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    Tecmobowl.org's 2nd Annual Tecmo Super Bowl

    Location: Lincoln, NE
    Venue: Luckie's Lounge (by the airport)
    Date January 28th, 2012
    Entry Fee$20
    Max Entries: 32

    This year the winner will be receiving their very own Tecmo Championship Belt as well as a drawing among paid registered participants for free t-shirts.

    Ways to register before the event
    TecmoBowl.org Message Board
    Email: tourney@tecmobowl.org


    Tecmo Tourney Roundup

    By Knobbe, in Tournaments,

    A lot of Tecmo going on in the upcoming months

    TSB Tourney @ Boneyard in Westlake, OH (Fri, 1/13/12 @ 7PM)
    Wallingford, Connecticut Tournament Jan 14th
    Nebraska Tournament - Sat Jan 28th 2012
    Waterloo, Iowa Feb. 4th Tourney
    Madison, Wisconsin 8th Annual Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament March 3rd


    Happy Holidays from Tecmobowl.org

    By Knobbe, in ROMs,


    I can imagine that if you're dusting off the old Nintendo to play some Tecmo Super Bowl this weekend, it's possible it could go a little something like this.  In case you're wondering, this version of the game doesn't display QB Eagles as a "white guy"...it's just a little creative editing by drunken idiots.  Isn't that what X-mas is all about?


    Tecmo Time: The Tecmo Shirt

    By Knobbe, in News,

    By popular demand: Finally you can marry your love of Tebowing with your love of Tecmo Super Bowl in a shirt so awesome one could hardly blame you if you stopped wearing any other shirt.

    Ok, so you're not a Orange and Blue man...don't worry.  You have Bo and Okoye too.

    We had some members give their thoughts about Tecmo Super Bowl.  We thought this was an insightful look into how Tecmo has played a part in someone's life.


    From a very young age, I developed a strong Christian faith, a love of video games, and a passion for football. These elements helped shape my childhood, the man I am becoming, and have each been enhanced by a catalyst known as Tecmo Super Bowl.

    When I was four, my father worked as a youth pastor who ran a drop-in center for troubled teens. The center had a pool table, Foosball table, and video games. There was an Atari 2600 console and at least a half dozen coin-operated arcade cabinets. My dad and I would play different video games together for what seemed like hours. 

    My father would often play pool against the teens that frequented the center and offer to buy them a soda if they could beat him. While playing they would talk, and he would listen. If they asked for advice, he would give it. He was never pushy with his faith, and the teens were drawn to him.

    About a year later, I discovered a passion for football listening to stories from my dad. In high school, he played running back, linebacker, and was voted the most valuable player on his team. When we watched football together the sights, the sounds, and the strategy captivated my imagination.

    At the time, we lived just an hour from Philadelphia. Although I did not understand the rules, I knew my favorite color was green so I was destined to follow the Eagles. Nobody else in my family was a fan but that did not bother me. Besides, my father was a minister and the Eagles had Reggie White, the minister of defense, who quickly became one of our favorite players. It was a match made in heaven.

    A couple of my fondest childhood memories with my dad were going to two Monday Night Football games at Veterans Stadium during the 1994 season. I watched with excitement as Randall Cunningham led the Eagles to victories over the Bears and the Oilers.

    Then next year during a Super Bowl party, I discovered the greatest football video game ever created. During halftime, I noticed a few guys disappear into another room. Quite a bit of yelling and laughing ensued, so I decided to see what was going on.

    As I walked into the room, the guys were playing Tecmo Super Bowl on a small television. After I watched them play a few games, they asked if I wanted a turn. Of course, I took the Eagles. It was amazing to use the ultimate weapon, QB Eagles, on every offensive snap. Even though his name was not used in the game, there was no doubt in my young mind that it was Randall Cunningham. On defense, I controlled Reggie White. Although I did not understand any of the strategies or nuances of the game, I had never played another video game like it. 

    While I was in high school, my two favorite Eagles were once again in the limelight on different teams. Reggie White won a Super Bowl with the Packers during the 1997-1998 season and Randall Cunningham made an amazing comeback during the 1998-1999 campaign. He led the Minnesota Vikings to a 15-1 record and the NFC Championship game. Cunningham had transformed himself from the brash, self-centered player during his tenure in Philadelphia into a born again Christian and a respected leader both on and off the field.

    During high school I also rediscovered Tecmo Super Bowl with my friend Joe. Joe and I would hang out, talk sports, and play Tecmo. There were many celebrations over game winning touchdowns and several controllers thrown out of frustration. We still play once in a while and have a small trophy we pass back and forth for bragging rights. 

