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    As a person who has run many (albeit smaller) tournaments I was asked if I would help to run this tournament. I reluctantly accepted because the price I had to pay was not being able to compete. However, having been to enough of these run by the Holtzs and now Dave I know the manpower required to run this and knew Dave needed another body and he has done a lot for this community. As an old man who travels for work and has three kids now it's unfortunately not feasible for me to travel to all of your tournaments without being a substandard father and husband. Thus I'm very thankful that we still have Tecmo Madison for my one chance a year to attempt to see and meet the people of this scene/community I've come to know for the last 15+ years. Congratulations to everyone who competed. I'm not going to name names here because I will forget your name and feel bad about it or generally not know about your personal contributions. Thus, thank you to everyone who brought a TV, cart, Nintendo, controller, or other item necessary to run 70+ Tecmo Super Bowl games at once. Thanks to everyone who runs a tourney in your neck of the woods and tells people about Tecmo Madison. Thank you to everyone who was patient as we attempted to run 3 tournaments at once so we could get people more games. Thank you to everyone who came to the storage locker that Dave rents to store a bunch of old-ass CRT TVs. Thanks to everyone that showed up early to help set up or stayed late to help tear down. Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi to me (despite how much I pretend it's certainly hard for me). Thanks to JD for bringing his very expensive equipment into an environment full of large drunk clumsy men and running a top notch video stream. I was absolutely amazed once I had time to raise my head and see that the main stream was being broadcast throughout the bar in addition to be broadcast via Twitch, youtube, and facebook. I personally inadvertently pulled the power on a camera and tripped over a cord. As a true professional, he didn't chew me out...he just rolled with the punches. Thanks to Bailey for putting together the seeds by following everyone's play over the last year which includes having to adjust groups and players on the fly as guys do or do not show up in the middle of 200+ people worth of chaos. Thanks for calmly putting together the brackets in the chaos of having our scoring system software glitch on rolling out the brackets for tourney play. I will let you know if I will thank you and Jimmy for your velvet smooth commentary on the stream when I have the chance to watch the stream. Thank you to Heather, Ms Disasta, and Tucker for helping to run the brackets, the raffle, herd all the cats, and all the dirty work. Your ability to handle issues from the intoxicated is a level of patience I wouldn't be able to hold up for that long. Last but certainly not least, let's get to Dave. Before I get to the platitudes let me get something off my chest. I hear the whispers about the finances of this tournament...and they're the same whispers I heard when the Holtzs ran this thing.....why isn't more money paid out. The answer is not because this tournament is run at some sort of profit....it wasn't then and it isn't now. I know that in addition to his time, that it costs Dave to run this tournament. He's the one who rents a TV locker...rents a u-haul to move those TVs...rents the tables to hold the TVs. He's the one who flew up on his own dime to find a better location for the tourney. He's the same guy who was flying up on his own dime before all of this to just run the stream when the Holtzs ran the tourney. He's the one who organized the money and covered the rest to fly Gats out his first time. He's the guy that has taken the time to attend other people's tourneys. He's the guy who has been contributing to the community for years. He's the guy took the time with your DMs, emails, phone calls, and texts even though this last month he was able to realize his dream of owning his own business and was juggling both. Thank you Dave for making all of this happen.
