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    My hazy, personal recollection of Tecmo Madison 14: http://mwtecmo.com/midwest-tecmo-makes-6th-trip-to-tecmo-madison/
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    Tecmo Players Championship Saturday September 22, 2018 Start time 10 am Entry fee 150 (100% of prize money goes to prize pool. 1st place 1700. Plus pimp outfit as an official Tecmo Super Player Champion. 2nd place 800 3rd place 500 4th place 300 Pool play winners 150 each. https://paypal.me/mort1237/150 Max participants 36. Goal 24. All prizes based on 24. Format Group Play. With 24 we will form two groups of 12. You will play each person in your group once. The winners of each group will get there entry fee back. With 36 we will form 3 groups. 4 to 6 hours. 24 to 36 single elimination tournament. All rounds a best of 3 series. Byes will be based upon performance in group play. 4 to 6 hours. Standard Madison rules except one tweak to the one matchup once rule. A player can only play in a matchup once during the tournament. It doesn't matter if he calls it or his opponent. Now I am looking for the best 24 to 36 players I can find. Right now I am trying to gauge interest. If demand is high I will have to put together a selection committee to narrow the field. Otherwise I will start officially signing people up once the date is set. If interested in playing please Email me at fbuennagel@gmail.com Interested list. Flo Gats Louis Buennagel Mort Rsg Tom Joseph Moore DPS Sonofpatbeach Tecmobo (chi) Hank the tank
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    Minneapolis, MN Presents Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley Date: Aug. 4 if enough people are interested or show up the day before I will run something Aug. 3 for some practicing. Time: 11:00 am Location: Tin Shed Tavern: Savage, MN or New Bohemia in St. Paul, MN (It will most likely be Tin Shed) both places are equally as spacious if not bigger than last year. 2D said we were to loud and to rambunctious last year. I couldn't believe my ears when they said that. We were the most exciting tourney there by far. Hotels: Will post a list closer to tourney. Great deals in Savage area. Cost: $30 this year it will be better because all money will go into the pool, unlike last year where 2D Con took a 2/3 of the portion for charity. Minimum Cash Prize: $500 for first, if we get same number as last year it could be more and a new championship belt! The Belt last year went to Kyle (TheGamer) last year. It is an authentic belt to metal plates. Free Raffle Ticket: for entries for some great prizes (Prizes will be posted throughout the summer so revisit post) Rules: Tecmo Madison Rules: tecmomadison.com 4 player Round Robin with top 2 coming out of each group. Depending on the size again all may make playoffs. If it is 32 like last year all will make playoffs. Elimination Bracket after that. Double Elimination for top 8 Registration: You can email me at bushy1333@gmail.com to confirm. Pay me through PayPal at shab333@msn.com or you can bring money at tourney time. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me. I will check daily from now until the tourney. Sorry I was late getting this out. Lots of projects in the house this year.
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    Thread is slowing down a bit, so I figured I'd put something fun on here. Since we started the tournament, I've always thought of it in terms of different eras of dominant players. Tecmos I-V were dominated by @kingsoby1. He was the first person to make 3 consecutive finals, and he took home one trophy. One Muster drop away from two. Tecmos V-X, especially the back end, were owned by @holzy11 and @regulator088, as they squared off in the finals three times in a row. Chet won the first two, and Regulator got him in Tecmo X. Tecmo X was the first year for @joeygats in Madison, but he was bounced pretty early. Not surprising considering he hadn't played many live tournaments before. The last four tournaments can safely be called the era of @joeygats, as he made the Sweet 16 in Tecmo XI (bounced by @averagetsbplayer of all people), and has gone on to win three in a row. I thought it would be cool to take the best players from the last four years (i included all forty players who have made the Madison Sweet 16 in the last four years), and compare how their records AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. There's probably a mistake or two in there, as I didn't have perfect data, but should still be fun to read. Later on, I may add point differentials. I actually think total games played may be just as illustrative as Win %, as that proves you can go far in the tourney every year. I may add numbers for Sweet 16s, Elite 8s, Final 4s, etc. eventually too. Player Wins Losses Win % JoeyGats 20 2 90.91% TecmoPsycho 5 2 71.43% Neerm 7 3 70.00% skunker 4 2 66.67% Bigmv54 9 5 64.29% Coconuts 7 4 63.64% MattyD 3 2 60.00% Mort 7 5 58.33% TheKid 7 5 58.33% Arncoem 4 3 57.14% Daboys 4 3 57.14% Thegamer1185 4 3 57.14% holzy11 7 6 53.85% sonofpatbeach 7 6 53.85% disastamasta 3 3 50.00% Flo 3 3 50.00% Regulator 4 4 50.00% RetroNathan 3 3 50.00% RikFenny 4 4 50.00% Jeff B / TheBeard 1 1 50.00% VikingMoe 3 3 50.00% red98sethuthut 2 3 40.00% Mattrick Swayze/Ole Dirty Tecmo 2 3 40.00% Ones11Fahzu 3 5 37.50% AverageTSBPlayer 3 6 33.33% Gripsmoke 1 2 33.33% LuckyTool 2 4 33.33% TecmoBo 2 4 33.33% TecmoRox81 2 4 33.33% JimSocks 1 3 25.00% Noonan 1 3 25.00% tecmodell42 1 3 25.00% player121xk 1 4 20.00% Lamefest 1 5 16.67% Birdhas_uwl 0 3 0.00% discodolo 0 1 0.00% DrFrolf 0 5 0.00% DT 0 1 0.00% Kdog 0 4 0.00% Lefty 0 3 0.00%
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    Dates for Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018 are 99% likely to be August 4th - August 5th, 2018. www.tecmocleveland.com or www.tecmojamcleveland.com for details Tickets to go on sale this week and prices to remain consistent with 2017 pricing, which is a plus! August 4th will be Tecmo Super Bowl tournament and August 5th will be NBA Jam TE tournament. More details to follow, thanks for your patience. Tom Jenkins tecmocleveland@gmail.com
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    MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! We are raffling off the LEGENDARY Nintendo Power Glove! It works! I played Tecmo with it! I didn't win! It can be yours, but you have to come to Tupa Bowl!