    I even convinced my beautiful wife Christina to try playing coach mode in Tecmo Super Bowl. In coach mode, competitors just call plays and watch the game simulate the outcome. She enjoys playing and we even have our own trophy. While Christina likes watching football and has become a Philadelphia Eagles fan, she has told me on more than one occasion that football should be more like Tecmo Super Bowl.

    After playing Tecmo Super Bowl over the past 17 years, I realize that it is the greatest sports video game ever created by a wide margin. The game uses a simple two button control scheme but it takes years to master. A complete game is roughly 20 minutes, there are no penalties, and trying to guess what play to call is a battle of minds as well as skill.

    A couple of years ago, I discovered the website http://www.tecmobowl.org. Through this site, I learned that people competed in Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments around the country. Since then I have participated in a few tournaments and even run few of my own. In the process I have met some really cool guys, learned more about the game, and had a lot of fun. Next year I will attend the largest and longest running Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Madison, Wisconsin for the first time (http://www.tecmomadison.com). This will be the eighth tournament featuring 128 players from around the country vying for Tecmo immortality.

    The teams in Tecmo Super Bowl are from 1991 but I prefer it that way. The game transports players back to a simpler time before the Internet and cell phones. Back then game play - not graphics was most important. It was an era when friends would spend time hanging out, talking, and playing video games against each other in the same room.

    My strong Christian faith, a love of video games, and a passion for football have each been enhanced by a catalyst known as Tecmo Super Bowl. Like my father, Reggie and Randall also played football and became pastors. When I play in Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments and wear a throwback Cunningham or White jersey, they are more than just my favorite players from my favorite video game.

    Ryan "UltimateWeapon" is a frequent visitor and has hosted a handful of Tecmo Tournaments just west of Cleveland, OH including an upcoming event in January 2012

    OH SHIT!  Leave it to a few of our favorite sites to pick up on the fact that Tecmo turned 20.  I suppose we just know how to pick them.  If you're coming here from those sites, we'll throw you a bone and start throwing up some of the awesome shit we tend to crank out.

    Finally, thanks to Owen Good for reaching out and being a friend of Tecmo (much like Will Leitch back in the day).  A token of our appreciation.


    P.S. You're all invited to the bar crawl next year.

    *** Tourney Thread ***

    Signup: E-mail tsbtourney@yahoo.com by Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

    When: Friday, January 13th, 2012- Registration/Check-In starts @ 7:00 PM EST; Draft @ 7:15PM EST; Games starting immediately following the draft.

    Location: The Boneyard, 24940 Sperry Road, Westlake, OH, 44145. Website: http://www.boneyardusa.com/

    Maximum Participants: 14

    Tourney Format (See attached PDF file for complete rules):
    - Participants will draw poker chips labeled 1-14 for first round draft order. Each player will draft at least 2 teams.
    - The number of draft rounds will depend on the number of participants (4 rounds for 6-7 players, 3 rounds for 8-9 players, and 2 rounds for 10-14 players).
    - After the 1st round of the draft, players will draft from the remaining teams in reverse order in the 2nd round (i.e. 14th pick in Rd 1 picks 1st in Rd 2).
    - The teams selected in each round will play against each other in a single elimination bracket based on seeding (1st pick plays against 2nd pick, etc.)
    - First round byes (if needed) will be given to the lowest draft seed(s) in each bracket.
    - The lower seed in each matchup will have choice of their preferred controller (side).
    - The winning team in each matchup will have the option to keep their team or "steal" their opponent's team.
    - When taking control of an opponent's team after a victory, both competitors retain their original draft seeding for future matchups.
    - When a player loses with their teams in all brackets, they are officially eliminated from the tournament.
    - If the same player wins out on all brackets, they are crowned tournament champion.
    - If there are different champions for each bracket, the Pro Bowl will be played for the title.
    - A coin toss will be held and the winner of the coin toss can choose their team or controller.
    - In the event of a Pro Bowl Championship game, original rosters will be used but lineup and playbook changes will be allowed.

    Buy-in: $5 cash at the door (Proceeds will be donated to charity)

    Prizes: Trophy awarded to tourney champion

    Equipment Information: 3 TVs will be provided by the venue. I will provide 3 original NES top loader consoles, 3 copies of the greatest sports game of all time, controllers, and the adapters. We will not require any additional TV's but please bring backup consoles, cartridges, adaptors, and controllers. Let me know what you are able to bring when registering via e-mail.

    Confirmed Participants:
    01. Ryan McKay
    02. John Rozum
    03. Daniel Kolbenschlag
    04. Nick Ciofani

    Thanks for your interest and see you at the tournament! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be checking the official signup email box regularly in addition to monitoring and updating this posting with the confirmed participants.