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    Haha that above picture is awesome. Thanks @davefmurray @QB Browns and company for another fantastic Tecmo Madison experience. It's amazing how year after year the event continues to impress and the talent continues to improve. Congratulations to @joeygats for a third title in a row. That's unfathomable with the randomness of Tecmo and solidifies him as the GOAT. Best Tecmo accomplishment overall. @bigmv54 played the best I've seen in a single game. That's the only time where I can remember feeling I was the inferior player. He also had IMO the single greatest accomplishment in one tournament. He beat all 4 number 1's (Regulator, Mort, Chet, Gats) and dismantled Cocunuts who can be considered top 10 at least. If there is a better accomplishment in one single tournament I would like to hear about it. As to everyone else I talked to and caught up with, great seeing you all and it was a pleasure as usual. It's always a good reset to have that day of being a kid again. Thanks again to everyone involved in the coordination of the event as well as everyone who attended. Take care
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    Post-Madison Syndrome is real. Wow. By far one of my Top 5 “times” away from home. I’m putting together a weekend roundup that I’ll post in the near future. I’m at 1,000 words so far, and that’s only the event writeup about Friday night. But in short, at this moment, thank you all who are involved with Tecmo Madison. Congrats to @joeygats for the unthinkable. You truly are Tecmo’s best. Amazing to watch what you were 10 years ago, and see what you now. ESPN or NFL Films or Tecmo Films, whatever, should get your story and publish a video feature, because your story has been awesome to follow. @bigmv54 I don’t know what else to say. You continue to amaze me with your ability to play Tecmo without a consistent, long-term focus. You’re the epitome of Tecmo skill. You were a third-and-2 offensive play away from taking it all. @davefmurray and company. We all love you. The time, effort and love you put into taking over this event, I hope, doesn’t go unnoticed. You create memories for a lot of people who look forward to this weekend every year. Like I said, a weekend wrap and more mentions will be hit in that once I’m finished. Long live Tec.
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    Well said Godfather. Thanks for running the excel on Jam as well, it was like watching Picasso paint. This post was a good reminder that people should come to these tourneys like you are going to a friends party and not treat it like you are going to a restaurant where you can complain about the service, etc. Anyways it was a friggen great time as always, anytime I can find myself with my shirt off on many social media accounts its a good weekend!
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    Pretty basic, run-of-the-mill Tecmo tourney yesterday.
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    Tecmo Madison is bigger than life. When I think about a full weekend without any adult responsibilities, it makes me so grateful for the 1st Madison put on by the Holzbauers at The Plaza and for DFM to literally cart his ass across the country to run it like a boss. This event keeps the dream alive for many of us. Not the dream of winning at Tecmo, but the one where I lose valiantly at Tecmo and become heavily influenced by adult beverage. Cheers to Tecmo Madison and to $20 in free Lyft rides.
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    Need to update my avatar to reflect the glasses/white sides I have going on
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    You'll learn more attending a Madison than you will training on your own.
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    REGISTRATION GOES LIVE MAY 1, 2018! WHAT: 2018 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament (11th Annual) WHEN: Saturday, July 28, 2018 WHERE: Rick's Tavern & Grille, 5955 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014 Buy-In: $35; includes a tournament T-shirt; prizes and giveaways; 1991 NFL memorabilia Website: http://mwtecmo.com Rules: http://mwtecmo.com/tournament-rules/‬ Format: ‪http://mwtecmo.com/tournament-format Live Stream: ‪http://mwtecmo.com/watch Prizes: Top performers will take home cash and trophies SIGN-UP: http://mwtecmo.com/purchase-tournament-entry Here is a tentative schedule: ‪http://mwtecmo.com/schedule‬ WHAT'S ON TAP: 1.) The Main Event 2.) Whoever throws for the most passing yards with Boomer Esiason will win a prize. 3.) Whoever rushes for the most yards with James Brooks will win a prize. 4.) The "first out" single elimination tournament. Players to be eliminated in the early stages of the main event will participate in a single elimination tournament for a prize. 5.) Women's Tournament (tentative) 6.) Hang out with the Legendary David Fulcher and support his MS foundation: merch, autographs, photo session, raffle to play Fulcher in a game of Tecmo, and much more! If you have any questions regarding Midwest Tecmo, please drop us an email at ‪chris@mwtecmo.com‬. We look forward to another GREAT time in Greater Cincinnati! The Midwest Tecmo Team @MWTecmo | #MWTecmoXI
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    RAFFLE PRIZES! A raffle drawing will happen mid-way through the tournament. Tickets can be purchased the day of the event. Here's a sneak peek at what we are raffling off so far! Cleveland Browns Bernie Kosar Jersey Autographed L.A. Rams Henry Ellard Jersey Sign up today, the tournament is four weeks away!
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    Baseball Stars all day every day.
