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    NCAA 2017/2018 TSB

    Version 1.2


    College football at its finest! All the teams, all the players and all of the drama! This is my first submission, so please let me know how I can improve the rom. Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.1


    The game is now available and so is the 5th annual "Preview Magazine" to the game. Madden ratings were used once again to rate every player. Here's a list of hacks and hack authors used to help create this: -- 32-team expansion rom (cx_rom, Maynard, Knobbe, others) -- helmets, field colors (keithisgood) -- COM looks for open receivers (jstout) -- COM Ultra Logic to play better defense (jstout) -- moving & dynamic grapples (bruddog) -- MAN vs. MAN popcorning (jstout) -- sort receiving leaders by yards (jstout) -- more accurate attribute labels, like “Acceleration” (Tecmonster) -- kicking arrow speed & range to make FG’s easier (Tecmonster) -- COM minimum kickoff distance (bruddog) -- increase kickoff ball speed (maynard, bodom) -- increase shotgun snap speed (jstout) -- tougher to block FG’s by adding personal protectors (Tecmonster) -- increase QB fumble rate (jstout) -- decrease diving animation time slightly (xplozv) -- decrease handoff animation time (xplozv) -- COM “juice” edited (by Tecmonster) -- PA affects “catchability/interceptability” of the pass (jstout) -- set kick returner farther back (bodom) -- Ball Control ratios edited so BC means more (by Tecmonster) -- static schedules from week to week (bruddog) -- Quickness changed to Coverage (jstout) -- kick returners use their actual attributes (konforce, jstout) -- stats screen at halftime (xplozv) -- corrected playoff bracket (pambazos) -- MAN-controlled QB rollouts on the rollout plays (Tecmonster) -- LB’s moved farther back from line of scrimmage (Tecmonster) -- Run & Shoot QB’s almost never scramble (Tecmonster) -- “heavy pass” teams don’t pass quite as much (Tecmonster) -- PLAYBOOKS (I have drastically changed and re-organized the playbooks to make them more useful, logical, balanced, and modern), including: (a) new plays, like the Shotgun Shovel, Shotgun Zone Read RB R, Shotgun Zone Read QB L (with QB HP boost), Shotgun RB Draw, Shotgun Zone Read Red Sea (pass), Shotgun Zone Read X Fly (pass), Shotgun Zone Read RB Flat (pass), Pro Set Quick Pitch L, Pro Set Quick Pitch R, Pro Set Zone Pitch R, 1back Offtackle R, 1back Pitch R, 1back Pitch L, Run and Shoot Fire (pass), Shotgun XZ Cross, 1back Flare C, Pro Z Deep Post; (b) improved blocking schemes for many run plays; (c) some receiving routes for existing plays improved; (d) some receiving routes added, like for Oneback Flare A; -- COM avoids sacks much better + faster COM rollouts (Tecmonster) -- shorter onside kicks (xplozv) -- COM RB reacts to the defense sooner after handoff (Tecmonster) -- smarter OL pass blocking (xplozv) -- receiver jump/dive based on REC rating (xplozv) -- defender jump/dive based on COV rating (xplozv) -- team rosters, jersey #’s, faces (Tecmonster) -- minimum COM punts @ 50% meter (bruddog) -- QB’s Avoid Pass Block rating is more important (low APB QB’s are bad news, notable increase in passes blocked) -- moving grapples turbocharged (i.e. bruddog’s version sped up) NEW FOR 2018: -- automated and accurate sim ratings (Tecmonster) -- minor player ratings formula and playbook tweaks If you decide to make ANY edits to this game within TSBToolSupreme, then you'll very likely need to repair the rom afterwards because that program will break part of the moving grapple code and the game will glitch. So, here's what you do: I used the Translhextion hex editor to create a file, named x3ffc0, and have included that with the rom here. I recommend saving this file to your Desktop. How you apply this file: open up your rom in Translhextion and jump to offset x3ffc0 (by clicking Offset > Jump To > then enter x3ffc0 in the field). Highlight (by dragging on) that byte + the next 48 bytes (49 bytes total), then: 1) go to Selection and click "Fill Selection with..." 2) in the pop-up box, select "File" from the dropdown box after "Fill selection with" 3) click "Browse" and find your file (preferably on your Desktop) and select it 4) click "OK" 5) Go to "File" and save your rom. This should fix the problem. Every time you edit your rom with TSBToolSupreme though, you're going to have to follow these steps directly afterwards. Files available: (1) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 game file (2) Tecomonster’s TSB 2018 Preview Magazine (3) x3ffc0 repair file. If you use this rom as a basis for a fantasy league like I do and you want the draft package, which lists players by salary, you can download it from the front page of our league’s website: renotecmoleague.weebly.com.
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    Version 1.09


