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    WHAT: Tomczak Bowl X (MADISON MAJOR) WHEN: Saturday, February 24, 2018 WHERE: Dubuque, IA (Venue TBA) Buy-In: $30 Registration: TBA Rules: THERE ARE NO RULES! Kidding. There are but I need to update them a bit. Check back later. Format: Double elimination Prizes: Cash prizes to top 3 finishers. Trophy and coveted Tomczak Champion Blazer to winner. Live Stream: ‪Possible Facebook Live Stream Website: http://tecmotourney.blogspot.com
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    WEEK 8 Predictions

    I did the same EXACT thing. Like, Oakland beat KC... they can't lose to Buffalo, right? I really need to stop using logic. On games where I have been 50/50 this year, I think I'm 0% on my guesses.
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    COM defensive coverage late in season

    Yes. I'll try and look it up at some pt.
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    2.8 is up! - Player rating adjustments - Fixed errors and duplicate player - Player added : Giants - T, jumbo ELLIOTT
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    Oops. Spoke too soon. There's yet another issue with the injury scene. Getting close though.