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    I haven't touched a Nintendo controller since Tundra...... but I'm not drinking tomorrow which equates to 1000 practice games normally while being totally inebriated Saturday. The results should be entertaining lol
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    Lets get some black out curtains and get a 10x10 area and make a "Burning Mort Experience" sign. $5 to peak in, $10 to touch North Dakota Tecmo Hall of Fame memorabilia, "Unless you are Mort. Are you Mort?"
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    UPDATE #1 to the groups and seeding of Tecmo Madison 14. If you are registered and do not see yourself, there are two reasons for it: 1. the registration list wasn't updated when I finished this over the weekend, you will be added over the next few days *OR* 2. you are not confirmed as registered, so do that please by either completing registration I tried moving all brothers, rides, friends away from each other, let me know if I missed one. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nherNMIAiTddp_PJ13rLFbM2zLV3hAfels-aW0Yu158/edit?usp=sharing
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    For sure. Gotta get through Madison and then we can start the hype train. Having a tourney super close before/after Madison is definitely going to hurt any hype train from my end. We'll have a good 3 weeks though.
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    Not too far from the Wigsphere.
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    Here it is in all its glory, the Jersey Cup! This baby is the real deal. Will you be the first to hoist it come May 19th?
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    There are all girl teams in Bad News Baseball as well if you know how to unlock them. http://protipoftheday.com/node/411.html
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    The Hoff & Dynasty Show

    Episode 2 @hoffnasty9 and @MattyD talk about Madison XIV, the HSTL S44 Playoff Picture and the HSTL S45 Draft Format.
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    Is there anyone who's NOT COOL with a ten dollar by in?????????? State your name, so I can pi$$ on your car tire when you show up to the Tournament. @kamphuna8 seems to think it's not a good idea to have an entry fee.....I, on the other hand, seem to think a ten dollar cover ain't $#!t since all the other tourney's are SEVERELY over priced anywhere from 20 to 30 bucks. My approach is everybody throws 10 bucks in a hat (not my Cardinals hat) and winner takes ALL!!! You got a problem with that "SUCC IT"
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    Can't wait to see what type of Frankenstein fuck of a team @XtraLargent assembles
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    Here is the Silver Championship game between Nos and JP. It was pretty exciting
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    Tonight, the Retro World Series is proud to announce the launch of Tecmo Tour. We are going to bring Tecmo Super Bowl across the country. Format Two-Stage Tournament. Players will be divided into groups of four-player round robin groups. Top 2 from each group will advance to a single- or double-elimination bracket depending on tournament size. Choosing Sides Players will flip coin to determine matchup and team selection. Coin flip winner gets first choice of matchup and coin flip loser gets first choice of team OR Coin flip winner can defer matchup choice to coin flip loser and then get first choice of team (e.g. if coin flip winner chooses defers, coin flip loser chooses matchup, and coin flip winner choose team first). There is no limit to the number of times you can pick a specific matchup. Gameplay Rules Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes Customizing playbooks is permissible. WR/TE at RB A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. Lurching Lurching is banned. Ties/Overtime No game can end in a tie. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. If no one scores in the first OT, a new game will begin, and the first competitor to score will be declared the winner. Players must use the same teams from the previous game in the new game. The kicking team in the first game’s OT must be the receiving team in the new game. Stats & Scores Scorecard Players will be provided a scorecard before each match. The winner is responsible for recording the scores and stats on the scorecard and returning it to the scorekeeper and/or TO. Penalty If the winner does not hand in a completed and accurate scorecard, that player’s next opponent gets first choice of matchup AND team.
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    Live video of the Shirts and Skins Matchup
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    I've always celebrated the male form, in all of its presentations. All of its hairiness, profuse sweating, objectional smells, various grunts, and general foulness. After having played Tecmo against it, I'm reconsidering my position.
