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    Drummer's 2011-12 Rom

    By Knobbe, in News,

    ** Get the Rom here **

    As usual, our own Drummer tends to be the first one out of the gate.  Here is a run down of what was put into the rom including some pics and a video.

    [caption id=" align="alignright" width="303" caption="While it predicted knee instead of hip, it seemed to know that Leonard Hankerson was going to be injured this year][/caption]

    Please remember this is a competitive rom! The cpu will play you hard! 
    Rosters are opening day.
    Every year i dedicate my work to my friend scott mcconnell who played this great game,against me day after day.
    This rom is intented for man vs cpu/man vs man/and coach mode also!


    Dedicated punt,and kickoff returner (players use their max speed for the return)
    Adjustable Quarter Length
    More accurate fg's
    Ability to change playbook in game anytime
    Ability to change quarter length
    Punt coverage boost cut ( to allow better returns)
    Dedicated fumble and interception returner (players use their max speed for the return)
    Stats screen after each quarter!
    4-3/3-4 defense hack
    PC/PA hack
    HP hack
    Ultra Logic hack(cpu plays better defense!)
    Quickness for interceptions (self explainatory)

    [gallery link=file" columns="2" orderby="rand]


    ** Get the Rom here **

    ** Get Tecmo Bowl 2012 **
    Tecmo Super Bowl is the king around here but there are people who also not only love the original but put a lot of time and effort into modding it.  Read more from the rom's creators.

    The premise is the same this year, it's Tecmo Bowl (the one with 4 plays!), complete with the 32 teams of 2012 NFL Football. Ratings are not exactly that of original, but stay true to the spirit of the original. HP was carefully considered, along with a team-based ratings approach. Sometimes players have to take a downgrade a notch or two in order to not make them better than they are...some liberties had to be taken in order to try and keep as realistic of a balance as possible.

    Hit the forums to download the game and read about the other hacks involved with this release.

    The 4Play Team
    Turd: Chief editor
    Cam: Ratings Editor/Reviewer
    Jstout: Lead assembly developer

    Long time World Tecmo Federation vet "Arncoem" is able to overcome 2 early pool play losses to take down tourney organizer Brian "Bad Moon Rison" for the championship of the first NYC Tecmo tourney in a couple of years.

    Here is Arncoem on the final game

    He choose the matchup Green Bay vs Seattle. I then got to choose which team & took Green Bay. 
    It was a crazy game that Sterling Sharpe caught a 60 yard JJ when game was tied 7-7 w/ 30- seconds left.
    I was able to get out of bounds after the Sterling Sharpe JJ & w/ 2 seconds left kicked a field goal that bounced off the goal post & in for the 3 point victory & the championship.

    TecmoBowl.org Info
    Writeup from Arncoem

    * Downloadable Tourney Results *

    Pool Results

    Alt Conference
    Dave T 4-0*
    Jeese G 2-2*
    Louis B 2-2* (red98sethuthut)
    Rodney R 1-3* (BoFB)
    Andrew G 1-3 (pokemonandrew)

    Duncan Conference
    Umberto R 3-1* (discdolo)
    Jim T 3-1*
    Erik M 2-2* (arncoem)
    Glenn W 1-3
    Brian F 1-3

    Fulcher Conference
    Darren G 4-0*
    Francis B 3-1* (mort)
    Rob B 1-3*
    Tommy P 0-4 (HeHateMe)

    Tolliver Conference
    Brian R 4-0* (BadMoonRison)
    Anthony M 3-1*
    Darren M 2-2
    Steve K 1-3
    Matt G 0-4


    Great Pictures courtesy of Tony Le Photography

    [gallery link=file" columns="2" orderby="rand]


    Just a reminder if you aren't already going:  The NYC Tecmo Super Bowl tournament is this weekend and it' not too late to enter


    Exciting news as a tournament has been set for the first Saturday of October in New York City.

    Head to the forums for more information or else contact nytecmo@tecmobowl.org to register/more information.

    ** Download Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 - Full **

    ** Download Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 - Roms only **

    [caption id=attachment_597" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="Peyton Manning is now QB Colts and he's not starting. We'll let you figure out his neck.][/caption]

    See original release here

    Were you aware that Peyton Manning had his neck fused with a bone from his own hip, which is a bit more painful, than the usual cadaver bone so he could get back earlier? Crazy, huh.

    In a similar notion, we decided to put out our rom before the start of the season in lieu of really checking every single player yet again, so we ended up with "Brandon Llyod" and "Black Charlie Whitehurst" and starting NFC Pro-Bowl Center Jason Witten. This updated release is aimed at fixing a lot of these little bugs and some minor ratings tweaks in order to pander to our fans. Along with the updates we've also included some other roms from the guys who chose accuracy over speed.
    Other Included Roms

    Bruddog’s 2011
    Buck and Rewhawl’s “Pure” and “Upgrade ROM”
    QB Eagle’s 2011
    Buck and Rewhawl’s Semi Pro

    Here are some of the highlights of the fixes

    Mixed up Passing Accuracy and Pass Control in the manual: PA = completions, PC = where the ball is going
    Not only is Kerry Collins starting over Peyton, but Peyton has been renamed as "QB Colts" given his current up in the air status
    We fixed all the stuff up above
    Check out the readme for the gory details

    Last but not least, let us know if we've still overlooked something in the following areas<p>
    Jersey Number


    Release: Tecmo Super Bowl 2012

    By Knobbe, in News,

    Latest update here

    ** Download Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 **
    Happy 20th birthday, Tecmo Super Bowl!

    What's changed

    All 32 teams
    Current day rosters (sorry David Garrard)
    Passing Accuracy now does something (this means original game John Elway realllllly sucked)
    Updated Graphics
    Ability to change the quarter length

    Did you know it's been 20 years since the release of the the original Tecmo Super Bowl?  We did!

    We hope you enjoy this updated version of the game.  You'll notice some new faces, some new teams, and a brand new look.  You'll also notice that to celebrate we modeled a lot of guys after some of the Tecmo Greats out there.  Here is an easy one given they play(ed) the same position on the same team: Ndamukong Suh is Jerry Ball!  However, if you're going to Nose Tackle Dive, just make sure you don't do it against us.

    If you don't agree with the way we've rated some players, and obviously you won't, you have two options.

    Sign up in the forums and drop some knowledge in the thread.  Most likely we're not going to tweak too much but at some point we probably will make some changes.
    Check back sometime in the near future when we teach you how to change all those players on your own.  Terrorize the defense with you at running back....or Tecmo Bo.

    Also, we'll probably have quite a few more roms released towards the end of the week with some pretty mind blowing hacks.  Long Live Tecmo.

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