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    10.9.1 is up! - Player rating and depth chart adjustments. ~ Maverick209 - More offenses changed to 3-WR. - Players Added : Bills - RB, joe BANYARD Dolphins - K, cody PARKEY, CB, xavien HOWARD Jets - TE, will TYE, S, marcus MAYE, LB, jordan JENKINS, TE, eric TOMLINSON Browns - DE, emmanuel OGBAH, DT, trevon COLEY, LB, joe SCHOBERT Ravens - DT, michael PIERCE, LB, matt JUDON Colts - RB, matt JONES Texans - LT, chris CLARK, CB, kevin JOHNSON, S, andre HAL, S, corey MOORE Jaguars - DT, abry JONES, WR, dede WESTBROOK, TE, j O.SHAUGHNESSY Titans - WR, eric WEEMS Broncos - S, will PARKS Chiefs - RB, c.j. SPILLER Chargers - LB, korey TOOMER, WR, tyrell WILLIAMS Redskins - NT, stacy MCGEE Giants - QB, geno SMITH, RB shane SMITH Bears - RB, tarik COHEN Packers - TE, l. KENDRICKS, G, jahri EVANS, DE, dean LOWRY, Buccaneers - S, t.j. WARD, S, chris CONTE, G, kevin PAMPHILE, LB, devante BOND Saints - TE, m. HOOMANAWANUI Falcons - DE, c. UPSHAW, LB, d. CAMPBELL, G, ben GARLAND Panthers - QB, brad KAAYA Rams - T, jamon BROWN, DE, e. WESTBROOKS Seahawks - T, isiah BATTLE Cardinals - P, andy LEE, CB, justin BETHEL, G, evan BOEHM
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    View File Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 The game is now available and so is the 5th annual "Preview Magazine" to the game. Madden ratings were used once again to rate every player. Here's a list of hacks and hack authors used to help create this: -- 32-team expansion rom (cx_rom, Maynard, Knobbe, others) -- helmets, field colors (keithisgood) -- COM looks for open receivers (jstout) -- COM Ultra Logic to play better defense (jstout) -- moving & dynamic grapples (bruddog) -- MAN vs. MAN popcorning (jstout) -- sort receiving leaders by yards (jstout) -- more accurate attribute labels, like “Acceleration” (Tecmonster) -- kicking arrow speed & range to make FG’s easier (Tecmonster) -- COM minimum kickoff distance (bruddog) -- increase kickoff ball speed (maynard, bodom) -- increase shotgun snap speed (jstout) -- tougher to block FG’s by adding personal protectors (Tecmonster) -- increase QB fumble rate (jstout) -- decrease diving animation time slightly (xplozv) -- decrease handoff animation time (xplozv) -- COM “juice” edited (by Tecmonster) -- PA affects “catchability/interceptability” of the pass (jstout) -- set kick returner farther back (bodom) -- Ball Control ratios edited so BC means more (by Tecmonster) -- static schedules from week to week (bruddog) -- Quickness changed to Coverage (jstout) -- kick returners use their actual attributes (konforce, jstout) -- stats screen at halftime (xplozv) -- corrected playoff bracket (pambazos) -- MAN-controlled QB rollouts on the rollout plays (Tecmonster) -- LB’s moved farther back from line of scrimmage (Tecmonster) -- Run & Shoot QB’s almost never scramble (Tecmonster) -- “heavy pass” teams don’t pass quite as much (Tecmonster) -- PLAYBOOKS (I have drastically changed and re-organized the playbooks to make them more useful, logical, balanced, and modern), including: (a) new plays, like the Shotgun Shovel, Shotgun Zone Read RB R, Shotgun Zone Read QB L (with QB HP boost), Shotgun RB Draw, Shotgun Zone Read Red Sea (pass), Shotgun Zone Read X Fly (pass), Shotgun Zone Read RB Flat (pass), Pro Set Quick Pitch L, Pro Set Quick Pitch R, Pro Set Zone Pitch R, 1back Offtackle R, 1back Pitch R, 1back Pitch L, Run and Shoot Fire (pass), Shotgun XZ Cross, 1back Flare C, Pro Z Deep Post; (b) improved blocking schemes for many run plays; (c) some receiving routes for existing plays improved; (d) some receiving routes added, like for Oneback Flare A; -- COM avoids sacks much better + faster COM rollouts (Tecmonster) -- shorter onside kicks (xplozv) -- COM RB reacts to the defense sooner after handoff (Tecmonster) -- smarter OL pass blocking (xplozv) -- receiver jump/dive based on REC rating (xplozv) -- defender jump/dive based on COV rating (xplozv) -- team rosters, jersey #’s, faces (Tecmonster) -- minimum COM punts @ 50% meter (bruddog) -- QB’s Avoid Pass Block rating is more important (low APB QB’s are bad news, notable increase in passes blocked) -- moving grapples turbocharged (i.e. bruddog’s version sped up) NEW FOR 2018: -- automated and accurate sim ratings (Tecmonster) -- minor player ratings formula and playbook tweaks If you decide to make ANY edits to this game within TSBToolSupreme, then you'll very likely need to repair the rom afterwards because that program will break part