    God bless, and long live Tecmo Super Bowl! (20 Years and still going strong - 1991-2011)

    Ryan McKay
    Tournament Commissioner

    Official signup: tsbtourney@yahoo.com

    On December 13th, 1991 Tecmo, Inc followed up on the success of the wildly popular Tecmo Bowl by giving us mere mortals the gift of Tecmo Super Bowl, the first video game to ever feature all NFL teams, players, and given some tricks was able to give us 11 on 11 football on a system like the NES that didn't suck.  (Have you ever played 10 Yard Fight?  If so, you'll appreciate the programming job here that was on par with Super Mario III)

    Bo Jackson had already received cult like status through the 9 on 9 game of Tecmo Bowl but it was this game that cemented one of the most polarizing athletes in the pantheon of video game athletes.  For many people, this game is the reason why they might view good players like Christian Okoye and David Fulcher in the same regards as HOF'ers Joe Montana and Lawrence Taylor.

    Everyone has a story about Tecmo Super Bowl.  What is yours?  We'd love to know.  Post it here or in our forums.


    [caption id=attachment_709" align="alignright" width="450" caption="Despite history, we like how Muster's HP is going to hold up in this battle][/caption]

    Visit the Tourney Thread

    I was a little behind this week due to travelling so I didn't get to announce this year's Madison Tourney. I thought I might have plenty of time but they've already hit capacity. If you want to go however you should still sign up as an alternative given that there will be a number of guys who drop out along the way.

    For those of you unaware, the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Madison, WI is annually the largest one of it's kind in the world. Unofficially, it's the Tecmo Championship featuring some of the best console and online players in the US.

    The buzz seems to be coming from the outreach of Facebook plus the possibility of NFL Films showing up to do a documentary. If they aren't, there will be at least one amateur crew there.
    Here is the official release from the tournament's site, tecmomadison.com:

    What: “Tecmo VIII: Muster’s Last Stand”
    When: March 3, 2012
    Where: Logan’s Madtown, 322 W. Johnson Street, Madison, Wisconsin
    Field Size: 128
    Tournament Website: http://tecmomadison.com
    Entry Fee: $25. Includes a tournament t-shirt (size to be selected during website registration)

    How to Sign-Up: If you are already registered with the website, simply access the site and click on “Sign up for Tecmo VIII.” Your login information is that which you provided when you initially registered for the site. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “I forgot my password” link and a new one will be forwarded to your email account.

    If you have not yet registered for the site, you must do so before you can sign-up for Tecmo VIII. To register for the site, access the website and click on the “Register Now” link (top left of screen). Follow the instructions and once you have completed site registration, you will be in a position to sign-up for Tecmo VIII.

    NFL Films’ Potential Involvement: In October, NFL Films contacted Chet and Josh about doing a Tecmo Super Bowl documentary in which the tournament would play a role. The producer envisioned devoting a portion of the piece to chronicling various competitors’ preparation and participation in the tournament. Obviously, this is tremendously exciting news. We nonetheless have to stress that the documentary’s creation is not a sure thing. Please keep that in mind as we move forward, and please refrain from asking us specific documentary-related questions. Given that it is a possible NFL Films project, we probably will not know the answer, and even if we do, we may not be in a position to respond. Thanks guys.

    Tournament Rules & Format: All of this information is available on the tournament website, as are past tournament results, pictures, competitor profiles, and a general tournament history. There is a new wrinkle to the Elite 8 and Final 4 this year, so please check out the “Rules” tab on the website.

    Equipment Needed: This tournament requires at least 16 systems to operate properly. If you can bring an NES, a cartridge, or a television to the tournament, please indicate such during the enrollment process (the website will automatically seek this information when you sign-up). Any help is appreciated.

    Questions: If you have a question potentially applicable to all competitors (rules, tournament format, etc), please post such below. This is the official tournament thread. If you have an individual question that requires our attention, you can reach us at admins@tecmomadison.com

    Final Word: Last year’s tournament had 144 competitors from 20 different states. We expect similar numbers and state diversity this year. Make no mistake: this event has morphed into a national event featuring many of the country’s best players. In short, the unparalleled collection of talent at this tournament demands nothing less than your very best. The Tecmo offseason is officially over, and Brad Muster, recently awoken from hibernation, is none too pleased.


    It's Almost Tebow Time

    By Knobbe, in News,

    ** UPDATE ** Thanks Deadspin for helping to let Tim Tebow know that finally he has made it into the public eye via Tecmo Super Bowl

    [caption id=attachment_701" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Thanks for the pic, MGK!][/caption]


    Look for a release of a final Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 at the end of the year...this time with TEBOW!

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