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    Congrats to the newest members of the NFL Hall of Fame. This brings the Tecmo Class up to 41 members out of the 840 original TSB members. (4.9%)
    Tecmo Hall of Famers

    Andre Tippett

    Anthony Munoz

    Art Monk

    Barry Sanders

    Bruce Matthews

    Bruce Smith

    Chris Doleman

    Cortez Kennedy

    Dan Hampton

    Dan Marino

    Darrell Green

    Deion Sanders

    Dermontti Dawson

    Derrick Thomas

    Emmitt Smith

    Gary Zimmerman

    Howie Long

    Jackie Slater

    James Lofton

    Jerry Rice

    Jim Kelly (QB Bills)

    Joe Montana

    John Elway

    Lawrence Taylor

    Marcus Allen

    Michael Irvin

    Mike Munchak

    Mike Singletary

    Mike Webster

    Ozzie Newsome

    Randall McDaniel

    Reggie White

    Richard Dent

    Rickey Jackson

    Rod Woodson

    Ronnie Lott

    Russ Grimm

    Steve Young

    Thurman Thomas

    Troy Aikman

    Warren Moon

    [jwplayer mediaid=834]

    You might have seen reference to this on the Tecmo Super Bowl Facebook page but Tecmo Inspired Gridiron Heros has hit project incubator Kickstarter today. GH initially will be a simulation or "coach mode" type game on Facebook with aspirations of head to head play via the social media giant.

    There is a pretty clever video describing the point of the game. It should be interesting to see how this progresses as it's actually quite surprising that no one has tried before now to duplicate the game play of Tecmo Super Bowl until now.

    Check out the Kickstarter project here: http://kck.st/wQNMgW

    Grab some popcorn...it's TECMO TIME!

    Things to expect in real life based on a 20 year old video game with updated players

    Patriots are going to air the ball out with Wes Welker putting up almost an MVP performance
    Giants run more of a balanced offense with Brandon Jacobs stepping up
    Victor Cruz is going to be involved in the game winning drive
    The Patriot's hopes will be crushed by Justin Tuck
    This should be a video game like performance from both teams in which offense isn't a factor
    Thanks to our own fatcheerleader for putting together this year's video

    If you're in the area and you're looking to play some Tecmo Super Bowl before the actual Super Bowl, here is the 411:
    Waterloo, Iowa - Not only a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament, Spicolies will also be hosting a Chili cook off as in this bar known for it's musical acts
    Greensboro, NC - This tourney will be held at the Lost Arcade Video store and you won't just be playing for pride....you'll be playing for store credit.
    Harlon, Iowa - Just found out there is another second annual Iowa tourney the day before the Super Bowl...whaaaaattt?

    As always, you can find out about all the tournaments we here about by visiting our Tourney section up top (or link here)


    Tecmo Themed Original NES System

    By Knobbe, in News,

    Our resident artist (and Wayne Haddix Jersey Owner) "Tecmo Psycho" came up with a pretty sweet mod for his original Nintendo Entertainment System

    If you have any feedback or questions on how he accomplished this check out the thread in our forums

    This game was so back in forth that it was playing on ESPN Classic 1/2 hour before it was over.  There were a lot of great moments in this game (including the QB Eagles Run 4 executed perfectly by Alex Smith).  However, here is your game winning pass that continues the 49ers great turnaround season.  Thanks again, Mr. NFL

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