of the moving grapple code and the game will glitch. So, here's what you do: I used the Translhextion hex editor to create a file, named x3ffc0, and have included that with the rom here. I recommend saving this file to your Desktop. How you apply this file: open up your rom in Translhextion and jump to offset x3ffc0 (by clicking Offset > Jump To > then enter x3ffc0 in the field). Highlight (by dragging on) that byte + the next 48 bytes (49 bytes total), then: 1) go to Selection and click "Fill Selection with..." 2) in the pop-up box, select "File" from the dropdown box after "Fill selection with" 3) click "Browse" and find your file (preferably on your Desktop) and select it 4) click "OK" 5) Go to "File" and save your rom. This should fix the problem. Every time you edit your rom with TSBToolSupreme though, you're going to have to follow these steps directly afterwards. Files available: (1) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 game file (2) Tecomonster’s TSB 2018 Preview Magazine (3) x3ffc0 repair file. If you use this rom as a basis for a fantasy league like I do and you want the draft package, which lists players by salary, you can download it from the front page of our league’s website: renotecmoleague.weebly.com. Submitter Tecmonster Submitted 09/04/2017 Category NFL By Year  
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    View File Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LII (2.4) + - All 32 NFL Teams! - 2017-2018 NFL Schedule! - Chargers and Rams Now Play in LA! - Rams New Uniforms! - Launch Edition Rosters 2/4/18 - Some playbooks / depth chart re-adjusted for 3 WR sets. - Team AI & stats based upon success in the 2017-2018 season. - 2018 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters. - Halftime Stats! - Scrambling QB's (Russel Wilson, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winson, and more!) - Press Start instead of B to throw a lobb pass. - (NEW) Hybrid Defenses. (Extra defensive backs!) - (NEW) 2018+ Rosters 4/6/18 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS AVAILABLE! (STANDARD / JUICED / JUICED PLUS) SET Commands Applied : STANDARD VERSION *No Sprite Flicker *Add stats after quarters (Halftime Only) *More NFL like QB rating value *PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target *Player-controlled QB rollouts for playaction passes *Increase CPU kickoff length *Better COM punt timing *Press Start instead of B to throw a lob pass *Bruddog's Moving Grapple / Push-Pull Hack *Directional Punts ~ hold UP or DOWN to angle your punt *Decrease Fumbles *Decrease Injuries in SKP Mode *Decrease Injuries in MAN Mode JUICED VERSION *Faster handoffs, pitches, snaps & player control *CPU find open receiver *Passing game probability table hack *Ball carrier can break up drone grapples *PR speed change from SS to actual PR player *Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter - juice to start at week 8 juice and climb to max *QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less JUICED PLUS VERSION *Better INT returns *COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I *COM defensive coverage late in season (28 and 32 team codes) *Jstout 'Logic' Modifier SET COMMANDS GUIDE by SBlueman : Recommended Emulator : FCEUX : http://www.fceux.com/web/home.html Recommended Setup : 1. Config \ Video \ Check 'allow more than 8 sprites per scanline.' 2. Config \ Timing \ Check Overclocking (old PPU only) and enter '240' into both scan line boxes. *If you aren't using an emulator that supports these functions, don't care about flickering sprites, and just want to play, download the NES Classic Edition Many thanks to other user submitted roms for player stats and editing. Rosters may not be 100% perfect and any comments are appreciated. Enjoy! - Special thanks to Maverick209 for his insight on player ratings. **Please note this is a WIP rom, so check back often for revisions!** **ALL NEW** Check out this thread for custom covers for all 32 teams!* Submitter gojiphen malor Submitted 06/17/2017 Category NFL By Year  
