the WTF. Most notability Chuck Muncie of the Miami Dolphins: Muncie spent five seasons with the San Francisco 49ers where he was elected to five straight Pro Bowls. He also achieved All-Pro three times (82, 83, 84). After the 1984 season, Muncie was traded to the Dolphins for a first round pick in 1986. This pick was later used to help the Niners acquire Dan Marino. Muncie was heavily underutilized in his final season in Miami, rushing for 470 yards on 78 carries. His constant clash with head coach Don Shula surely was a main cause of his retirement, although he would have been heavily sought out for via trade in the off season. Chuck rushed for 10590 yards in his career, which is good for third all time. He also ran for 108 touchdowns (2nd all time). Another big-name RB to call it a career was Franco Harris of the Kansas City Chiefs. Still battling in the playoffs, Harris has a shot to add another Super Bowl ring to his finger. He helped the Bills win the first two WTF bowls in 80 and 81. Harris was also named to the Pro-Bowl and All-Pro teams in 1980 and 1984. Like Muncie, Franco was traded from his original team after five seasons and promptly retired. Harris was involved in the blockbuster trade that saw Marcus Allen arrive in Buffalo. But unlike Muncie, Harris was a shell of his former self in his sixth season. Now only 44 max speed, Harris ran 21 times for 184 yards for the Chiefs. Harris is currently seventh all time in rushing yards and sixth in touchdowns. The Lions saw two of their running backs retire in Mike Pruitt and Joe Washington. Pruitt, an original draft pick of the Lions, had a serviceable career after starting at 50 max speed. Pruitt, a pro bowler in 1981, currently sits at the No. 10 spot on the rushing yards and touchdown list. Washington, a change of pace back for the Lions, was acquired from the Patriots for two draft picks. In his last season, Washington actually outperformed the faster Pruitt, averaging more yards per carry and running for one more TD. Washington's best year came with the Patriots in 1981, where he rushed for 1315 yards and had 16 total touchdowns. The best of the rest include Pete Johnson of the Packers, the Jets' Curtis Dickey, and Gary Anderson of the Buccaneers. Anderson was never given a chance with Tampa Bay only carrying the ball three times in his three-year career. The 24-year-old 44 max speeder decided to hang up his cleats after a disappointing career. Johnson and Dickey had similar careers in their WTF tenure. Dickey was traded to the Jets from the Packers for four players to make room for Eric Dickerson, but the Packers later moved Dickerson in the John Elway trade, which also included Johnson. Speaking of early retirements, QB Mike Tomczak drafted in last year's draft by the Giants called it a career after one season. Sticking to offense, the Seahawks lost two WRs who have been mainstays for their franchise. John Stallworth and James Lofton are no more. Drafted in the third and fourth rounds of the original WTF draft, the duo teamed up for 78 touchdowns. Another set of players who put up similar numbers are linebackers Harry Carson of the Niners and Clay Matthews of the Bears. Both players spent all six seasons with the same franchise. Matthews, a two-time pro bowler and 1983 All-Pro, made 225 tackles and 45 sacks in his career. In his All-Pro season, he had 13 sacks for the Bears. Carson also made two Pro Bowls and was named to the 1980 All-Pro team. He made 210 tackles and 48 sacks in his six-year career. 1985 Record Watch QB Warren Moon of the Dolphins broke two single-season records previously held by.... himself. Moon completed 157 passes and threw 313 times, both WTF records. He threw for 3938 yards, good for second, behind himself again (set last year). The 49ers rookie Herschel Walker ran 321 times this season, which is 6 carries less than what Chuck Muncie did in 1984. Robb Riddick of the Seahawks returned three kickoffs for touchdowns in 1985, a WTF record. Riddick returned two in one game against the Packers in Week 5. That feat is also a single-game record. He also amassed 268 return yards in that game, another record! Dolphins DB Felix Wright had four sacks, another single-season record for the Phins. Packers DB Tom Pridemore broke his own season tackle record with 107 tackles, 13 more than the previous season. As a team the Steelers continue to shine on offense. Joe Montana and company went for 5133 yards this season, a new record. Note: If I missed one of your players, don't be mad I just didn't see them. Give them a shout out below.
  24. World Record Progression: Super Metroid

    I enjoy these very much.
  25. Two defense heavy teams squared off in Week 1 as the Oilers met the Broncos. Haddix and company started off with a 3-and-out, a nice way to start Season 39. Butts fumbled a long pass completion out of bounds and Miller brought Houston down into the red zone. This is where the sloppiness began for the Houston offense as a near interception fell incomplete, FG. 3-0 Oilers JJ Birden made the first nice play of the game for the Broncos with a good 20 yard catch and run. Houston held, but Denver completed a bomb on 4th down to Sharpe inside the 20 setting up the tying FG. 3-3. With Miller in bad, Tupa got the call, but it was all Butts who eventually found the end zone for the first TD of the game. 10-3 Oilers. After half, the Broncos forced a 3-and-out of their own to force a punt. Fourcade gave it right back on an interception to Haddix though. And on the next play, Butts went down with a broken leg. My sources tell me that he'll be back for Week 2 though. The Oilers would punt two more times in this game before the Broncos would tie the game up at 10 with a Hilliard run. Running the two-minute drill, Tupa would finally make a play. With Fryar running wide open down the side line, Tupa hit him in stride for the go-ahead TD. 17-10 Oilers. The Fourcade bomb fell incomplete and Houston held on for the win. GG jebigred