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    Random Thoughts

    This looks like a good place to rant. "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" is the worst song ever. "With or without you" sucks also. The Joshua Tree was a great album except for those two songs. I love The Rolling Stones, but "Miss You" is one the worst songs ever. Let It Bleed and Exile on Main St are The Stones best albums. Really need FM radio to stop playing "Miss You" and "Start Me Up" all the time. ZZ Top's best album is Afterburner, and the best songs are of course "Sleeping Bag" and "Stages". Please no more of that Duck Dynasty song, "Legs" and "Tush". Right wing AM radio is much more entertaining than left wing. Scott Walker should send up some WI National Guard troops to the Upper Peninsula and annex it. They'd be welcomed as liberating heroes. Michigan should just be that oven mitt. There would be some lawyers or politicians that would blah blah you can't do that, but then people would acknowledge the map looks a lot better and say that was a good move. Pepsi is better than Coke, WalMart is better than Amazon, and the National League is better than the American League.
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    True story. Even a casual fan like myself, I can't wait to see how good KAT and Wiggins get.
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    Don't sleep on the Timberwolves
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    Random Thoughts

    I don't think they're the favorites, because against the Warriors, Durant > Melo while the Curry-Westbrook and Thompson-George matchups cancel each other out, and Draymond Green is better than anyone else on the Thunder. But if OKC can get hot from 3pt land, then they'd have a decent shot against Golden State if the OKC defense can learn how to switch on the perimeter.
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    Random Thoughts

    The Orlando Magic are 5-1 (somehow), and it looks like anyone could come out of the East right now. The Cavs are old and injury-prone, and LeBron is getting to the age where he can't just carry a team by himself to the finals. In the West, keep your eye on the revamped Thunder, since the additions of Carmelo Anthony and Paul George are really going to help them against the Warriors. And if you can stomach listening to Lavar Ball, you should tune into some Lakers games. Lonzo Ball is a throwback pass-first PG.
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    Random Thoughts

    Most of the time I don't like to discuss beyond just understanding what someone's viewpoint is on a topic because very rarely do people change their minds after a certain point in life. So I don't find it to be a productive use of my time most of the time. And time is more and more precious the older one gets. I listened to my parents (liberal) and my aunt and uncle have "discussions" about politics and its the same arguments over and over with nothing really getting anywhere.
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    Yeah, pambazos figured this out a few years ago. Here's the code to correct the brackets, and the labels for each bracket: x23247, 86 x2324c, 8E x23251, 7E x23256, 76 x232a1, 7F x3f770, 77 x23288, 8A x2328d, 92 x23292, 82 x23297, 7A x3f77d, 83 x3f785, 7B x1e6d9, 31 53 54 x1e6e0, 34 54 48 x1e6e4, 32 4E 44 x1e6e8, 31 53 54 x1e6f0, 33 52 44 x1e6fb, 32 4E 44
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    12.0 is up! - LA Chargers and LA Rams now both properly named Los Angeles (Thanks a godzillion, bruddog!) - Some player rating and depth chart changes - Players Added : Bills - WR, kaelin CLAY, LB, matt MILANO Dolphins - CB, c. TANKERSLEY Colts - T, joe HAEG Texans - TE, s. ANDERSON Lions - CB, nevin LAWSON Vikings - TE, blake BELL Panthers - S, jairus BYRD, RB, c. ARTIS.PAYNE Buccaneers - TE, luke STOCKER Seahawks - RB, j.d. MCKISSIC Cardinals - DE/LB, kareem MARTIN
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    End of Quarter/half stats page hack

    This is incorrect Its already 2F 2C is end of quarter music but it also changes end of game music
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    Custom covers for all 32 teams!