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    Favoritist Avatars {herein the Borg}

    Lol. Some history on the Yak Molester. It was an invention from 2000 when I moved to Seattle for a few years. It was my handle for a Counter-Strike server run by some dudes in LA that I never met, but that I was eventually given admin status for, not unlike TB-org. It was actually a community of randoms very much like TB-org, but one where there was at least a few women in as well, and not like this sausage fest. By 2003, I was over Counter-Strike, and my girlfriend wanted to move back to the East Coast, (we would split up six months later), which is when I stopped video games for a while after I went back to school for my banging degree--I mean--"theater performance degree." I lurked on TB-org for a few years before I finally created an account and began participating in f*cking with TSB rom styles in-between acting and directing in the Boston area. This place was literally my one hobby outside of being consumed by banging--I mean--"creating art." I hadn't created a forum handle in a long while at that point in 2007ish, so I went back to Yak Molester. I think within a year or so, I realized that it was a little weird for a 27 year old to have a handle like that, so I asked Knobbe to change it, also because the shit we were doing here was starting to get press, and nobody is crediting "Yak Molester" on their website news article. The .GIF avatar of a stick figure banging a Yak I made in 2001. There was a censored one, and a non censored one, and it was indeed glorious. I have an old internal hard-drive laying around somewhere that may or may not work anymore, and that might still have said avatar .GIF on it. I haven't tried to boot it up in 10 years or so fearing that it won't work, and basically every digital creation I made from 1996-2002 is gone forever. Ah, sweet history.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwItayWKqSE Apparently this one already made the rounds on Facebook - not that I would know.
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    Favoritist Avatars {herein the Borg}

    No-contest: some others I like, dough: Who Are Yours' Favoritists?
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    WEEK 1 Predictions

    Welcome - ALL - to the Inaugural T-Borg Pick'em!!! Ground rules: GET YOUR PICKS IN BY GAME-TIME, FOLKS. Thursday, 9/7 8:30pmE.T. Kansas City @ New England Sunday, 9/10 1:00pmE.T. NYJets @ Buffalo Jacksonville @ Houston Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Arizona @ Detroit [POSTPONED - till Wk 11 - Tampa Bay @ Miami... Irma.] Atlanta @ Chicago Oakland @ Tennessee Baltimore @ Cincinnati Philadelphia @ Washington 4:05pmE.T. Indianapolis @ LARams 4:25pmE.T. Carolina @ San Francisco Seattle @ Green Bay 8:30pmE.T. NYGiants @ Dallas Monday, 9/11 7:10pmE.T. New Orleans @ Minnesota 10:20pmE.T. LAChargers @ Denver Feel free to enter into the Tecmo Pick'em group, as well. See the link, below.
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    Tournament Abundance

    I tend to act like I have no idea what the heck I'm doing and listen to them brag. It makes them feel really good about themselves, for a little while. Then the game starts.
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    Favoritist Avatars {herein the Borg}

    Well @Maynard_G_Krebs...have the yaks stopped screaming?
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    Thank you! Will get them swapped around for the next revision. Changing Bears back to 3WR also now. QB1, mike GLENNON, Face=0x11, #8, 31, 69, 31, 13, 69, 50, 56, 50 ,[2, 5, 2 ] QB2, mitch TRUBISKY, Face=0x22, #10, 38, 69, 38, 13, 75, 44, 44, 44 ,[2, 4, 2 ] RB1, jordan HOWARD, Face=0x8b, #24, 56, 69, 56, 75, 50, 31 ,[12, 5, 2, 2 ] RB2, markus WHEATON, Face=0xb3, #12, 50, 69, 56, 25, 50, 63 ,[1, 9, 5, 6 ] RB3, jeremy LANGFORD, Face=0x9b, #33, 44, 63, 50, 44, 44, 31 ,[8, 4, 5, 5 ] RB4, b. CUNNINGHAM, Face=0xb0, #26, 56, 69, 56, 56, 44, 44 ,[7, 7, 10, 10 ] WR1, kevin WHITE, Face=0xc4, #11, 56, 69, 63, 19, 50, 50 ,[1, 7, 2, 4 ] WR2, kendall WRIGHT, Face=0xab, #13, 56, 69, 56, 31, 50, 56 ,[1, 10, 4, 6 ] WR3, adam SHAHEEN, Face=0x3f, #87, 38, 69, 44, 56, 44, 50 ,[1, 9, 4, 6 ] WR4, tanner GENTRY, Face=0xe, #19, 50, 69, 56, 19, 50, 44, [1, 6, 5, 6 ] TE1, dion SIMS, Face=0x82, #88, 38, 69, 44, 56, 56, 50 ,[1, 5, 0, 0 ] TE2, zach MILLER, Face=0x3d, #86, 38, 69, 38, 69, 50, 50 ,[1, 9, 4, 6 ]
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    Considering bringing myself and Gats for this one
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    6) the bar is actually called the "Fail Mary." Should have had the tournament the FOLLOWING Sunday at 1.25 PST ... missed opportunity.
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    Can my rival be a 12 pack of High Life? Pretty sure I lost that battle at Kamp's place last month
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    Added the Boogster, Stu to the mix. A STRONG PLAYER. 6-killer is a maybe! Anyone else????
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    Alright, if anyone is interested, the Tecmo Pick'em group can be joined here. Just for fun and tracking purposes. We can use the thread for commentary on our picks. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem/register/joingroup Group ID#: 6103 Password: johnnyjohnson
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    Tournament Abundance

    There has been really good dialogue in this topic. My original intention/thought was that there needs to be better cohesiveness between tournament dates versus less tournaments all together. This seems to be the common sentiment which I am happy to see. Some other thoughts as a Tecmo vet and tournament participator.... I really like an idea Dave implemented in Tecmo Dallas in which myself, Gats, and Ones11fahzu were designated as resources for questions and advice on general Tecmo game play and rules. This should reduce some of the stress to those running tournaments as well as increase the communication between talented/experienced players and new ones. I imagine if tournament directors reach out to known Tecmo players prior to tournaments beginning and ask this favor, there would be positive response (I'm referring to smaller tournaments). I for one enjoy giving advice and would be happy to fill this role at any tournament I attend. Also, if you look at the amount of votes cast, only 23 people including myself have done so. Our community is huge! Like Dave and Jon said, there are so many of us. Our participation in active topics like this and communication is key to the success of Tecmo. I want to attend more live events, and if tournaments are spread out, this is possible.