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Beta 0.2) is up! *2018-2019 schedule dates corrected *Graphics -Menu font color change -Large helmet facemask color adjustments -Rams mini helmet facemack adjustment -Titans mini helmet artwork adjustment -Uniform usage and color adjustments *More accurate depth charts (4/22/18) -Jersey number corrections -Player rating adjustments -Ball control scale 50-69 -Players added : Bills - WR, jeremy KERLEY Ravens - WR, willie SNEAD Steelers - WR, justin HUNTER, *CB, mike HILTON Chiefs - G, parker EHINGER, S, robert GOLDEN Raiders - RB, jalen RICHARD Chargers - S, adrian PHILLIPS Cowboys - TE, geoff SWAIM Lions - QB, jake RUDOCK Saints - WR, c. MEREDITH Cardinals - TE, gabe HOLMES NFL Draft and more Free Agents on the way Enjoy! (Beta 0.2 screenshot - New facemasks)
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    Tonight, the Retro World Series is proud to announce the launch of Tecmo Tour. We are going to bring Tecmo Super Bowl across the country. Register Here for Tecmo Atlanta: http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-season/2018-southern-fried-gaming-expo/ Format Two-Stage Tournament. Players will be divided into groups of four-player round robin groups. Top 2 from each group will advance to a single- or double-elimination bracket depending on tournament size. Choosing Sides Players will flip coin to determine matchup and team selection. Coin flip winner gets first choice of matchup and coin flip loser gets first choice of team OR Coin flip winner can defer matchup choice to coin flip loser and then get first choice of team (e.g. if coin flip winner chooses defers, coin flip loser chooses matchup, and coin flip winner choose team first). There is no limit to the number of times you can pick a specific matchup. Gameplay Rules Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes Customizing playbooks is permissible. WR/TE at RB A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. Lurching Lurching is banned. Ties/Overtime No game can end in a tie. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. If no one scores in the first OT, a new game will begin, and the first competitor to score will be declared the winner. Players must use the same teams from the previous game in the new game. The kicking team in the first game’s OT must be the receiving team in the new game. Stats & Scores Scorecard Players will be provided a scorecard before each match. The winner is responsible for recording the scores and stats on the scorecard and returning it to the scorekeeper and/or TO. Penalty If the winner does not hand in a completed and accurate scorecard, that player’s next opponent gets first choice of matchup AND team.
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    May need to recreate this before every game
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    MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! We have a Super Bowl XXV 32 oz glass mug! We have two official Super Bowl XXV plastic cups featuring the Super Bowl, Giants, and Bills logos! We have a Darrell Green 7-11 Big Gulp cup from 1991! We have a Game Boy Coffee Mug that when you put hot liquid in it, Super Mario Land shows up on the side! ...and if you have drinks, you need something to put them on, so my lovely lady is making Pearler Bead Coasters of Tecmo Super Bowl Plays! Here's just a few of what she has made! See you guys on the 19th!
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    - New Jaguars Mini / Large Helmets - Rosters 4/20/18 - More updates coming!
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    HSTL S44 Draft

    Philadelphia Offensive line and Keith Jackson
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    Can someone other than a Buenagle win an Ohio tournament this year? What are the Vegas odds?
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    HSTL S45 Draft

    Chicago RBs
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    I'm intending on going now i'm trying to get my roommate to go with me is there any rules against bringing a GOAT?
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    Giving this bad boy a bump, as registration officially opens tonight at Midnight EST! Hit up www.mwtecmo.com to claim your spot!
