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    TecmoBowl vs RBI August Podcast

    By Knobbe, in News,

    August TB vs RBI podcast Site Link

    Possibly the greatest authority on the 1988 game Tecmo Bowl, Brad from TecmoBowl vs RBI is doing a monthly podcast along with Fargo accented Nate.  Their work is riveting enough that it could be a podcast about types of dirt and it would still be entertaining.  This month's topics:

    Upcoming Tecmo Bowl World Championship (the guys are currently 0-3 vs. The Canadians)
    Travis talks about rbibaseball.us and the ability to play RBI online and/or with 30 teams
    Breakdown of the California Angles
    Nate professes man crush of Ray Knight and unnatural fear of Jesse Orosco
    Guys talk some college football....not realizing upcoming doom awaiting them in Thanksgiving day matchup vs Nebraska

    Next month - RBI baseball championships tourney, recap of the TB championships

    [caption id=attachment_527" align="aligncenter" width="463" caption="Madden still has trouble touching the simplistic brilliance that is Tecmo Super Bowl][/caption]

    Patrick Hruby of the Washington Times (and virtual football connoisseur) recently had a pretty good idea for an article:  What about the people who aren't standing in line to overpay for a company who has monopolized a license so it can sell you a roster update?  

    While he obviously didn't word it quite so backhandedly, that's pretty much the theme of his piece: Madden NFL 12: Why the hold-outs cling to old-school football video games   He takes the time to talk to some All-Pro Football 2K8, NFL2K5, and, of course, Tecmo Super Bowl enthusiasts about their lack of interest in the industry's only licensed NFL game.

    "I didn't even know the game was coming out this week," said Anthony Orenga, the webmaster of tecmomadison.com noted in a discussion of the release of Madden 2012
    In the next week be on the look out for Tecmo Super Bowl 2012.  We can promise you it won't be Madden 2012.


    Link -  Madden NFL 12: Why the hold-outs cling to old-school football video games

    Typically there are a lot of great NFL season roms put out on this site.
    However, there is always one that is the first out of the box, our very own Drummer.

    Much like the NFL, we're just getting started. Any help with roster changes and updated starters are appreciated.
    Head on over to the forums to get your preseason fix and stay tuned for this years releases.


    Tecmo Ryder Cup 2011 Podcast

    By Knobbe, in News,


    Tecmo Ryder Cup 2011

    This Saturday the second incarnation of the "Tecmo Ryder Cup" is taking place in Minnesota.  What is the Tecmo Ryder Cup? Like golf's Ryder Cup, the Tecmo Ryder Cup is comprised of regional teams competing for Tecmo supremacy. Also like golf's Ryder Cup, there are both doubles and singles matches with a single point at stake in each match (i.e. each game). It takes a designated number of points to capture the Cup.   Minneapolis is the host city because it presently has possession of the Cup via its 2009 win.

    Four Teams have been formed consisting of the following

    Team Minnesota
    Tecmo Waylen

    Team Neenah
    The Rickster
    Peter (aka Moonwalk)
    The Kaiser

    Team Madison
    Chet H
    Josh H
    Team North Dakota
    The Leonardite
    Dr. Frolf
    Bob Nelson
    The other guy who lives in North Dakota

    For more info....

    Back in the day keeping track of stats for Tecmo Season played on an emulator used to be a fairly manual process for most people.  In February of 2005 all of that changed with the creation of Tecmophile.com by "Snatches".  Tecmophile was a place where you could upload outputs from emulators which would in turn keep track of all the statistics from a league.  In 2007 Snatches got out of the Tecmo business and handed off the site to TecmoWorld.  At TecmoWorld a guy known as BrookstonFowler began working on some improvements and in 2009 Dynastyphile was born.  Dynastyphile would be a means to an end as the knowledge gain customizing the system would allow Brookston to create the site capable of managing the World Tecmo Federation...the WTFphile over at Puretecmo.

    It was during this time we were witnessing the fall of the original online Tecmo powerhouse league, the simplistically named Online Tecmo Football League.  Started back before 2000 on dialup modems, this league at one time boasted 4 different pools of teams and existed for nearly a decade.  After it was all said and done, one of the few things left from the era was the league's Tecmo portal, onlinetecmo.com.  This new url will serve to display Dynastyphile as a means to play Tecmo online for the masses.

    It seems very fitting that the last act of the original online league would be to pass on the torch to the leagues of today and tomorrow.




    What does this mean?  Tecmo Super Bowl roms for the 2011/2012 season with semi accurate instead of imaginary rosters!

    But until then....it's free agency and an article detailing available free agents over at Grantland.com of course mentions Tecmo

    Clinton Portis
     has missed 19 games over the past two years, thanks to a concussion in 2009 and a separated groin last season. Although it seems as if he's been around since the first edition of Tecmo Bowl, Portis will only turn 30 in September. When he's been healthy, Portis has maintained a healthy 4.1-yard rushing average, and he's one of the league's best pass-blockers out of the backfield. He could be a valuable part of a running back rotation somewhere.

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