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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Hightower might actually be worse. Using the completely made up, fictitious ratings below, the drop off from Hightower to whoever has to replace him is probably larger than most. Brady 101 OVR, Garoppolo 82 OVR = 19 pt variance Hightower 97 OVR, LB replacement 54 OVR = 43 pt variance
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Outside of Tom Brady going down, Dont'a Hightower reportedly out for the year with a torn pectoral is the worst news for Patriots. Big time loss. Like, potentially game-changing for the post-season.
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    Random Thoughts

    Dear friends, I regret to inform you that my teacher does NOT believe that Tecmo Super Bowl is worthy of a powerpoint presentation. I have decided to change the topic of my presentation to something more suitable: Pau Gasol
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    More time? Definitely. But the Patriots are clearly limiting his reps. Dude has played 5% of all snaps so far in the season. I think Harris makes for a great run stuffer, but the Patriots need/expect so much more from their LB crew--dropping into coverage, moving to the edge occasionally, etc.. Come back Ninkovich!
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    I get a very troubled, self-sabotaging Titus Young (former Detroit WR) vibe from Martavis Bryant.
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    Kyle Van Noy has exactly 2 months to figure out how be the defensive play adjuster.
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    We had one no show Who? Ray Childress Ok, let's get the intern covered in straw and then pop on that jersey. Get a move on, I want to watch Seinfeld tonight.
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    Marshall looks like Russ Willy in dat one.
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    Preach. These things look like nightmare fuel.
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    WEEK 8 Predictions

    Thursday, 10/26 8:25pmE.T. Miami @ Baltimore -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 10/29 9:30amE.T. Minnesota @ Cleveland (twickenham, england) 1:00pmE.T. LAChargers @ New England Chicago @ New Orleans Carolina @ Tampa Bay Indianapolis @ Cincinnati Oakland @ Buffalo San Francisco @ Philadelphia Atlanta @ NYJets 4:05pmE.T. Houston @ Seattle 4:25pmE.T. Dallas @ Washington 8:30pmE.T. Pittsburgh @ Detroit -------------------------------------------- Monday, 10/30 8:30pmE.T. Denver @ Kansas City
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    LOL yes it's a gamble. Chargers on that 3 game win streak though.. Rivers is tough to keep off the scoreboard..
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    12.9 is up! - Players added : Bills - WR, jordan MATTHEWS Dolphins - QB, david FALES Browns - T, spencer DRANGO Colts - S, darius BUTLER Texans - T, duane BROWN, CB, kevin JOHNSON Chargers - G, dan FEENEY Eagles - T, h. VAITAI, LB, najee GOODE Cowboys - K, mike NUGENT Lions - P, sam MARTIN Packers - T, david BAKHTIARI, LB, nick PERRY Saints - G, senio KELEMETE Cardinals - QB, blaine GABBERT
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    I will definitely let you know. Not opposed to multiple cars if I can rally the troops. I don't know bro, people were saying @ShallahBey put on a better performance then a drunk ass Flo probably would of. I don't know, that's just what I heard.
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    If you divide 55 and 05 by 2 and round up, you get 28 03
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    the pointers to the names start at the names and numbers start at 0x6DA the attributes + faces start at 0x03010. Each nibble of the byte is one attribute. The data is in the same order as the names. 0=6 skill ... F=100 skill Example QB Bills A3 11 52 8C CC A= Rushing power = 69 3= running speed = 25 1 = maximum speed =13 1 = hitting power = 13 52 = player face 8 = passing speed = 56 C = pass control = 81 C= accuracy of passing = 81 C = avoid pass block = 81 https://tecmobowlers.com/2016/08/hacking-tecmo-players-and-stats/