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    New England Patriots HSTL S42 Recaps

    Week 1 vs. MIA (RandyWags) - I get the ball to start and covert a 4th down, but later mistap on a called pass 4 and throw a pick (Chris Miller to Sammy Martin is not a magical combination). I force a punt and then eventually break a 30 or so yard Johnny Johnson run for a TD. Wags works it down inside the 10 but I'm able to hold him to a FG before the gun. 7-3. A good Jim Harbaugh (or was it Tomczak, can't remember) gets a whiff from Haywood Jeffries on a 4th down JJ and unfortunately it is picked by Browner (cost me about 40 yards of field position). MIA forces a punt and gets a long Butts run after an outtap and eventually scores on a Harbaugh to Kelvin Martin JJ with Browner lurking. Miller spots Jerry 1-on-1 with Bruce Smith and tosses one up that is complete inside the 10. Miller hits Rice for a TD to go back up 14-10. MIA gets a nice return to around the 50, but three straight called plays (ending in a Browner JJ int) seals the deal. GG Randy.
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    Pittsburgh Steelers HSTL S42 Recaps

    Randall completes 5 of 8 passes for 128 yds with 2 TDs to A. Miller.Yep this was a real barn burner!..NOT Pit opens the season with a win. Jumanji!
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    Philadelphia Eagles HSTL S42 Recaps

    Week 1 vs NOS Saints at home in Philly. PHI played small ball w/ B Hump clipping 4 and more here and there pretty much entire game staying true to the run. Meanwhile BJT ensure that every drive NOS put together would be sandbagged at critical moments. Rickey Sanders caught one deep ball when in good. That's all I remember. GG NOS