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    The Conjurer's Dreamland is a mystical place where sorcery and endurance collide. Only the fattest will survive.
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    I signed up and registered for this tournament a while back, but recently have been fortunate enough to attend few of the "promo events" These have been a lot of fun and the excitement is building for the main event on Saturday, August 5th! During these events, I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Tom (TecmoCleveland). While he is relatively new to the Tecmo community on this forum, he and a group of friends have been hosting tournaments in their basements for many years. It is always great to come across new players and hear these types of stories. He has great passion for the game we all know and love - and put forth a tremendous amount of time and effort promoting this tournament. There are already over 30 players signed up and confirmed to participate with a little less than a month to go! As several of you know, I hosted (or assisted with) a few tournaments in the Cleveland area several years ago and have participated in many others (Madison, Cincy, Detroit, Buffalo, Columbus, etc.). However, I never promoted mine to the scale Tom has through social media and having events leading up to the main event. He has done a nice job selecting some unique venues for these events on both the east and west side of Cleveland such as Happy Dog, Hofbrauhas, Ohio Beer Garden, 16-Bit Bar, etc. After attending some of these promotional events and getting to know Tom, I am convinced that this will be an awesome event for everyone who can make it! Cleveland is a short drive (less than 4 hours) from these other cities that have hosted Tecmo Tournaments: -1.25 hours from Youngstown, OH -1.5 hours from Salem, OH -1.75 hours from Beaver Falls, PA -2.25 hours from Columbus, OH -3 hours from Buffalo, NY -3.5 hours from Detroit, MI -3.75 hours from Cincinnati, OH Long live Tecmo!
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    Retro article on NBA Jam

    Yeah, that's funny you mentioned that about Chuck Person. I agree, he was an absolute beast in NBA Jam!!! My favorite player to control.
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    ~Tailback King~

    Retro article on NBA Jam

    Great read. This really took me back.....I was in NY, Manhatten, in the middle of Time Square when I was on summer vacation at age 13. There was a huge arcade where everybody hung out right in the middle of it...this game was out, and there where huge lines just to play it....I finally got to play with my basketball idol "Rifleman" Chuck Person and did pretty well...Person could light it up from anywhere, and dunk on anybody (pretty much the Johnny Johnson of NBA Jam) but all the controllers were always full, and people had there quarters lined up on the console like they were were waiting to get into a pool tournament...The wait time to play ratio was anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, but it was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People went CRAZY reacting to game moments...it was nothing short of a specticle. (especially for a 13 year old!)
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    ~Tailback King~

    Retro article on NBA Jam

    Person was a beast who could shoot the lights outta any stadium vs any team, and single handedly beat you. That 91' Pacers squad shoulda' won the Championship that year with the team they had.......They played alot like the Warriors of today. (I was wearin' my Indiana Pacers Person jersey yesterday)
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    I try to make the ROM more realistic. Obviously the factor fun must be in there, and at the end with the return of Lynch I probably gonna rate his attributes much like a regular FB with a little more speed, but not like it 2013. The rookies are a mistery. If you look to Clowney he suppose to be a sack machine and injuries changed that. Goff was a complete deception for the Rams and no one thought that Prescott would have so good numbers. At the end I´m very cautios with rookies attributes, and thats the reasaon I release the version at the beginning of the season and a final version after the SB with accurate attributes.
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    Game sessions for Burning Mort will be Tribal in nature. These are only the session names. More will be revealed at the Experience. Sessions will consist of the following: Session 1: Grand(pa) Conjurer's Old Cough Medicine Men Session 2: Mort-al Kombat Session 3: Burning Mort All-Star Samesies Session 4: Mortissus Narcissus Session 5: The Island of Dr. Morteau Session 6: Large Object Under the Tarp Round Session 7: Im-Mort-ality
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    Burning Mort The Premier Tecmo Experience of 2017 July 15, 2017 This will be a Tecmo experience like no other -- a completely outdoor extravaganza -- the second of its kind. Burning Mort will be a Tribal event, but forming a team will not be necessary. Your tribe will be chosen by the Tecmo Gods at the Burning Mort Experience. Friday, July 14 Tecmo Social Downtown Fargo Pounds - - (612 1st Ave N, Fargo ND 58102) Starts at 7:30ish Tecmo, drinks and shenanigans Meet and greet the Tecmo Greats Play some Free Arcade Games Saturday, July 15 Burning Mort Leonard, North Dakota Location: 46°39'13.48"N; 97°18'31.03"W (https://goo.gl/maps/GyKiTFQAW732) Play starts at 1:00 PM Experience extends until dawn and ends only when you want it to Cost will be $40. Included in the cost: Player's pack, Playing Time, 1 Meal (Meat), All the Beer You Can Drink, Snacks, The Experience Player List: (Absolutes) 1. Mort 2. Louis 3. Holzbauer, Josh 4. Orenga 5. Erik Merlis 6. Durch 7. TecmoNoob 8. Bryce M 9. Leonardite 10. Dr. Frolf 11. Bob Nelson 12. Dave F. Murray 13, Holzbauer, Chet 14. Dot Don 15. Segathon 16. Beef Juice (Blind Shot in the Dark) Grogan (Fuck Burning Mort) Bruddog Peter Kerins Luke Carlberg Moulds Knobbe Butt Douglas Gabelikesbutts All info will be shared here, but more importantly will be visible at: Burningmort.com Burning Mort is an outdoor Tecmo Experience. Mark it on your calendars as such.
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    These are preseason rosters from last season and you should also play a game with the team. You'll see why they are in the spots they are in. It is less about labels and more about field positioning. Thanks for the feedback!
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    1. Dylan 2. Dylan 3. Dylan 4. Dylan 5. Dylan