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    Tecmo Milwaukee Presents: Who's Next? Date: 11/4 Location: Boomers Sports Bar and Grill (Pewaukee, WI) Player field projected at 48 players. Max players cutoff will be at 64 players.Round robin of Division play followed by single elimination tournament. Projected Entry Fee is $40Game Rules: Tecmo Milwaukee rules/ Tecmo Madison rules1) Teams will be tiered in 4 groups of 7 teams. 7 Lotto balls will be picked from before each game to determine which tier teams will be picked from. (1 in 7 chance for Tier 1 teams to be picked). 2) Coin toss winner picks Lotto Ball. Coin Toss Loser picks matchup. Coin toss Winner picks Team or Controller. (Player can only choose a team 1 time during round robin play. Teams resets in tournament play.)3) Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes: Customizing playbooks is permissible. You can access your “change” screen (screen where you check player conditions and make substitutions) only twice per half. This helps speed up the games. 4) WR/TE at RB: A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. To further clarify, players such as Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, Mel Gray, Keith Jackson and Andre Rison cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. 5) No Ties/Overtime: No game can end in a tie. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. If no one scores in the first OT, a new game will begin and the first competitor to score will be declared the winner. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in each OT period, the kicking team in the first OT will be the receiving team in the new game (i.e. the second OT). 6) Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs. 7) Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game. Tournament Disputes: Rico, Coconuts, Troy and myself. 9) Controllers: Tournament competitors are not allowed to bring their own controller to use in games unless approved prior to tournament. Tournament organizers will coordinate obtaining equipment for the competition. Entry Deadline is 11/1 Email address: tecmomilwaukee@gmail.com Top 8 places paid out. Each tournament has been a huge success fielding a very competitive playing field coming from all parts of the country. The venue is fantastic with great service, food and of course Adult Solutions. Our set up is fantastic with game play moving fast and furious. There is large interest already for this tournament. Don’t miss out! Thank you, Hardy Nickerson
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    MvG Sports

    TecmoBowl.Org TSB 2018 Release Date

    Morning All, Was just curious when this was pegged for release? Any info is appreciated. Take care all. Trevor
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    Tecmonster's TSB 2018 cover art

    I just published the game in the Download section.
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    I get eliminated long before I can play any of those guys 😆😆😆
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    LOL. That was classic. One of many hilarious moments over the course of the day.
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    1987 ALL PRO TEAM

    1987 All-Pro Team QB: QB Eagles (PHI) QB: John Elway (GB) RB: Ernest Byner (DAL) RB: Ottis Anderson (PHI) RB: Darrin Nelson (NYG) RB: Herschel Walker (SF) WR: John Taylor (MIA) WR: Freddie Solomon (PIT) WR: Mike Quick (OAK) WR: Irving Fryar (NYJ) TE: Mike House (OAK) TE: Hoby Brenner (NE) OL: Ed Simmons (PHI) most total yards OL: Jim Lachey (DAL) most rushing yards OL: Brian Holloway (OAK) most passing yards OL: Joe Jacoby (DAL) fewest sacks OL: Jay Hilgenberg (OAK) OL5 from best KR DL: Fred Smerlas (BUF) DL: Keith Millard (PHI) DL: Clyde Simmons (HOU) LB: Sam Mills (PHI) LB: Lawrence Taylor (NYJ) LB: Cornelius Bennett (WAS) LB: Andre Tippett (CIN) DB: Eric Wright (DAL) DB: Leroy Irvin (NO) DB: Albert Lewis (OAK) DB: Ronnie Lott (CHI) K: Norm Johnson (GB) P: John Kidd (NYJ)
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    MORT waxed me for the right to a rematch with PTITTERI. Had to beat him twice to take the crown. ATLANTA VS PHOENIX.... JOHNNY JOHNSON, who had been a TERROR all day for TBK has the rock, phx looking to take the lead or tie... FUMBLES. Atlanta recovers. Punts. Survives a last second heave completion to VIA SIKAHEMA. For the 2nd year in a row, your Seattle Champion is SOME GUY. Mort takes 2nd. DT (your boy) takes 3rd. Invaderstar 4th. Congrats to PTITTERI. Well played. Thanks for all who came. It was a fantastic day of competition. See you in BRIDGETOWN. 1/27/18
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    Skipped & Auto-Pick Policy

    If you miss your timed pick you are skipped. Other players DO NOT have to wait until their draft time to make their selections. You can jump in with your pick at any time. Auto-Pick Policy The commish / draft mods will make an autopick for your team when we reach the end of the round.
