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    Version 0.91


    It's been a long time since I got back into editing games and I wanted to share two versions of a 2017 update I have been tinkering with this off-season. One version is a "BASE" version with no hacks added other than what is already in the 32-team rom (in-game playbooks, TE Sim fix, etc), modified playbooks and what can be edited in TSB TOOL (other than the sim codes). Both versions have had the team uniforms edited so the home teams wear their primary uniforms and the road team wears either their road whites or their dark uniforms if the home team wears their white uniforms. The conflicts in the uniforms will be found with the NFC West teams since their is no way to control what uniforms those teams wear. I have not edited the player sim codes other than to use the auto-sim update feature in TSB TOOL. My regular season release will be complete. The BETA version has all the hacks and IPS patches noted below installed. These are a collection of edits that I like to use in an effort to have a better MAN vs COM experience. It's been a long while since I released an edit so any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to tinker with both versions since they are both editable with TSB TOOL. The only hack not applied that I love is @bruddog's Push/Pull hack. It breaks the game when applied with TSB TOOL's SET command feature and my editing skills aren't at a point to where I know how to find another place to stuff the hack in and point the game to use it. Attached you will also find a text file with all the SET commands used in TSB Tool. All of the hacks used can be found in the SET Command List thread. Hopefully these versions can help people learning how to edit Tecmo Super Bowl with some ideas for more good edits down the road. I plan on releasing an updated version after the NFL's preseason ends and will release a post season version after the Super Bowl. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Game Specs: Base Rom: Updated 32-team ROM posted by @QBSHARKS Editors Used: TSBTool, TSB Playbook Editor Beta03, Lunar IPS, Translhextion IPS Patches added to Beta release: Jstout's Ultra Logic More accurate field goals Modifications added to Beta release: Jstout find open receiver More NFL like QB rating value PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I Better COM punt timing Changing KR Speed Directional punts FG avoid kick block fixIncrease CPU kickoff length Kickoff Wedge Return Onside kick hack better recovery rate for P2 PR speed change from SS to actual PR player 15 Sprite Per Scanline Add stats after quarters No Sprite Flicker Playcall screen clock speed Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through Prevent schedule from being random Road team plays as player 2 vs COM Randomize sound loop used for each play Passing game probability table hack QB backpedal animation hack Better INT Returns
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    Version 1.4


    - A Collection of the Greatest Players from all 32 NFL Teams! - (NEW) 2017-2018 NFL Schedule! - 'Dream Team' AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters. - (NEW) Halftime Stats! - Throwback Uniforms! 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS AVAILABLE! (STANDARD / JUICED / JUICED PLUS) SET Commands Applied : STANDARD VERSION *No Sprite Flicker *Add stats after quarters (Halftime Only) *More NFL like QB rating value *PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target *Player-controlled QB rollouts for playaction passes *Increase CPU kickoff length *Better COM punt timing JUICED VERSION *Faster handoffs, pitches, snaps & player control *CPU find open receiver *Passing game probability table hack *Ball carrier can break up drone grapples *PR speed change from SS to actual PR player *Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter - juice to start at week 8 juice and climb to max JUICED PLUS VERSION *Better INT returns *COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I *COM defensive coverage late in season (28 and 32 team codes) **Make sure you have 'NO SPRITE LIMIT' enabled in your emulator!** Many thanks to other user submitted roms for player stats and editing. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. My apologies if I left out one of your favorites. Enjoy! - Special thanks to Baron von Lector for allowing us to use his GOLD ROM as a reference. - Thanks to Maverick209 and QBVikings for their ratings and player suggestions. **Please note this is a WIP rom, so check back often for revisions!** *Check out this thread for custom covers for all 32 teams!*
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    NFL Blitz 20-17

    Version BETA v1


    ======================================== NFL Blitz 20-17 BETA v1 Update for NFL Blitz 20-03 on GameCube by johnz1 ======================================== === RELEASE NOTES === This is an incomplete update for the GameCube version of NFL Blitz 20-03. It is meant to be played using the Dolphin emulator. The rosters are accurate as of the end of the 2016 NFL season. The player ratings have been updated using the Madden 17 ratings that EA publishes online. Player ratings have the same overall distribution as the original Blitz 20-03 game. Most helmets, uniforms, and mid-field logos have also been updated. This is a beta release because there are major things I have not yet figured out to change. I would REALLY like help figuring out how to change these things: - Player skin color - Team schedules - General player size (height & weight can be adjusted, but there's also a size category that can make them very thick and wide, like a fullback) - Player name assignment for the announcer - Jersey number and name color/style === INSTALLATION === This update requires that you own NFL Blitz 20-03 for GameCube, and have an ISO file of the game. If you do not own the game or do not have the ISO, please DO NOT ASK FOR THE GAME. To play this game with the updated graphics, you must use the Dolphin emulator: https://dolphin-emu.org/ To update the rosters and ratings, you must edit the ISO file by injecting the files included in the "ISO Files" directory. This process requires GCRebuilder: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/619/ 1. Make a copy of your NFL Blitz 20-03 ISO file, and name it something like "NFL Blitz 20-17.iso". 2. Right-click on GCRebuilder and select "Run as Administrator". 3. Click on the "Image" menu at the top and select "Open". 4. Find the ISO file you created in step 1 and select it. 5. In the file browser on the right, right-click "opening.bnr" and select "Import". Find the "ISO Files" directory included in this update package and select "opening.bnr". 6. Repeat Step 5 for the "teamdata.zip" file. 7. Repeat Step 5 for the "Start.dol" file, which is inside of the "&&SystemData" folder. 8. Click on the "Image" menu at the top and select "Close". At this point, the ISO has been patched, but the graphics and textures need to be placed into the appropriate Dolphin directory in order to be loaded: 1. Find the Dolphin "User" directory. If you have a regular Dolphin installation, the Dolphin directory will be in your Documents folder, and "User" will be under that. If you have a portable installlation of Dolphin, the "User" directory is created in the Dolphin directory when you first launch the application. 2. Find the "Dolphin Files" folder that is included in this update package. Copy the "User" folder into your Dolphin folder. If you have opened Dolphin before, it should overwrite the existing "User" folder. This will only copy the textures for this game, and won't erase or overwrite anything else. By default, Dolphin does not enable custom textures. This option must be changed in the graphics settings: 1. Click the Options menu at the top and select "Graphics Settings" 2. Go to the "Advanced" tab 3. Check the box for "Load Custom Textures" I also recommend the following graphics options: - Aspect Ratio: Stretch to Window - Widescreen Hack: Enabled - Use Fullscreen: Enabled - V-Sync: Enabled - Hide Mouse Cursor: Enabled - Internal Resolution: At least 2x (set higher if your system can handle it)
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    Tecmo Super Bowl Some Greats 3

    Version 4.0.0


    Tecmo Super Bowl Some Greats 3