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    Here is the lost @joeygats interview about facing @regulator088 in the finals.
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    Story of nesticle

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    Story of nesticle

    nesticle was the first emulator I ever used. it is also the reason I started hacking TSB - the "real-time tile-editing" feature was awesome and as far as I know the only emu that allows it. plus it was just a cool emu - had that raw power appeal, and ran on about anything. note - according to the article, the NESticle dude went to the same high school as my wife (and a couple of long-lost old friends) and was there around the same time they were.
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    The NFL Leaders screen freeze.....I tried the fix and it's completely bjorked.... I'll paste the version I am working on, maybe you can take a look at it for me? TSBe.zip