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    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    We are working on some new, awesome extensions for Tecmo and Tecmo Madison. We are going to start a tournament series, including qualifiers and a last chance event, that leads up and builds to Tecmo Madison -- The Road To Tecmo Madison. Overall, there will be 5 tournaments - 3 qualifiers that will be coined "Majors", 1 Last Chance event and the main event, Tecmo Madison. Each of the majors will contribute to a new point and seeding system for Tecmo tournaments. Players who finish in the top 4 of each major will get a guaranteed Top 6 region seed at Madison. Major winners will get an even better seeding, with preferred placement into regions. The points system will also be assigned to all tournaments that adhere to a few standard rules and formats. Those are: They must use the basic rules from Tecmo Madison (http://tecmomadison.com/rules), they must have more than 24 people, they must submit the scores to TecmoMadison.com using the proper format, and the final portion of the tournament must be a seeded bracket, single or double elimination, utilizing standard Madison matchup selection. We have the right to approve non-standard formats at our discretion. The points system is as follows: 1st 25 2nd 18 3rd 15 4th 12 5th 10 6th 8 7th 6 8th 4 9th 2 10th 1 Players: We will keep track of your points and they will be posted on your TecmoMadison.com profile as we build them out. More on this later. Good luck and Godspeed during this Tecmo Bowl season. View full article
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    Many of you weren't around back in our hype glory (hole) daze. Let's call it S26-S31. Randi was commissioner and he was a shit dictator. If we reference him (now) too many times, like Candyman, he'll post something lame and down rep us, and I'll make fun of him for sucking so much. He was terrible, so one day a hero named Manyo rose up from the whiskey soaked bushes and confiscated the league. Ending the Fairfield hierarchy and sending all the fairy queens back to a far away unknown land, like Idaho. @madmanyo360 was a fair and adored leader, along with his merry helpers and tribune of concubines we ruled the Tecmo World, literally. Manyo allowed the Fairfieldans to stay, but they were watched closely. We often suspected @joeygats of sending undocumented carrier pigeons to Fairfieldia. Eventually, we broke him and he joined the regime. We had a fearless leader, like El Guapo, to allocate the people. A traitorous Luitenant in myself for overseeing operations, @SirTed a coveted hype man, a draft czar named @moulds33 RIP, @modeezie would build our land and ROMs, while @Coconuts would run our numbers. @kamphuna8 would schedule meetings and games and @segathonsov was the only owner in the land capable of interpreting El Commandante's wishes - he would interpret the rule book. @Ryan11p would run our Farm League because the wait list grew to over a dozen hungry (but useless) peasant souls. We even had a phucking Turbo Task Force comprised of Coconuts and Gats. Gats was in charge of "you have to think like a cheat, to catch one." The days were long and grueling, but rewarding. But all good things must come to an end. Somewhere mid S27, I think... Lt. Diaz made the mistake in supporting the Fairfielden's musical aspirations. I wanted to hype the league more, but El Commandante took this as a personal insult after over-throwing the old dicktator he banished (forever?) into the wilderness. Never to be heard from again... until he decided to come back and win an HSTL title running the offset formation in every game. The Lo-White Offense shall live in infamy. I'll link some good reads in the threads if you guys interact with this drivel, btw. We had no leader. I was forced to step up. In S28 we decided to take on the greatest Tecmo task ever, and did an individual draft. That's right folks, we drafted every single player on the rom individually. All 840 of them, even Don Warren. I won S28, as commish. It helps drafting HP and aligning shit to your favour. It's one of the perks to compensate for the shitty pay. Chino Pino was promoted from the low ranks into LT and did a fine job until hookers and blow reaped his Tecmo soul, forever. I have sent a many carrier pigeons his way to little to no avail. RIP The peak of HSTL was when the scheming sucka Randi himself didn't finish one of his games on time, and received his 2nd demerit dropping him from 2nd tier to 3rd, and having no chance at Marino. He threatened to quit, he cried, he threatened to quit, he cried more. I told him to fuck off, he cried, fuck off, cried, threatened to quit, cried, fuck off and then he actually quit. I take deep solace is reaping his tiny little soul. If you're keeping track I was responsible for running off both of my commish predecessors. They can't handle the heat. It happens, being commish will break you. It's like working 3rd shift, not every man is made for it. We were still flying high with the epic return of @bruddog and whether actively playing or not has always provided with much appreciated and needed analysis and insight. He's the fucking man. Fuck with Bru, I'll kill you IRL. Yes, that's a threat. Feel free to use this thread for evidence. To be continued....