    Updated 9/23/17! Download and enjoy my first official release since 2006! Special thanks to everyone who has contributed in keeping this community of Tecmo fans together. The progress that has been made since I last released an edit is amazing. This release would not have been possible if it wasn't for the countless hours and sweat equity that has been put into finding new and amazing ways to alter the best sports video game ever. This site is a treasure trove of notes, codes, and information. Hopefully it might get people who haven't tried editing to give it a shot because they would want to tweak something. We can always use different opinions, tastes and ideas on improving the game around here. Feel free to edit this game if you want, I intentionally went out of my way to make sure all the hacks that were installed would not interfere with people being able to edit it with TSBTool. Some of the changes to the game that are not covered by the hack list below are to the uniforms, playbooks and graphics. Teams playing in the regular season schedule always play home P1 with home uniforms while P2 is the road team with either a white jersey or dark if home team uses a white uniform at home (ex:Dallas). (The NFC West teams of course are the exception and I tried to minimize the clashes). I also edited the playbooks by shuffling some plays around while also adding some new plays. The are more available options for 2TE plays. I also removed motion from some plays to disguise them. As for the player ratings, I like using the original game's template. What I normally do is give all the All-Pro First team the top rankings and work my way down to the All-Pro second team, then use the same system going thru players who have not been ranked yet but were on the Pro Bowl first and second team with alternates being ranked last. After that I used the rankings listed on Bleacher Report's Top 1000 NFL Players list. After that I went in and tweaked ratings accordingly on anyone not on the list. I also suggest to anyone who wants to edit the game to use this amazing spreadsheet for sim code editing posted by @jstout. While you are at it read that entire thread, it's Tecmo gold. The results from the spreadsheet gave me a good base to start at and then adjust accordingly. I will be working on this game throughout the NFL season and will release a postseason version before the Super Bowl. Until then enjoy and any and all feedback is welcome! Game Specs: Base Rom: Updated 32-team ROM Editors Used: TSBTool, TSB Playbook Editor Beta03, Lunar IPS, Translhextion, TSB Play Editor, yy-chr, Tecmo Endzone Editor IPS Patches added to release: Jstout's Ultra Logic More accurate field goals Decrease fumbles by 30% Punt Coverage Boost Cut In Half Shorter Field Goals Modifications added to release: Jstout find open receiver More NFL like QB rating value PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I Better COM punt timing Changing KR Speed Directional punts FG avoid kick block fix Increase CPU kickoff length Kickoff Wedge Return Onside kick hack better recovery rate for P2 PR speed change from SS to actual PR player 15 Sprite Per Scanline Add stats after quarters No Sprite Flicker Playcall screen clock speed Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through Prevent schedule from being random Road team plays as player 2 vs COM Randomize sound loop used for each play Passing game probability table hack QB backpedal animation hack Better INT Returns Mojo Coverage Change Touchback To 25-Yard Line Faster Handoffs, Pitches, Snaps & Player Control Faster fumble recovery Timing of Snap Exchange Between C & Q Diving time based on HP Main Menu Background Color Change XX's Schedule Background Color Change XX
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    Version 1.0.1