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl 2018+ (1.0 BETA) - New Titans large helmet, mini helmet, and uniforms - Uniform usage and color adjustments - Rosters 4/6/18
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    So much anticipation for the big weekend. Only one way to express myself at this level of Alpha Maleness......a Haiku Squirming in my chair Tecmo Migration begins Hangovers be Damned
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    Looking forward to a Burning Mort rematch with @DrFrolf in the second-tier tournament. Slappies allowed.
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    Who ever taught TBK how to use a computer I want to thank you personally.
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    I would never slander the Mayor of Tecmo, but your views are Radical.
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    Nice group of games, I better stop what I am doing and do a quick ranking. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THESE GAMES TO BE MY FRIEND TIER 1. TSB (of course) 2. MTPO - Almost beats tecmo. Finally beat this game in College and consider it my greatest College accomplishment and I was a virgin entering college 3. Baseball Stars - paid $63 for this game at Funcoland in the early 90s. Best Baseball game on NES don't @ me 4. Ice Hockey - Skinny - Medium - Fat - Fat Poland team I will beat you with finese and not Meathead Tapping speed 5. Arch Rival - Best Basketball game on NES hands down. Lewis from Natural High > then Mohawk guy of hated Brawl State. Pantsing then punching the guy in the face to steal the ball was no higher form of Comedy in 5th grade 6. Bad News Baseball – never owned the game but controls are great, wish you could dive though 7. Tecmo World Wrestling – Dr Guido or as we called in Dr Dildo, had the Giant Swing finishing move that was great. Game still holds up and my kids like playing it but I don’t tell them Dr’s Nickname 8. RBI Baseball – jocknerds are foaming at the month that it’s this low, great game but it’s like a 49ers vs Seahawks match up when comparing to Baseball Stars 9. Golf – KISS keep it simple stupid. Great game. Want to have 5 drinks and challenge somone right now. I could work a slice like no other. 10. Hoops – even surprised me making top ten. But give me Face and Legs, make it take it, you won’t get to 5 11. Double Dribble – Pissed it didn’t make top ten, but the 3 pt glitch too much to overcome hoops 12. Blades of Steal – Great game, loved the minigame during end of period and fighting but I didn’t like the arrow shooting mechanism 13. Tecmo Bowl – TSB orgin story. Great game but overshadowed by it’s brother. Kind of like Spring Break Vet over @SammieSmith33 MENDOZA LINE TIER 14. NES Playaction Football – game isn’t that great now, but I played it a ton back in the day. Just tried to be a little too realistic with 8 bit hardware. 15.Baseball – 1st baseball game I played on NES and you always remember your first... 16. Bases Loaded – Hitting mechanism too hard. I think you could chage the mound though. Think I have never finished a game 17. Volleyball – rented this game from a gas station as a kid. Fond memories but I don’t think I want to play again and see it’s withered face like the hot teacher in highschool now has depends on 18.Tecmo Baseketball – so close to being good, but just not there. Hoops and Arch Rivals dance with Tecmo Basketball’s dates and Tecmo won’t say a peep NEVER PLAYED TIER 19. Tennis – maybe I played it but can’t remember. Probably not that great 20. Roger Clemons Baseball – never played, sorry Rocket…. 21. Bowling game – never played it, all I can think of is that golden tee bowling game I played at bar so I won’t put it last 22. Game with what looks like Kirby Pucket on – Love puck but don’t know the game. Remember the Puck Pack at McDonalds? 23. Shredding – never played it probably a gateway drug to other shitty games SHIT JUST SHIT TIER 24. Kings of Beach – should be called we can’t even hold Super Spike Vball’s jock 25. 10 Yard Fight – 1st time I saw my friends older brothers playing it I was salivating, but after playing it for 5 minutes we went back to Table Top Football as the vibrating board was more appealing 26. Track and Field II – dogshit, just do the same games as last time and add taekwondo and you are in top ten. 27 Tecmo Baseball – How could they fuck up baseball so badly? 28. Pebble Beach Challenge – I think I tried playing for 2 minutes then put in Ghost n Goblins 29. John Elway Quarerback – 10 yard Fight with really complicated plays that don’t work. Bonus dermits sticking with 10 yard fight look HOT GARBAGE 30. NFL – Never Fun Letdown