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I'm not sure, but I'll do some research. Also, his name is 영희 which sounds like "Young-Way". But I'm sure that quite a few announcers (cough, Phil Simms, cough) will call him a youthful and promiscuous woman.
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    Maverick209 was having this same issue as well. There has to be a way to go into the core options, maybe even while the game is running. I've used retroarch and it has a similar setup. I know in retroarch, you press select and triangle (defaut hotkeys) to go into the core options. From there it should be in video, graphics, or 'machine' tab. I will do some more research and see if there is a way to bring it up on open emu.
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    HSTL Season 40 Google DOC Positions Drafted (11 ROUNDS): QB1 - TE2 / RB1 - RB4 / RB2 - RB3 / WR1 - WR4 / WR2 - WR3 / OL - QB2 - TE1 / DL - K - P / LB1 - LB4 / LB2 - LB3 / DB1 - DB4 / DB2 - DB3 Rules: To initiate the HSTL S40 Draft process, the commissioner will divide the league into tiers based on last year's results. Then a random process will be utilized to determine a set order within those tiers, all-in-all ending with a sequenced list of owners #1-28. The HSTL S40 Draft will be conducted "snake" style, and we will draft 2 rounds per day again this season. Each pick will have a 15-minute time frame assigned to it. You can make your pick as soon as your time frame begins.... OR after ALL picks ahead of yours have been made. Make sure you get your pick submitted before your 15 minutes are up so the next guy in line doesn't steal your player. Your two scheduled draft times will be the same each day of the timed draft. So learn them, get to know them, take them out, touch them, feel them, they are yours. All picks are to be made in the HSTL Draft channel on Discord ONLY. The HSTL Draft channel is for DRAFT PICKS and/or notifications for who is up next ONLY. Please post all banter in the normal HSTL Channel. If the end of a round comes and there is a team who has not made a pick, the Commish / Draft Mods will make a pick for that team. They will do their best to select a player whom they believe is the best available while also balancing that decision against the team's needs. This is never ideal, so please commit to making yourself available during both of your time slots each day... and if you cannot do so, plan ahead and post a list in that specific draft round's thread.... OR recruit a buddy to make your selection for you during your time slot. Etc: NOTE ON TANDEMS: You may select any designated tandem from a given OG Team. For near simultaneous posts from someone whose pick is up and from someone who is behind in the draft, post order will determine who gets what. No trading of draft picks or draft position. The draft positions are also all located on the team tab of the google doc. Remember no WR/TE can carry the ball in HSTL except on reverses. Once you or your proxy has posted, you may NOT retract your pick under any circumstance, even if you have someone else picking for you. If a timed pick is skipped, the subsequent picks DO NOT have to wait until their scheduled time to make their pick. Don't forget... LB1 is allowed on both XPs and FGs! The official attribute list is the OG ROM, and the Google Doc is not responsible for being wrong, you get what you get OG style, and so forth Please ask if you have any questions. Please help the new guys out as much as you can and remember this is for fun. Mistakes are bound to happen, and things might not always be as updated as you wish. The draft mods are an all-volunteer crew, and have real jobs and lives to attend to as well, so please be patient with us and let us know if you see a mistake anywhere (google doc or threads) so we can fix it ASAP.