    In Super Bowl X The Steelers beat the Cowboys 21-17 but all of that is about to change, as you download and play my new 1975 NES TSB rom. I chose 1975 because it was right in the Middle of the Decade. Pre-Expansion 8 team Playoff AND it was the ultimate Super Bowl America's Team vs The Team of the 70's. Doomsday, Too Tall, Mean Joe, The Steel Curtain, Roger the Dodger, Phyllis George, The Hail Mary is born, Conrad Dobler, Jimmy the Greek, Howard Cosell, MNF was a huge Event!, Kenny the Snake, Purple People Eaters I have put a ton of time and effort into this and will give a good account of the changes. Skill Position Player Ratings - based on 1975 performance - sliding scale true to the original rom. QB's PC = QBR, PS = Reputation, MS = Rush Yds, APB = Comp. %. Ken Anderson, Fran Tarkenton, and Bert Jones are Top 3 QB's. RB's MS = Yards, Rec = # of receptions, BC = Fumble %, HP = Reputation (and HP cost you speed) WR's and TE's MS = Yards, Rec. = # of receptions., BC = Fumble %. 1000 yards gets you a 56 MS as RB or REC. OJ Simpson with over 1800 yards is the only player rated higher with 63 MS. Each team has a dedicated return man (usually WR#4) with MS based on Return yards. 24 out of 26 teams ran a 4-3 in 1975. I have seen people put 1 DL at LB to adjust for this, but that bugs me. I know the Original rom did it but that bugged me also. So just used 3 DL for each team and put a back up LB in as a starter so you only have DT's at NT and DE's at DE and OLB's at OLB and MLB's at ILB, and Back up's at ILB. So while I had to sit Ernie Holmes for the Steelers, Loren Toews gets to start. Hollywood Henderson also benefits and gets to start a couple years early for Dallas. O Lines, D-Lines, LB's and DB's - rated as groups by team - also very true to the feel of the orginal rom O Lines based on Scoring Offense, using the Original roms OL ratings. Plus the 5 Consensus All Pros get the Top 5 ratings. D-Lines based on Rushing D. 4 Consensus All Pros get the Top 4 ratings. LB's based on Scoring D. 3 Consensus All Pros get the Top 3 ratings DB's based on Passing D. 4 Consensus All Pros get the Top 4 ratings Punters rated by Average and Kicks blocked. Kickers rated by # of FG's made and FG %. Returners rated by AVG. and proper speed given to RT and SS. Uniforms edited. Almost every game will have 1 team in a White Jersey which is cool and realistic. Dallas wears white 24 out of 25 opponents just like they did in the 70's. Helmets small and large edited Not sure who did this but I got a 1972 rom years ago and loved the Helmets. Denny? Elway? Anyway they did a great job. Individual sim used TSB Tool to set. Team sim rating edited based on 1975 Offense and Defense. #1 = F, #2 = E, #16 = 1, 17-26 = 0 I have simmed 3 seasons and W-L results have been very accurate to 1975 Buffalo = f 0, #1 offense and one of the worst d's. Offensive preferences accurately reflect 1975 Run/Pass ratios. >60% Run = Heavy Run, 50-59% Run = Balanced Run, <50% Run = Balanced Pass Default Offensive plays. Almost Exclusively 2 Backs, with a little Shotgun, and some Wing Formations. Field Changes Endzones are a solid color and free from any writing, so you can see your players better. Midfield logo darker (looks better) Divisions and Conferences are accurate. Accurate 1975 Schedule and dates included. Thanksgiving Day Games and Last 2 Weeks Saturday Games provide for 17 "weeks" TB helmet is changed to NFC Pro Bowl and I have put the accurate NFC Pro Bowl team here. SEA helmet is changed to AFC Pro Bowl and I have put the accurate AFC Pro Bowl team here. You can also play the Select the Pro Bowl and you will get the exact same roster. The Playoffs. The teams are in correct divisions and conferences. I read a ton about editing playoffs but the one era I could not find was this one 3 Division Champs and 1 Wild Card in each Conference. (8 Teams) SO, I had to settle for the playoff format of 3 Division Champs and 2 Wild Cards (10 Teams) that began in 1978 In this rom: The Great Teams will be really GREAT! Good Teams will be average. Bad Teams will be really BAD! I hope you enjoy this rom. Test it out and let me know what you think of A. The Gameplay B. The Ratings C. The Fun Factor I appreciate it in advance. Also please report any mistakes in spelling, skin color, or number. Also being released by CoachMac is nothing else. It is a ton of work to do an extensive rom and I just don't think I am up to doing the whole era. Tip of the Cap to Carther and others who have done whole eras. Also thanks to guys who have posted all the valuable editing info on this site, plus making TSB Tool.