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    I would verify all players can connect with no to minimal lag spikes while also streaming. A lag spikey game looks pretty awful to anyone watching. Example last nights HSTL stream was horrendous. Sounds like it may have been Rico's connection as Nos has like 6M up. Regardless of whose fault it was...maybe it was a random internet server in between....it makes the gameplay look bad. It's one thing if the video stream occasionally lags a bit...the stream itself was actually fine. It's another if the game is actually spike lagging (herky-jerky). It's not only bad for the competitors as it makes it harder to rely on precision movements/presses but also to casual fan that would be watching.
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    This is what we did in Tomczak V when we had World Cup play. It worked well.
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    After going to the precursor to the Chicago tourney this week, as well as seeing the discussion about Madison group play blowouts, an idea came to mind for seeding without using even matchups/point differential. Especially at smaller tournaments, it also makes it harder to keep the interest of the new player and build the tecmo scene, since with even matchups they get blown out by the more experienced players. Splitting a tournament into new players and vets, with two different brackets, is one solution. But not an ideal one imo. Another idea to fix this would be to have bracket seedings based on cumulative TPC X Factor difference from group play, so the best seeds are incentivized to call unfair matchups (or choose the worse team if they don't call the matchup). This would add another layer of strategy for both the favorite (deciding whether to call an even matchup or an uneven one, and if uneven, by how much) and the underdog (deciding whether to call an even matchup or call an uneven matchup in the hope that the favorite will go for the X factor points and worse team). Under this system, there'd be better/closer games (i.e. more fun for both sides), and perhaps some upsets if the favorite goes with too weak of a team relative to the opponent's. Bracket play would use the normal matchup system since seeding is completed. Benefits: Likely creates more better games at the group play stage Adds strategy wrinkle for which matchup to call and which teams to choose Drawbacks: TPC X Factor is not perfect, especially with certain matchups Larger tournaments more likely to have seeding ties when adding up cumulative X Factor difference, so would need a tiebreaker (probably point differential haha, but at least the matchups themselves would be less likely to create blowouts even if everyone tries to score as much as possible) One last thought - the favorite may not win every toss, which could lead to the opponent calling safe/even matchups and hurting the favorite's bracket seeding. One solution to this would be to have the higher seeded player always call the matchup in group play. What do you guys think? Things you like/dislike or that I didn't mention?
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    Dave's Weds 9:30-11 EST proposal would work best. If there's someone else that can commit I'm happy to give up my spot though. My problem is that I have a work schedule that fluctuates and can sometimes go very late, so it's hard to forecast four weeks out.
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    Good read fellas love the brainstorming. Most guys like me on this forum have drank the tecmo Kool-Aid and love how deep you can go with strategy. We love this game and we want to get our buds that loved the game back in the day to drink the Kool-Aid as well but when we start talking tecmo advanced stuff like PC/INT ratio, domain of valid match ups etc. our buds eyes glaze over and check out. Our buds want to pick up and play with Bo and put in a flee flicker because that is what they remember. I think the Major Tourneys need to stay pretty close to what they are doing as those are the ones Vets travel to and competition is high and a chunk of money is on the line. I think the Minor tourneys need to focus on Fun and comradery with the game. So xfactor thing is a good idea,, and having vets that are there to help out others. Especially in group play. Maybe even pre-seed a few vets beforehand in these minor tournies so they don’t have to worry about playing another vet early in Playoffs.
