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    Seahawks not the worst...

    initially I thought that tailback king had changed his name. but then I read the cohesive writing.
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    TB: K Master

    Seahawks not the worst...

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I have been here, but I have a few things to say about you guys thinking that the Seattle Seahawks are the worst team in TSB: 1= They are definitely not the worst if you can balance the offense with about an even amount of pass and run plays. 2= If you guys think I haven't been able to win the Super Bowl with them, guess again, because I have beaten the best NFC team in TSB (which if you guys do know, it is the 49ers) twice in 2 occasions of playing the game, the 2nd occasion ended as the final score of 30-28 (which I had tackled John Taylor after time expired on his Kick Return, which he almost ran it back for a TD.) So those are the things I want to say about the Seattle Seahawks team in 1991. And also, I will take a pic of my playbook for the Seahawks soon, so you guys can get to know what I always choose for their playbook. And finally, I don't care about the match-ups that you have to choose for when having the Seahawks as your team, because I always go by this saying, which it is my own way of saying "I don't care", "Any football team can beat another football team on any given day."
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    TSB trivia game

    Language of origin?
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    These boys are coming down to mess with Texas! @joeygats and @regulator088 are bringing their talents to Dallas on August 5th at Let's Play Gaming Expo. Event page --> http://facebook.com/events/725661900940545/
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    THe defensive pursuit based on quickness has broken code...
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    JBI Hacks

    Defensive pursuit based on quickness has bad code... FYI
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    Dammit @davefmurray , I come in to work, just wanted to check tecmo quick and then get sucked in to watching the whole zelda speedrun video
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    I actually don't mind the extra consoles. I'm a NES and retro game collector as well - so I've got plenty of games to play, lol. My wife loves me and our guest room.
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    The game has a 'Juice' hack found here :http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/52957-bucks-com-juice-setter-spreadsheet/ It's set to start to increase in difficulty in week 8 and climb each week to the Super Bowl. There is an excellent guide to the attributes here : http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/68976-attributes-guideyet-another-attempt-original-rom/#comment-474669 I am using the editor found here for color changes, stat changes, and name / player changes : http://tecmobowl.org/files/file/259-tsbtool-supreme-season-generator-by-bad_al/ This is also an excellent guide to some of the SET commands or 'hacks' you can apply to the game via the TSB Tool : http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69338-set-command-list-use-with-nes-tsb-tsbtool/ Hope this helps and hope you are enjoying the rom!
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    TSB trivia game

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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I would be enjoying the shitshow too, but Dak Prescott was the greatest Mississippi State player of all time, so I'm rooting for his success.
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    I'm thrilled to have the hardcore Tecmoheads that I have in the mix for this so far, but I'm hoping to peer pressure all the local players to get in the mix and really blow this out in to an epic free-for-all. I call on YOU, my fellow TSB Warriors to let them know that you wish to war with them on the Battlefield that is the Seattle Tecmo Super Bowl Championship! I'm gonna take this moment to take a long shot and call out Randy aka Randalicious aka QB Fairfield aka The Human Highlight Film (it does not seem as if he even has a handle on this forum any more!) We had two great duels in the Tecmo Dojo last year and split them. Round 3. FIGHT. Seattle, Washington. This September. Let's do it!
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    TSB trivia game

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    TSB trivia game

    Jacke knife! heck yes. kickers are usually around for a decade or two, and I seem to remember Jacke knife on a late 90s rom I made. who wrote The Book of Tecmo?
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    First Saturday of December will he here soon- hit me up any questions or comments about tourney! ARNCOEM@AOL.COM
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    We weren't planning on it, but if anyone can bring a stream setup, I'm all for it!