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    Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship Belt (Winner will get to keep it):
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    HERE! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r8ilqUsa8T-Ol1d5D4Glk7Zf2c7yPZ5p7mwVDNBcmyg/edit?usp=sharing
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    We are excited to announce your chance to play in Tundra Bowl VI for free! Each year, there are select tournaments that provide high levels of participation and player competition, showcasing some of the best Tecmo Super Bowl talent in the world. Within a calendar year, we here at Tundra Bowl will select a number of tournaments that, we feel, meet the criteria as one of the top tournaments in the nation. The tournaments on the list will change from year-to-year. If necessary, the qualifying tournaments will change within the calendar year if there are unforeseen cancellations of tournaments on the list, explosion of talent pools, etc. The winners of these tournaments on the qualifying list will receive their Tundra Bowl Entry Fee paid for, in full, for participation in the following year's Tundra Bowl Tournament. All 2018 Tundra Bowl Qualifying Tournament winners on the list below will be able to play in Tundra Bowl VI (January 2019) for free. DATE TOURNAMENT WINNER January 27, 2018 Tundra Bowl V - Green Bay, WI @red98sethuthut February 24, 2018 Tomczak Bowl X - Dubuque, IA @mort1237 March 3, 2018 Tecmo Kumite VI - Detroit, MI @toolie March 3, 2018 Tecmo Lincoln VIII - Lincoln, NE @randywags25 April 7, 2018 Tecmo Madison XIV - Madison, WI @joeygats May 19, 2018 Tecmo Columbus IV - Columbus, OH TBD July 2018 Midwest Tecmo XI - Fairfield, OH TBD August 4, 2018 Millard's Mayhem III - Bloomington, MN TBD August 2018 Tecmo Cleveland II - Cleveland, OH TBD November 2018 Tecmo Milwaukee IV - Milwaukee, WI TBD November 2018 Iowa Tecmo 5 - Des Moines, IA TBD December 2018 CT Tecmo X - Southington, CT TBD December 2018 Thunderdome XI (Online Tourney) TBD
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    My brother Matt and @Green Majik will be running a free Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Tournament at the Midwest Gaming Classic this Saturday, April 14th in Milwaukee, WI. If you are going to the event the tournament starts at 2:30pm. The tournament will be single or double elimination depending on the the turnout. There is no prize, however The Retro Sports Gamer Channel will recognize the winner in some official capacity after the convention concludes. The live stream will start around 10am CST and end after the tournament's conclusion. Here is the link to the channel for the live stream: https://www.youtube.com/theretrosportsgamer
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    Being a Titans fan I gotta say I am loving the new helmets. Nice work @gojiphen malor!
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    Can we change the font or does it have to be the serial killer handwriting?
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    (Pats new secondary concept designed to confuse opposing QB's)
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    Well I guess you won't have to worry about dying then ..I.. Ha hA Ha!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ha Ha! Excellent rankings here Nick! This should serve as a reputable guide for the players playing in the tournament. It seems like there is always a disparity on what a particular player's favorite baseball game is. There are so many baseball games, so I think sometimes it comes down to what you played most as a kid. For me it was RBI Baseball, but I have seen a wide variety of opinions on which game is the best. I will say I think you took a major dump on Tecmo Baseball. I really don't think it is that bad. It's not great, but it hovers somewhere in average territory compared to others. You should play MLB made by LJN if you want a serious clunker. Hoops > Tecmo NBA Basketball? Give me a little something of what you are on. Kings of Beach really isn't a bad game at all. I would go as far as saying it is a good game. Did you forget it is 4-player compatible? Also, the game you say that looks like it has Kirby Puckett on it, is Bo Jackson's Baseball!
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    You can dive. This whole post is a lie.
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    HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: MattyD Nickname: MattyD Availability: Anytime 8 p.m. EST, or thereafter Can you host?: Probably List 4 Team Preferences: New York Football Giants, Colts, Packers, New York Jets What's your location/timezone?: Eastern Why do you want to join HSTL?: OG ROM rules