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    VERY FUN Rom. (This goes for your 2018 Rom, too.) Some of you will be happy to know that Jets are now 1-1 in SB's (not counting yesterday's Snoopy Bowl), ya'll. Anyone care to venture a guess who I lost (28-34) to? hint: I gave (not really...I tried) them their first-ever SB victory... On the way, we went 12-4 - won the AFC East - and beat the Ravens 21-10 in the Divisional round, before knocking off the Colts 21-14 in the AFCC
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    1.6 is up! - Some uniform usage and color changes - Some player rating adjustments - SET Command Added : (FIXED) Randomize sound loop used for each play
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    What's the definition of better or interesting? Of course group play rounds can be boring. At some of the smaller tournaments, group play is pointless, a 6 hour slog to seed everyone to do it all over again. If you want to make things more competitive, then I think you have two choices: 1. Don't invite any noobs to your tournament and keep it vets only 2. Grow your base slowly and methodically so that the noobs keep coming back, have an incentive to get better, and become vets themselves. Changing a format to include X-Factor, besides posing some issues with X-Factor, doesn't solve the underlying problem. Instead of noobs being blown out and group play being a slog because everyone is running SD-DEN, SD-WAS, Rams-WAS, Rams-MIA, etc you'd have noobs being blown out and group play being a slog with everyone running Pit-DET, Pit-KC, Pit-Was, etc. The few upsets you would see from a vet taking the wrong end of a big play for X-Factor points would be offset by the blowouts from guys who really can pull a Sobhi and use the Pats for all of group play without being scored upon (still the greatest feat in Madison tournament history). The underlying issue is keeping noobs engaged so they come back. That's a larger, more nebulous issue. But the one thing that can be done is to keep having meet ups, keep having tournaments, and keep mixing up formats. Maybe run two separate fields with a pros division and a joes division and have the joe champ play the pro champ for some extra scratch. Maybe have meet ups where the pros have to use NE, IND, SEA when playing against noobs. I would never want to have a meet up where some guy shows up, picks up a controller for the first time in 10 years, and plays Regulator - that would be a disaster for both of them.
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    Here was a super quick and dirty example I tried to do in a semi-automated, semi-subjective way
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    Calling SF vs INDY would take balls of steel....
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    If the goal is to avoid extreme blowouts, then use a World Cup style seeding system where group winners play group runners up in a prearranged bracket. Then cap point diff at 28 or 21. The goal then changes from needing to go 3-0 in group play with a massive point diff to just getting to 3-0 with every point above a 21 point lead reduced to a 0. This still allows for creative matchups, still allows underdogs to choose a matchup that they think works for them, and reduces the need to lay a 70 spot on a kid to move up by 1 spot on the bracket.
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    This is potentially really dangerous. X-factors are not massive. So, you'd see the same, say, 4 matchups by the "pros" once they figured out which matchup gives them the best blowout potential plus x-factor points.
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    That would be interesting from a strategy perspective for the vets and probably just another level of confusion for a new person. That idea works pretty good for group play as long as there aren't two players fairly equal in skill in the group. Then it kind of sucks. The more minor problem would be the "X-FACTOR" value would need to be re-done. It was created by one person essentially and its basically arbitrary. It was just their gut intuition on the value of the teams. At bare minimum a community average rating should be used. 20 peoples values would be WAY more accurate than 1 persons. Or maybe you just break things up into 4-6 major tiers.
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    The AFC Central ruled HSTL. With owners such as myself, Fairfeeeeld, @Jfagundes04, @regulator088 @War Machine @toolie @stalltalk we were unbeatable often sending 3 of 4 division teams on to the playoffs to play each other for a third time. It was brutal. But all good things must come to an end.... somewhere between JJs and more JJs I could no longer associate myself as leader of the league. I stepped down from commish and handed over to Hoff around S31 I think. He's a machine, to run a decade of HSTL leagues is no small feet. It takes a village. A village of crazy people to help do something fun and ridiculous, that we can sometimes do at work!!! @drake and I are now here as hypemofos. Not sure what is planned but it would be nice to drive some traffic back to the forums. Discord is awesome, but we shouldn't marry her. We'll play with her a lot, but we'll always come home at night. I will bring back my draft reviews and you will be made fun of. Draft busts, too. I'm thinking of starting some HSTL trivia. For instance, of championship owners, name owners that have more boots from HSTL than championships??? Good day gents, WE. ARE. GOING TO. MAKE. HSTL. GREAT AGAIN!!! =)
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    Sim test USA