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    Hi all, So after several years of wanting to play in the Madison tournament (I think we started looking at it around 2008), three of us from Texas (Houston area) are finally able to make the trip for this year's Tecmo Madison XIV. We've all played since original release so we figure it's time to make the trip up north to take that trophy home to Texas. We registered for the tourney and booked our flights to arrive early Friday April 6th, but I have few questions I haven't been able to find answers for, hoping I can get some help from you guys, so here goes: 1.) I've read a few threads that mention "practice games in the hotels" prior to tournament play on Saturday. Can someone please help elaborate on this? Is there a particular hotel this happens at? Is there someone to contact to play in these practices sessions? We've never played in an official tournament, so would be nice to get a few games in prior to Saturday morning. 2.) Do we need to pack an bring our NES/controllers/cartridges to compete in these practice games (or the tournament itself)? Is the equipment at the tournament reliable or is there an advantage to bringing our own controllers at least? Obviously, it be easier to bring equipment if this was within driving distance, but prefer not to bring on a plane if possible. 3.) How does the seeding for the pools work, specifically in regards to newcomers being seeded? Is there some inherent disadvantage to newcomers such as being placed in brackets with high seeded regional winners or something, or is the pool play randomly seeded? 4.) Is the venue in a downtown area within walking distance to other bars/restaurants/nightlife? None of us have ever been to Wisconsin, so just curious what the area is like. 5.) What is the consequence if someone actually does "lurch"? It'd be nice to see some kind of video explaining exactly what is considered against the rules when a player controls a DL, as it seems to be a grey area if you circle the DL out and back in, if someone has a link. Thanks in advance and looking forward to meeting fellow Tecmo bowlers! Seamo
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    Like many of you on this forum, I believe Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System is the greatest sports video game of all time. The reasons for this are many, and the players of this forum already know the reasons why. My question is this; Is Tecmo Super Bowl in its natural 100% organic state still the greatest sports video game of all time? Is lurching broken? Does putting position players anywhere in offensive formations make it unfair? Finding out the answers to these questions is what motivated me to create the Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship taking place in Chicago, IL on Saturday, June 9th 2018 at Dmen Tap. Now I already know what you are probably thinking….I'm off my rocker. And yes, if you have played this game for years in online leagues and live tournaments in an established proven format I get where you are coming from. Maybe this format is not for you. All I'm asking players to do, is play Tecmo Super Bowl in a live tournament the way it came fresh out of that box back in 1991 to determine a Champion. So let me give a little background of where I am coming from with this. Up until almost exactly 10 years ago when I played my first game on the Tecmo Players Circuit, I had never played Tecmo Super Bowl with any in-game bans or substitution bans. In the hundreds of games I played against the CPU and with their default playbooks, it was pretty clear the nose tackle dive was broken. Sacks were extremely easy to rack up against the CPU, and after a while it got boring using the lurching move all the time. Luckily for me, I had a brother, an uncle, and a few cousins who loved playing Tecmo Super Bowl as well. We would always play it randomly when we saw each other during family visits. This commonality of affection for one video game ultimately led to the inception of the annual Family Christmas Eve Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament in 2006. The tournament is still an annual Christmas event and we have yet to set any rules. From my experience in these tournaments the right playbook selection makes lurching at best a very risky gamble. The majority of the time the lurch fails against a player with quick recognition passing skills, or almost any run play that isn't a run up the middle. The lurch failure usually leads to a huge gain for the offense or a touchdown. My cousin Ryan is a notorious lurcher in these tournaments and every once in a great while he breaks up a play with a lurch. Now once I see him attempt a lurch or two, I'm licking my chops waiting to call the right running play to blow up that Nose Tackle and take it in for the touchdown. This happens pretty much every year I end up playing him, which leads to him staying away from user controlling the Nose Tackle simply because he now recognizes it's not his best option on defense when playing an experienced player. The way this plays out is the Nose Tackle dive is only used in infrequent spells to throw off your opponent or catch him off guard. It's not an every down thing and if it were, an experienced player would destroy you. As far as substitutions, most notably Wide Receivers at Running Back, this has never been broken. All it does is increase the value of some of the teams by having a faster Running Back. Teams like the 49ers, Oilers, Eagles, Dolphins, Rams, Redskins, Vikings, Falcons, among others can benefit from choosing to have a faster Running Back. After pondering for a while if I should throw a tournament without the conventional rules, I asked Mort where the lurching ban came from. His response made complete sense. He said it came from the online lag that had to be adjusted for using the Nesticle emulator. Players were not able to adjust to the lurch in time to make the game very playable. It was deemed a cheap move for online play and was banned ever since. If any of you have played on Nesticle, you know how bad the lag was. After hearing this historical reference, I knew now was the time to bust out the Hardcore Format! In the coming months, I will be explaining in more detail the Tier List you see below as well as giving playbook suggestions for the Hardcore Format. The entry fee, prizes, tournament format, and entry fee inclusions will be revealed after Kumite VI and Lincoln VIII.
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    Donating an Mike Ditka Framed Photo since it is impossible for me to get it home to highest placing Bears Fan registered tournament player. Mort has it in his storage center. @allamerican1569 @mort1237 Not sure if i can make it.
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    gojiphen malor

    Hollywood TSB Rom

    Looks good so far! Don't sell yourself short, it took me ages to figure out some of the helmet editing. We've got a whole offseason now to sharpen our rom-editing skills
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    Hollywood TSB Rom

    Been a slow go trying to juggle work and working on this project. Could definitely use some help if anyone is interested as I am VERY green when it comes to editing roms so limited on what I can do. Would love to see this get completed. I have added a couple of more rosters, modified the title screen and got 2 large helmets completed since the last time I posted but that's it.
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    You can't lurch a reverse and tackle a WR that way and TEs aren't involved in any runs.
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    Correct. From: http://tecmomadison.com/rules/ 6. Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or bump/grapple someone on the offensive line. Please note that this rule does not apply to LBs. If you want to rush with a DL, when crossing over the line of scrimmage within the restricted circle with a DL and before making a play on the QB, you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the QB. However, there are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage outside the restricted circle.
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    our tournament got some local coverage https://www.thepress.media/2018/02/12/nhl-94-tournament-coming-to-ashwaubenon/
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    Hey, man! Glad to have you coming out! 1) Hotel games - There are no "official" meet-ups. The best thing to do is come to Registration @ Friday Night Retro. From there, you'll get all setup for Saturday, can play as many TSB games as possible and meet up with other groups as they head off to the hotels to keep playing games. 2) Equipment - You do not need your own equipment. We supply necessary stuff. If you are picky about your controller, bring it. If you have a few carts, bring those too. We always need backups. 3) Seeding - The unknown players are all rated equally and distributed at random. This is a seeded tournament so the #1 is the best player in Tecmo right now and all the way down to say #200. #201-264 will more than likely all be first timers. If they have no other tourney experience that we have access to results, they are distributed at random. 4) Venue - yes, this year we are downtown on part of the main strip. It is central to lots and lots of nightlife. 5) Lurching - There is no grey area. When using DL, you must popcorn/bump/grapple someone on the OL or go outside the entire line as shown in this pic. Rule penalties: Any broken rules other than Rule #11 will be left to the judges to deem consequence. Typically, first offense is a warning, a second is a reduction in score, a third will be forfeiture of the game and fourth banned from the tournament. Any other rule issues --> http://tecmomadison.com/rules/ Fire away any more questions and make sure to find me and say hello!
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    Please give Lane Johnson a dog mask (face)