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    Usfl 2018

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    U.S.F.L 2018. The usfl has been reborn. Along with the old w.l.a.f . Team rosters are loaded with recent NFL retirees and back up NFL players . Along with college players that did not make the NFL. Can you make a run with the relocated Wyoming wranglers and josh allen , or win a rushing tittle with Barry Sanders jr with the Oklahoma outlaws . Or ride the Alaska Golds defense in the artic !! Thanks to the @gojiphen malor for all the help
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    Version 1.0.0


    I will be updating this with every somewhat major offseason move. Credit to Goji, I did use his file, but I just decided I would do this regarly. Added: Injured Players didn't play 2017 Notables -David Johnson -Ryan Tannehill -Andrew Luck Also Added the Redskins-Chiefs trade