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    We are excited to announce the partnership with TGFN (True Game Fan Network) to bring you MAXIMUM coverage of the event: There will be TWO live streams at this Tournament both with their own flavor: MARQUEE MATCHUP STREAM - https://www.twitch.tv/tgfnretro This professional live coverage will be voiced and broadcasted by Troy GBLAN, organizer and voice of the GBLAN Online Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament. Troy will be showcasing the best players this tournament has to offer from opening kickoff until the Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship Belt is wrapped around someone’s waist. I encourage everyone to check out tgfnretro on Twitch and follow the action that is currently going on in the Tecmo scene. THE PLAYER’S STREAM: - https://www.youtube.com/theretrosportsgamer Have you ever wanted to be a commentator at a Tecmo Tournament? Maybe you just want to cut a wrestling promo Tecmo style? This is your opportunity! This stream will be run by Lumberjack Cracks, but if you aren’t feeling what he has to say, then suplex him off that mic and say what you will. The goal of this stream is to capture the natural essence of the tournament and get as many unique players on stream as possible. Want to play on stream? Just ask! We will do our best to broadcast your game next. We have another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! This Tournament will be one of the first ever to join the BRAND NEW stat tracking data base of the Tecmo Tour put on by Retro World Series. Hal Hawkins, owner and operator of Retro World Series, is determined to give Tecmo Super Bowl players the best stat tracking available for live tournaments. Wins, Losses, Teams Used, Scoring by Quarter, Total Rush Yards, Total Passing Yards, and Final Scores will all be recorded for each and every game. The website will be up and running soon: http://retroworldseries.com/tecmo-tour-coming-soon/
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    TSB trivia game

    I have several Trivia Questions I came up with 1-Which Kicker in Tecmo was the last NFL Player to make a bare footed Field Goal? 2-Which Quarterback in Tecmo only played in 1 NFL game and threw a total of 2 passes? 3-Who was the first player in Tecmo to be inducted in the Hall of Fame? 4-Which 2 Buffalo Bills in Tecmo ended up winning a Superbowl? 5-Which Indianapolis Colts player in Tecmo never actually played a down for the Colts? 6-Which Tecmo team has 3 players on its skill team (RB,WR,TE) that were at least trialed for murder? 7-Which Tecmo player was once pictured on a cover of Sports Illustrated with the caption "Too Vicious For The NFL?" 8-Name as many Tecmo Players that were drafted in the 1984 supplemental Draft. (There are 18 to my count) 9-Who is the oldest player in the game? 10-Which Tecmo Player played in the most NFL games?
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Beta 0.3) is up! *Graphics -Uniform usage and color adjustments *Gameplay -Defensive player RP adjustments *2018 NFL Draft (Rosters 4/30/18) -Players added : Bills - QB, josh ALLEN, LB, t. EDMUNDS Dolphins - TE, mike GESICKI, *S, m FITZPATRICK, K, j. SANDERS Patriots - RB, sony MICHEL, T, trent BROWN Jets - QB, sam DARNOLD Bengals - C, billy PRICE Browns - QB, baker MAYFIELD, RB, nick CHUBB, T, austin CORBETT, CB, denzel WARD Ravens - QB, lamar JACKSON, TE, hayden HURST, T, orlando BROWN Steelers - WR, j. WASHINGTON, S, terrell EDMUNDS Colts - G, quenton NELSON, LB, darius LEONARD Texans - *S, justin REID Jaguars - WR, d.j. CLARK Titans - LB, rashaan EVANS Broncos - RB, royce FREEMAN, WR, c. SUTTON, DE, bradley CHUBB Raiders - WR, martavis BRYANT, T, kolton MILLER Chargers - S, derwin JAMES Redskins - RB, derrius GUICE, DT, daron PAYNE, DE, stacy MCGEE Giants - RB, saquon BARKLEY, G, w. HERNANDEZ Eagles - RB, darren SPROLES, TE, dallas GOEDERT Cowboys - WR, tavon AUSTIN, TE, rico GATHERS, LB, l. VANDER.ESCH Bears - LB, roquan SMITH Lions - RB, k. JOHNSON, C, frank RAGNOW Packers - *CB, j. ALEXANDER Vikings - *CB, mike HUGHES Buccaneers - RB, ronald JONES, DT, vita VEA Saints - DE, m. DAVENPORT Falcons - WR, calvin RIDLEY, WR, marvin HALL Panthers - WR, d.j. MOORE, *CB, donte JACKSON 49ers - WR, dante PETTIS, WR, k. BOURNE, T, m. MCGLINCHEY Rams - WR, josh REYNOLDS, DE, m. BROCKERS Seahawks - RB, rashaad PENNY, RB, j.d. MCKISSIC, CB, byron MAXWELL Cardinals - QB, josh ROSEN, WR, christian KIRK, WR, chad WILLIAMS, DT, r. NKEMDICHE ENJOY!
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    TSB trivia game

    Bill Goldberg
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    MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! How about a Bo Jackson Bobblehead? How about a Tom Tupa Autographed Ohio State Photo?
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